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Why Pain Patients Prefer Medical Cannabis

People who take drugs and psychoactive medications for serious medical conditions

like chronic pain often prefer medical cannabis. Many patients now have a choice

between medical marijuana and opioids to treat a painful condition especially since it is

now very easy to find cheap marijuana seeds online or get a prescription from a doctor.

The destruction that is being caused by overprescribing and the overuse of opioids is

also why more and more patients prefer medical cannabis.

There have also been many other countless studies on the effects of medical marijuana

usage and most of them provide the same conclusion – more people prefer medical

marijuana to treat their medical conditions. With an increase in opioid deaths in recent

years, the gateway drug theory is becoming a thing of the past. With zero deaths

resulting from medical cannabis usage to treat pain versus opioid usage, more and

more people are choosing to grow their own medical cannabis to manage their health


A Recent Study by UC Berkeley / Kent State University / HelloMD

A new study was conducted to investigate patient preferences and the results found that

an overwhelming majority of patients prefer medical marijuana. The study, which was

published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal, consisted of researchers

from the University of California Berkeley and Kent State University. The research team

took study samples from HelloMD which is an online community for medical cannabis

patients. Survey participants (who were not paid) were sent emails and were asked

questions about their pain as well as their marijuana and opioid usage.

Out of that group, some strong findings were discovered:

- 828 participants out the 2,810 who were currently using cannabis had used

opioids in the last 6 months to treat their pain

- 89% of that group agreed or strongly agreed that taking opioids produces

unwanted side effects such as nausea and constipation

- 97% of the sample agreed or strongly agreed that they are able to lower the

amount of opioids they consume when cannabis is also used

- 81% agreed or strongly agreed that taking cannabis exclusively was more

effective in treating their medical condition in comparison to taking opioids with


The last finding on this list was very interesting to researchers because they were able

to conclude that if patients are given a choice, many of them would prefer to use

cannabis and not use opioids at all.

Another Recent Study Shows Medical Marijuana is Preferred

In a study published a few months ago by the International Journal of Drug Policy, new

findings were discovered that indicate patients with chronic pain prefer medical

marijuana over opioids to manage symptoms. This study was conducted by the

University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria in Canada. It consisted of

over 250 patients that were prescribed medical marijuana for chronic pain,

gastrointestinal issues, and mental health.

According to the study, 63% of patients preferred to substitute opioids, anti-

depressants, and sedatives with medical marijuana. The study concluded that the main

reason for the switch from prescribed drugs to cannabis is that patients are able to

manage their conditions better, experience fewer side effects, and they have feelings

that cannabis is much safer when compared to prescription drugs.

Opioid Deaths Are On the Rise

Right now, prescription drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the

US. According to the Center for Disease Control, almost 100 people a day are dying

from abusing opioids. In 2015, more than 33,000 Americans died from opioids and it

continues to be a devastating epidemic that is widespread across the country. In

addition to being a more viable substitute for the treatment of a variety of health

conditions, medical cannabis is also being more closely looked at as powerful tool to

help slow down the opioid epidemic.

Gateway Drug Theory Refuted

The National Academy of Sciences recently refuted the argument that using cannabis

can lead to an opioid addiction. In its latest publication that discussed the positive health

effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, the report shows overwhelming evidence that

cannabis has multiple curative benefits.

Dr. Perry Solomon, chief medical officer of HelloMD which conducted the study,

mentioned that he hopes the results of this study will help legislatures, medical

professionals, and the public realize that medical marijuana is a safe, non-addictive

product that is readily available to help fight the opioid epidemic.

Instead of being considered a gateway drug (which has been proven time and time

again to be a false theory), many health professionals now suggest that providing

patients with the option of cannabis as a method to treat pain alongside with the option

of opioids is a better approach. More people in the healthcare industry also now believe

that medical cannabis may help assist in providing pain relief in a safer environment

while lowering the risk of opioid abuse or overdose.

Medical Cannabis Is the Better Solution

All of the recent published reports and research findings indicate that the healthcare

industry needs to finally recognize the medical cannabis movement to address the

opioid epidemic in the US. This includes working towards a society where there are less

people who are opioid dependent. It is very likely that future studies will continue to

examine the benefits of medical cannabis treatment to include long-term treatment. The

results are also having an impact on medical cannabis treatment options in other

countries to improve the quality of patients’ lives around the world.

Grow Your Own Medical Cannabis to Manage Health Conditions

In the US and other countries, access to medical marijuana and the treatment of health

issues is still not widespread due to strict laws that give patients very limited options. A

solution to provide yourself with the treatment you need is to search for cheap

marijuana seeds online and learn how to grow your own medical cannabis yourself.

Studies will continue to prove that medical marijuana is safer than prescription drugs

and much cheaper when you grow it yourself. If you suffer from an illness or other

health conditions, you should consider growing your own medical cannabis as a

treatment option.

One of the best spots to get medical marijuana seeds is here.
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