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+Colan Nielsen +Amos Kwan +Geromy Birge You guys make any sense of these little circles/bubbles yet? I'm not sure how they're ranking when they've all opted not to show the address....
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+Jim Jaggers - look at the business that shows up as E. They have no address displaying (I guess they chose this option in their account) but even so, "Eden Prairie" is not way up north in the middle of the lake as the map indicates. Also, listings that opted not to display their address usually never ranked well in the past but I've seen quite a few of these lately.
Round map marker - hidden addresses can rank now. It used to affect ranking I think but does not seem to much any more. Do some searches for carpet cleaners, pest control, plumbers where a lot have hidden addresses and you'll even see lots of #1 that are hidden.
Yeah I saw your blog post about that. Glad to see the change!
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