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Laravel & Android Developer
Laravel & Android Developer


Is it normal to have a lot of services and broadcastReceivers?

I am using a broadcastReceiver for check the network state, and when the device is connected to internet, I start one service to fetch data from the API.

When the data is fetched and stored in a SQLite database, I use the LocalBroadcastManager to send a broadcast and notify to my fragment to be updated.

When the fragment is notified, inner the broadcastReceiver I start another service to read the database and refresh the UI.

It is my first time trying to create an application that works in offline mode.
Please tell me if there is a better way to achive it. Thank you!


My simple application plays a lot of sounds with small duration (1-5 sec). The MP3 files are stored in the assets folder.
And the app uses the MediaPlayer class to play the sounds.

My question is: how I can add a button to use one of this sounds as a ringtone? I saw one example where the sound is saved as a file in the device first (but is it really necessary?).

Please give me some ideas. Thank you in advance.

Firebase VS Firebase

Hi. I have to develop a chat app in Android for an event that will be realized soon in my university. The app has to support approx 180 concurrent users.

I know several ways to create a chat, but really, I don't know what is the better option.
1. Use firebase databases to show the messages in realtime.
2. Use FCM to broadcast each new message, and an API.

The users are already registered in a MySQL db and the API is ready to use. I guess that using FCM, the server can notify all users when a new message is sent. And I can "sanitize" the messages in my actual PHP backend (build with Laravel).

Using the firebase rules I can't validate correctly :s
I found a tutorial that suggests to use Node.js and Firebase queue, but that is strange for me.

I want to display data from Sqlite while perform a request (using Retrofit).

How you do that? I currently load items in my reciclerView using Retrofit, but for 1 or 2 seconds, the list is empty.

I read one tutorial that suggest to use CursorLoaders, but I want to know how other developers do it.

I have to include images on my project. These images will change each 3 months.
What is better? Create a webservice and load the images from URL or add these images as a drawable resource?

If I declare each image as a drawable resource, I can define several resolutions. But if the images are loaded from Internet, the app just will take the image in the maximum resolution.

I am creating an app that consumes data from webservices.
The app works fine, but I need that the app still works offline.
Please, give some ideas about how to implement it.

Hola. Recién empezaré con el desarrollo de juegos.
Mi pregunta es, por qué usar Unity y no otro como Unreal Engine o Starling?
Estuve leyendo un poco y parece que hay que pagar antes de poder exportar para las distintas plataformas, a diferencia de otros engine :s

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Conceptos básicos sobre Sistemas Expertos
Recientemente he subido un nuevo video a mi canal. Este video es sobre conceptos básicos relacionados a los sistema expertos. Los sistemas expertos se consideran como una rama de la inteligencia artificial, es por ello que el video empieza dando un panorama...
Conceptos básicos sobre Sistemas Expertos
Conceptos básicos sobre Sistemas Expertos
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Retos de Programación
He aperturado una nueva sección en el canal de "Programación y más". De hecho se trata de una lista de reproducción, en la que incluiré videos relacionados a retos de programación. Es decir, aquí se propondrán enunciados de ejercicios de programación. Cabe ...
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Cómo graficar un círculo en Assembler
En esta ocasión veremos cómo graficar un círculo usando el lenguaje ensamblador o ASM. El programa además de ello permite desplazar el círculo con el teclado numérico, de forma que pueda moverse a los costados, hacia arriba, hacia abajo y en cualquiera de l...
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