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Custom Fitness Journals for Athletic Tracking
Custom Fitness Journals for Athletic Tracking


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The First Step is Painful

It might be the physical pain of sore muscles that aren't used to moving, or the mental pain of awkwardness you did not expect.

It might be sore muscles greeting you after the first rep, or the cold darkness of waking up in the early morning for the first time.

But it gets easier.

It gets easier because after a few more repetitions you realize you can do this. You realize you can make the effort. You realize the stiffness won't stop you and the sun will always come.

You will survive the pain and awkwardness.

When you don't let the first step stop you the journey will take you places you never thought you could reach.

You will do more, lift more, be more, know more than you ever thought possible.

And you will be grateful you didn't let that first, painful step get in your way.

#crossfit #motivation #fitness
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Bounce back.

We've all been there, a dropped routine, an out of control work load, a crazy life.

But it's time to bounce back. These bumps in the road are not failures. Not unless you let them bump you so completely off the path that you never return.

Get back onto the bandwagon, make the morning sacrifice. It will suck today, and tomorrow, and next week. But once you get back into it you will feel great.

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​Bounce back.
​Bounce back.
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Isn't it funny how sometimes we push ourselves so hard we ignore the voice in our head.

Instead we push a little harder, we add a little more weight. Instead we squat less deeply and more crookedly and far less safely.

We tell ourselves we have to keep up with the board and our friends.

It isn't until we either 1. get injured or 2. a friend says it's ok that we cut the reps or modify the movements.

We don't all have that friend, so I'm here telling you - it's OK. It's OK to keep the bar where it's at, to do fewer reps to maintain form, and to substitute.

Staying healthy can easily get washed away in a sea of new PRs, ringing bells and flashy skills, but shouldn't that be our number one goal?

So I give you permission to step back and modify so you can be in there, working hard next week, next month, next year and beyond.

#crossfit   #fitness   #fitspo  
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You time.

That's what your barbell time is.

It's your chance to free your brain of fighting kids, work reports, meetings, chaos and stress.

It's your moment of inner peace and quiet. Nothing to think about but the reps ahead.

It's how you keep all the balls in the air, it's the glue holding together the best, most powerful you.

Don't trade it in for a little extra sleep or another TV show.

Make the time. Prioritize you.

Trust me, you're worth it.

#crossfit #fitness #workout
​You time.
​You time.
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Don't forget the fun.

That is what it's all about right? Having fun, getting fit and healthy, making friends, pushing limits.

Don't get caught up in everything that isn't working out. Don't let a few unattained skills ruin every workout.

So you don't have double unders or pushups or muscleups or rope climbs or huge numbers on the bar. Are you going to let that stop you from enjoying every workout?

Are you going to let what you can't do get in the way of your potential of what you can do?

Take a deep breath. Remember, this is a journey, one that is supposed to be fun. Sure there is work and pain and frustration, but it should still be fun.

If it isn't, go find something that is. Because life is too short to be hating what should be a great part of your day.

Don't forget the fun.

#crossfit #fitness #fitnessgoals
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The one that broke me.

The workout shattered my soul.

It didn't look so bad on the board, but then again, do they ever?

I remember counting off single reps, the down and up of the painfully weighted front squat, I remember how damn long it all took.

More than 30 minutes of soul crushing never ending agony.

I could walk away thinking it was a bust. Thinking that it killed me and how I never want to do it again and how nothing good ever comes of team chippers.

But you know what else happened? I hit the first sub 2 min 500m row since the birth of my second one, heck, I even saw a 1:53 pace on the screen there for a bit.

OK, so that is the entirety of my highlight reel from that workout. But it's a big one, and I'll take it.

I've been angling for that time for more than two years. No amount of double unders, or deadlifts, or situps, or squats, or jerks can take that one glimmering moment away.

It was a good reminder, that even in the bad ones, even in the darkness and the feeling of utter pain, even in the crumpled mass on the floor, there was a little gem to be found. And let's be honest, there is always a little gem to be found.
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Get inspired.

The next few days we get to ooh and ahh at the screen. We get to see what the human body can do.

We get to cheer for our friends and become heartbroken when someone does far less than we all know they are capable of.

We get to see amazing feats of strength and perseverance. We get to see sheer amazing.

Let that amazing inspire you instead of hold you back.

Let those athletes, at the top of their game, doing the best that they can teach you something about the game and about you.

Don't let them bring you down because 'I could never ________'. Most of us could never __________.

Let them push you to the next level, let them set your determination for a pullup or a perfect pushup. Let them excite you.

#fit   #crossfit   #crossfitgames   #fitspo  
​Get inspired.
​Get inspired.
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The secret to success.

Hard work and change.

That is what success boils down to. It isn't pretty, which is why everyone is always trying to sell you a neat little package with no change and no hard work attached.

They want to sell you a masterpiece with no revisions. No reflections, no second looks.

But in reality, everyone who has ever found it knows: success isn't easy. It isn't given out. It is only earned.

Earned through sacrifices, changes, frustrations, agony, sweat and hard work.

So if you are still looking over at your friend, wondering what their secret is - wonder no more.

Their secret is hard work. Their secret is to change the parts of their lives that aren't working.

Their secret is doing instead of wishing.

So, what will you change to find success? How hard are you really willing to work?

#crossfit   #crossfitgames   #fit   #fitfam   #fitspo   #success  
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Things in your control:
1. Showing up
2. Working hard
3. Being coachable
4. Getting back up

Things out of your control:
1. Other people's success
2. Talent

If you really want to improve, start worrying about the top four.

#crossfit #workout #wod
Things in your control
Things in your control
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Get back up.

Quite possibly one of the most simple, and most powerful lessons you can learn in life.

After the face of defeat, of disappointment, of frustration and heartbreak - if you want something, you must get back up.

You must dissect your failure, find why it happened, learn how you can change it.

This is not an easy lesson to learn, it is not fun to reflect on the pain. But yet, it is necessary.

If you choose to get back up, you have another chance at success. If you choose to rise, you have another chance at ringing bells, and first place finishes, and wild PRs.

If not, then in that one bitter moment, you truly and completely fail.

Stop worrying about who beat you, or how much weight someone else had. Start thinking about how you can improve.

Get back up and get back out there.

#fitspo   #fitfam   #fitness  #crossfit
​Get back up.
​Get back up.
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