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Joyce Belfort (LocalGirlForeignLand)
explore, laugh, repeat
explore, laugh, repeat

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Happiness is a choice #happiness #pursuitofhappiness #love #wellbeing #around40

Do you know that happiness is an active choice? It is an internal state of mind. I was told that I always appear to be happy. Clearly, laughing out loud often does that to people. Jokes aside, here’s my take on happiness.

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Do you hide your makeup stash? Confession of a closet beauty hoarder... project no buy #consumerism #takecontrol #makeup #cosmetic

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Mission: no buy #makeupjail #nobuyjail #antihaul #makeupaddict

Collecting makeup that I don’t use has plagued me for years. My husband only discovered this after 2 years of marriage. I hid it well. No one ever suspected. Especially because I hardly wear any makeup most days. Yes, SY, I am coming out of my closet.…

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Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review #makeup #foundation #bourjois #makeupreview

Review complete with swatching against other Boujois and MAC. Warning, this is not a pretty post. Macro skin time stamped photos alert.

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Just hit 2nd blogversary :D How to improve? #blog #blogger

2nd blogversary. It is time to look at this hobby a bit more seriously?

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10 impressions of Paris, no.3 #paris #parisimpressions #lifeinparis #lifestyleblog

It’s been 8 months in Paris! Yay & nay, because my immigration procedures are still not over. Anyhow, here’s to another round of 10 impressions of Paris.

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My Little Box June 2017. Let's unbox!! #mylittlebox #mylittleboxfr #unbox #subscriptionbox

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My Little Box June 2017 #mylittlebox #mylittleboxfr #unbox #subscriptionbox

Yey!! My box made it for the weekend!!! Let’s unbox.

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Seven deadly sins of makeup tag #bblogger #beauty #deadlysins

Inspired by my fairer doppelganger Stashy from Stash Matters. She said open tag, so I politely tag myself 😛

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City Pharma is the mecca of  French drugstore cosmetic haul here in Paris. Crowd is a very serious issue. The whole of Paris is in the store by 11h00 even on a week day. 
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