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Joy Hawkins
A Google My Business Top Contributor & Proud, Christian Mother of Three.
A Google My Business Top Contributor & Proud, Christian Mother of Three.


Hey Guys! So just an update, Google is now shutting down G+ in April which is 4 months ahead of their original plan. If you haven't done so already, please register on the Local Search Forum ( to keep up-to-date on the Local Search industry :)

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🌟New🌟FREE Google My Business tool that grades your listing based on how many features you are utilizing from +David Mihm & Thrive Hive.

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Well, big news. Google is killing off G+ which means this community will eventually be gone. They haven't said when this is happening but I wanted to stay ahead of the plan and migrate this community to another platform. Please vote below on where you'd like me to move it.
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Do call tracking numbers still negatively impact ranking in recent years? I'd like to see what others have found. Please weigh in with your experiences here:

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What do you think - was this intentional?

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Who has some fantastic examples of terrible owner responses to reviews? Add them here:

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The Local Search Forum just got a brand new design & format. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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Hey Guys! The Local Search Forum has a new sponsor! +Darren Shaw is no stranger to most of you but a lot of people don't know that Whitespark has a new audit service that they do for SMBs. I've seen a few of their audits and they're very in-depth and cover a lot of different aspects of Local Search. Their low price-point also makes them re-sellable for anyone looking for white-label options. Please join in on the thread and ask them any questions you have and thank them for supporting the forum.

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Anyone seeing changes after the recent algorithm update/adjustment on Sept 8-11? Weigh in with your examples on this thread.

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"DealerRater is that scrappy up-and-comer everyone's hearing about. It only gets 7% of the initial visits compared to's 61%, but I still maintain it's an important place to spend some energy."

Anyone that has car dealers as clients should bookmark this list of which are the top directories that actually deserve time & attention.
How to Build Perfect Listings On Automotive Industry Review Sites - Third party review sites have a huge impact on your dealership's ability to move cars. In fact, in most cases they're having more of an impact than your own website is. From @GradeUs
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