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If you use it as much as I do....

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I didn't stand a chance.  20 seconds and I was hooked..
Informative and yet surprisingly entertaining.  

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Mine seems to still work. I hope they don't snatch it back from me.  That would suck.

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Google is looking to become a cell phone provider...things are about to get interesting up in this jawn...

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Another Google freebie.
Free in the Play Store today!

One of the top rock bands of the 1980's, Motley Crue, has their Greatest Hits album for free today in the Google Play Store.  Not sure if this is just US only or not.  Please let us everyone know in the comments if you get this album or maybe an alternative.

Here is a direct link to the album in the Play Store:

Chromecast Central

#motleycrue   #chromecast   #freebies   #dealoftheday  

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I'd rather be fat.

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Shit just got real...
Flickr Offers a Free Terabyte of Space - Flickr looks a lot different today than how it used to. Yahoo! (which owns Flickr) has given Flickr a makeover that includes a brand new design. What once showed you small thumbnails of photos, with a lot of white, empty, space surrounding them, now features the photos much more prominently. To me, it seems like [...]

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This sucks. I am saddened by this news. Big fan. RIP 
Ray Manzarek, Doors Keyboardist, Dead at 74.
He broke on through to where we all must eventually follow.

The Doors - Break On Through HQ (1967)

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I am proud to say that I met him....wonderful man...

I am such a Google fanboy that it is almost embarrassing.  I bet that this is how the Apple cult feels.  

Maybe it is the warm and fuzzy coming out of Google IO but I truly believe that the game is over.  Facebook and Apple would be wise to take notice or risk getting rolled.  
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