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Juan Valencia
A programmer/photographer/writer who will end hunger in the world.
A programmer/photographer/writer who will end hunger in the world.


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I was watching the episodes of South Park "Time to get cereal" and "Nobody got cereal?", where ManBearPig makes a return and starts killing people. ManBearPig is an analogy for climate change, and in the animated series it is Al Gore who is trying to make people believe that it is real, but nobody believes him and/or takes him seriously.

I liked most of the episode, where they can not stop it by wishful thinking, even satan tries to stop it without succeeding, and after all of that, people are still debating about whether it is time to be fearful of ManBearPig or not.

There are many good bits in the episode, but unlike in fantasy, ManBearPig is not going to stop in the real world, it will only keep getting worst and worst, and we are not going to stop it.

We can, however, slow it down by taking better care of our waste and reducing our oil consumption. And we need to start working towards a future in which we adapt to it.

Whatever weather we had when we were born is gone for the rest of our lives. But we are not here because we were born in a world that was perfect for us, we are here because, through many generations, we adapted to it, and we can do it again. We have to do it again.

In the comments I share a useful image with some tips.
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There was once a little race,
stuck in a droplet in space;
faced with unimaginable vastness,
they were unaware of their own greatness.

For the universe had a problem,
there was no one to witness it;
but one day the little race came,
and the universe enjoyed its existence.

But happiness cannot exist without pain,
and the little race suffered a lot;
as they were connected to everything,
the universe also learned how to cry.

We still exist today. We wake up,
we survive, we think, we witness;
and everyone sees a different universe,
but nobody sees the battle inside of us.
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Christ! Talk about a colossal should not happen fuck-up! - Watch a First-Time Hang Glider Hang On for Dear Life After Realizing He's Not Strapped In -
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Do you want to feel something beautiful and exciting? Don't miss this one.
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Storing Passwords in plain-text instead of hashing them is just really really bad. I don't suppose they really enforced other basic password requirements.

Wow, it has been a long time since I published anything GDPR related. I am no longer affected as I am far away now, but I will continue the good practices and try to remain compliant, those were three months of obsessive work to comply anyway.
Unplanned Improvement

That's the other way to look at the first fine under GDPR in Germany. I'm adding no sarcasm but a viewpoint how the online business operates in the current regulated space.

#GDPR. #talks
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The idea of Trump doing something that will result in him getting impeached sounds really meaningless now, both for him as well as for everybody else. These headlines trigger absolutely no reaction.

It is a really bad precedent that a president can go this far without the actual impeachment. Whoever comes after him doesn't have absolutely anything to be worried about, nothing. He/She won't go as low as Trump has, or anywhere close. And people will just think "at least he/she is not Trump" and give him/her free reign over everything. Well played of those in power.
Trump has lied with growing audacity and specificity about ostensible corruption in the electoral process. This mendacity undermines the right to vote, in a manner inconsistent with the oath that he has taken to uphold and protect the Constitution.
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