This is why you shouldn't finish up work at 2am! I made a 1L cappuccino mug by accident! This is how it looks like compared to normal sized cup (2.5dl).
Normal sized fat cat mug ceramic print is available on
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It can be a cup-o-soup mug. Or just a coffee mug for really, really blurry days.
Accident? No way! It is one of the best "accidents" I've ever seen!
Love the big mug! It would be good for a big batch of tea ;)
Personally I don't see a problem with a mug that size.
"Excuse me, I ordered the LARGE cappuccino" 
I need a mug that big... Hate multiple trips to the kettle,  too many chances to have a heart attack from the first nine cups :D
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm gonna re upload the big one as well, just in case some of you are serious :D
"My doctor told me to cut down on the coffee, so I'm down to just the one espresso in the mornings, but I'm still having trouble sleeping."
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