Hello everyone. I’d like to start this longish post by first saying a huge thank you for welcoming me into this #BYOD4L2017 it has been an amazingly interesting, powerful, if slightly frustrating learning experiment for me. The moderators that I have spoken to have done a superb job and taken a lot of time to support the process.

I’d like to offer some insights into how the experience has been for me, and share some suggestions for #BYOD4L2018

#learningpoint-1 Google+
This is such an interesting platform with amazing functionality, however, ease of use and clarity are not two of them. I found it very hard to engage with, and find, past posts although new ones popped up in my Gmail regularly. I did engage as best I could, but it made the whole process irritating rather than motivating. That said, I love Google and so it might mean me taking more time to understand how G+ works before trying to engage in the content too.

#learningpoint-2 Trello & Sutori, Storify, Mentimeter
Perhaps it is because I am very visual like to see the whole picture, before diving into the detail that I have to commend +Chris Jobling for his use of Trello. IMHO, it's a good way of presenting an overview of everything and found this far clearer and simpler than working from the main blogsite https://byod4learning.wordpress.com/ That’s not to say that the original site was unclear, far from it, there’s just too much on there and after a while (using one of my darling husband's fav terms) I lost the "will to live" to read it all. I also love what Debbie Baff did with Sutori, but can see people favour Storify, which didn’t excite me at all. The thing about open learning I guess is that contributors use what they love and the links to each of the blog sites were good. In fact, the content from all contributors was amazing! I am definitely going to use +Emma Gillaspy 's approach with Mentimeter, can see real value and have used others before but this is so much better

#learningpoint-3 Time
This week of #BYOD4L just happened to come at a time when I was really busy marking and double marking student’s scripts and so my mind was not completely engaged, hence my constant confusion. +Teresa Mackinnon do I have an opportunity to revisit each of the five ‘C’s on a week where I can concentrate on this properly?

#learningpoint-4 Designing from a learner’s perspective
In this world where we have so much digital information at our fingertips, it’s easy to get overloaded and overwhelmed by it all and, rather than motivating me to take action (in this case self-directed learning) it seems to have had the opposite effect on me. I've always conscribed to the 'less is more' camp of instructional design and in fact, this is what I teach my Uni students (PG L7 MAHRM) in my Designing & Delivering Training Module. I will be using this whole week as a case study example with my students from Wednesday’s first class, in order to gauge their reaction, after all, it could just be me :p

#learningpoint-5 Twitter chat
#BYOD4Lchat just didn’t do it for me, I’ve just watched all 296 chats from last night and cannot say any of it made sense. Maybe because I was looking at it third hand. I can really understand how this might be frustrating for many, but from the responses of those involved, everyone seemed to love it. So, the question is “perhaps it’s me?” I’m someone who tweets regularly, who uses hashtags to capture key learning points from speakers at my conferences, yet, using this during BYOD4L has just not worked this time. I wonder if you must be a certain learner to really ‘get’ this? What it has done is forced me to consider how others might feel when I tweet and hashtag learning points

Overall, I want to revisit this week at a time when I can give it real care and attention to see what I missed first time around. I really hope that these comments, from a real newbie are of value for the next BYOD4L.

I love the principles behind this method of open community learning, so I will be back!

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