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Juan Carlos Dueñas

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"The lesson from all these disasters is to look before you leap. A company should first reduce the uncertainty surrounding critical project assumptions before committing irreversible and non-recoverable resources to an idea." #startups
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Juan Carlos Dueñas

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También me siento así cuando alguien viene a romper mi concentración.
This is how I felt last night when they announced #curiosity had landed...=)

#science #scienceeveryday #nasa #rover
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Juan Carlos Dueñas

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This is one of the most awesome things I've read in a while.

What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?
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#Caturday communities everywhere...
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I just read it's a Google mistake, hope they'll be fixing that soon.
Anyway, it's here:
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Juan Carlos Dueñas

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Los efectos de la #música  en el ser humano.
Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll: Music as a natural drug

Music can give you chills and goosebumps, and music can be addictive. But the music that turns one person on may just annoy someone else...

What makes music so pleasurable?  and why does some music float our boats more than others? The short video below gives a quick overview of some of the science behind music, and the way (the right) music can affect our brains similarly to sex, food, and drugs.

The Dopamine Connection  The bottom line is that listening to music we enjoy increases the effective and functional connections in the mesolimbic system, which is linked to reward processing (e.g., Menon & Levitin, Neuroimage, 2005: This system of the brain was designed to promote biologically adaptive behaviours, like eating and having sex. One of the key factors driving the system is dopamine - the motivation/reward/pleasure neurotransmitter. Of course, you can have too much of a good thing, so dopamine and the mesolimbic system is also linked to less adaptive behaviours, such as drug addictions. It turns out dopamine release can also be linked to music, even though it's a very different sort of stimulus than food, sex or drugs.

Music Moves You The first clear evidence that music directly affected dopamine release came just last year, in a study by Salimpoor, Benovoy, Larcher, Dagher & Zatorre (Nature Neuroscience, 2011: Researchers here asked people to identify music that really moved them (you know the feeling - when a song gives you chills and goosebumps). They then used Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to measure dopamine release in the brain when people listened to their own chosen songs (most moving for the individual being tested), or songs that were chosen by others (less moving for the individual being tested). Although all music could increase dopamine release in the brain, the songs that were most moving for the individual increased their dopamine levels 6-9% more than those that were less moving (this is equivalent to the dopamine increase associated with eating a really pleasurable meal), and in one case the moving music increase in dopamine release was over 20% (similar to the increase from highly addictive drugs like heroin). 

Familiarity Breeds Contempt Dopamine  One complicating factor that still requires more investigation is the way in which simple exposure to music interacts with our music preferences (and the release of more dopamine for some songs and not others). Brown, Martinez & Parsons (Neuroreport, 2004: found that unfamiliar music could modulate the mesolimbic system (and, indeed, this may be one reason that we start liking one song more than another). But Periera et al. (PLoS, 2011: showed that the mesolimbic system was more engaged for familiar music than unfamiliar music, even when both were liked (or disliked) by the participants. So familiarity and liking both seem to play a role in the emotional engagement of listeners to music. The header above is a bit of a stretch, since as far as I know, there hasn't yet been a study that dissects the familiarity/liking dimensions in the context of measuring dopamine release directly, but it's a reasonable and testable hypothesis.

What Songs Move You??? I got chills a few times last night listening to singers and musicians at the Jamaica 50 gala in Toronto (and no, I was not drinking rum...)  - the music really kicked my mesolimbic system into high gear. So next time you get chills or a rush from a song you love, just remember to thank your brain and the wonderful neurotransmitter, dopamine  :)

For more reading....

some related past posts on G+:

the role of dopamine in superstition (and why professional athletes may be more superstitious than the average person):

creating music that moves Tamarin monkeys (#Metallica alert!):

music and the mind: boosting baby brains:

the neuroscience of creativity and the genius of Bob Dylan:

also check out +Maria Popova's list of 7 Essential Books on Music, Emotion and the Brain:   and a relatively new book by +Daniel Levitin, The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Controls Human Nature -- already translated into several languages, including French, Japanese and German ;)

Happy #ScienceSunday  (curated by me, +Robby Bowles , +Rajini Rao , +Chad Haney with special guest co-curator again this week +Buddhini Samarasinghe )
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Juan Carlos Dueñas

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Impresionantes fotografías de aves.
Y tiene mucha respuesta en Google+, señal de que tiene actividad.

#birding  #birdwatching
Birds are feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrate animals. With around 10,000 living species, they are the most speciose class of tetrapod vertebrates. The fossil record indicates that birds emerged within theropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic period, around 160 million years ago. Some birds, especially corvids and parrots, are among the most intelligent animal species; a number of bird species have been observed manufacturing and using tools, and many social species exhibit cultural transmission of knowledge across generations. Birds are social; they communicate using visual signals and through calls and songs, and participate in social behaviours, including cooperative breeding and hunting, flocking, and mobbing of predators. About 120–130 species have become extinct as a result of human activity since the 17th century, and hundreds more before then. Currently about 1,200 species of birds are threatened with extinction by human activities, though efforts are underway to protect them. source:
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