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Phill Calle
A professor (sometimes), a would-be writer, very small business owner
A professor (sometimes), a would-be writer, very small business owner

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Gwen is my cousin. The place (I struggle to call it a house) she has been living while she put herself through school has been foreclosed on and even though she's just a tenant, that means she's being evicted. I just attended her graduation and she has already gotten a great new job and is off to a fine start in her new career but she hasn't had time to save the money she needs to get into a new place before she becomes homeless! She's worked really hard and we're all so proud of her. I'm so frustrated on her behalf that she's had yet another roadblock thrown in her path when she's so close to seeing the payoff for all her hard work!

If you can afford a small donation or boost this message for us, we'd be very grateful. <3

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Streaming "Godkiller" story on Youtube in 2 minutes!

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I posted too hastily a few days ago, but now we have the final version of the cover, as well as news about a convention, and the full text of the poem by the author! What more do you want from a free Patreon update?

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Good news, everyone!
Now it can be revealed: I am the Lead Designer on Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition. Some pretty big Doc Martens to fill.

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Hey horror comic fans, I wrote a story and my friend +Journeyman1029 drew it! Go to our Patreon ( right now and download our comic, Emerald Alley, for free!

Twelve years ago, I wrote this mean little horror story about a desperate witch who uses blood magic to steal someone's identity and escape her pursuers. My friend Journey started drawing it then, but his dad died, and he had to take over the family business, and that, I thought, was that. But a year ago, Journey wanted to draw again. It took a while to shake off the dust, to feel sure with a brush in his hand, and to learn new techniques, but when all that was done, he redrew the old story beautifully, and here it is.

Hey, we have a print version too, and you can get that at the Orlando Megacon coming up May 25-28. Catch us in Artist's Alley. I'd love to see you there.

Also, if mean little horror stories are not your thing, our next comic is
"Proserpine," based on a great poem by my wife, Catharine. It is Catherine's version of the Persephone myth.

Finally, please share, if you feel so inclined.

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Great idea!
I have an idea forming inside my head

What if we had a group FASERIP Marvel shared world campaign with a pool of villains and heroes, and multiple Judges, and played when people were free on Hangouts? It would be almost like having a comic universe.

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Fascinating article
Everything you think you know about pulp science fiction is wrong.
" ... the most interesting things are always done in the period when a medium is considered disposable trash."

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Looks just like my cat Dragon
This kitty has had more than his fair share of problems for his short life. Please help a little if you can. 
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