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Jourdan Rystrom
Creative Catalyst // Songwriter | Co-Creator | Marketing Director/Manager of Firm Body Evolution Holistic Fitness | Positive People Person :)
Creative Catalyst // Songwriter | Co-Creator | Marketing Director/Manager of Firm Body Evolution Holistic Fitness | Positive People Person :)

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Ever obsessed over that small rash on your forearm? Ever overanalyzed that slight rasp in your breathing?

Ever made yourself believe you are passing out of this life over NOTHING?!

Then you may relate to +BowJour latest foray, "MAYO CLINIC."

#mayoclinic #satire #comedy  

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Hey guys! Take a listen to my single "What's Left to Say" on iTunes/Apple Music and let me know what you think! 😇🙏💚

#indieartist #icreatemusic #singersongwriter 

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If you live in the LA area and sign up with my link here, you'll get SIX meals sent for free (only pay shipping)! #GreenChef is a really cool and convenient option to try out if you're busy running around all day -- you still get to COOK at home, but things are a bit easier and laid out for you ;)

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Having fun in #BodyVibe class at +Firm Body Evolution taught by the lovely +Jessica Caforio :)

Book your class today!

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One of my favorite Android apps for #productivity... TIMELY is an Alarm Clock, Timer, Countdown (by way of hourglass!), and just an all around cool app. Wake up to your own music by downloading #Timely!

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Yeah, I guess we're a bit "wacky" at +Firm Body Evolution! :-)
Check out my latest interview where I shake the girls of New Beauty Magazine though our 10/20/30 Method workout! Learn more about FBE's #holistic outlook on #fitness , the power of cellular body #detox , whole body vibration technology and infrared sauna (dual-detox) therapy! #bewell #stayfit #WholeBodyVibration #InfraredSauna #Detoxify

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Hey guys!

I recently went through some HUGE changes in my life and was forced to hit the RESET BUTTON on pretty much everything I was doing in order to FINALLY come into a new self... the new and improved "Jourdan 3.0".

Years of extreme DIS-organization and chronic procrastination found me causing myself (and others) many disappointments. While trying to get by swinging my life on these rusty hinges, I ended up creating a lifestyle that was COMPLETELY unmanageable. My health, relationships, and even my JOB began to suffer... and last month that rusty hinge finally gave out under me.

Luckily, this was my BIGGEST BLESSING YET (in disguise, of course)... allowing me to start ANEW! Armed with a FRESH PERSPECTIVE, unyielding faith, and that "REAL" motivation (we're all supposed to figure out during our 20's?), I finally had all but one last thing in place to unlock a much greater path than the one I was currently strolling on: a SYSTEM FOR MANAGING & ORGANIZING MY LIFE. But WHERE would I find this "final key" to help unlock my productivity, accountability and consistency to breed TRUE success?

Focusing to improve personal efficiency, organization & output (i.e. "Getting Things Done"), I sat down to really think (and pray) for the right solution. During this time, I assessed everything that currently took up my TIME, as not only did I need to develop  career goals in the music realm, but also figure out my day-to-day -- how to MOST EFFICIENTLY operate Firm Body Evolution, the boutique small business fitness + detox spa I manage (

Enter AZENDOO ( Browsing through Evernote's "App Center" webpage, I discovered the simple-yet-oh-so-efficient task manager, and it's helped me get my life organized in the most EFFECTIVE way possible. As a self-dubbed "Creative Catalyst" -- acting in many projects as producer and/or consultant, using Azendoo has improved my productivity and teamwork at home AND at work!

While assigning tasks for my employees at FBE I can SYNCH DATA I'VE ALREADY ORGANIZED & SAVED on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote. No extra work needed to easily supplement notes, attach documents, files and images to ANY task or project!

When it comes to many new to-do lists and productivity apps, they all usually start off great for me, but I soon end up falling behind on tasks or project updates -- never following-up to completion (or documentation). I know at least for my iPad, EVEN if I saved the app on my home page (and turned on "notifications" turned), I would often miss important updates, get overwhelmed... and give up. BOO. Luckily, Azendoo is different and much more "full-force" in its productive aspects. Azendoo isn't an app confined to only phone or tablet -- it also utilizes a full website and is accessible anywhere you have internet! I also stay "old school" and subscribe to updates by way of email - I receive my "Daily Task List" each morning to start my day. On top of email, I also utilize the power of Azendoo's custom apps developed for Android, iPhone and tablets. Like I mentioned earlier, I use my iPad and Android phone a TON at work, using Evernote's amazing "Document Scanner" to file client waivers & body compositions first into Evernote, then simply tag with @Azendoo to create a "task" from that document. During the workday at FBE I open the web version of Azendoo to easily assign tasks and follow-up with projects. Azendoo provides planning "instant gratification" -- even my BOSS (who usually frowns upon learning new technology) is loving the way Azendoo flows!

I'm so thankful to have discovered this app during the peak of my mid-twenties life crisis. I LOVE the bottom line it provides for me: actually proving EFFECTIVE in helping me to FINISH TASKS, FOLLOW THROUGH, GENERATE SALES, and DOCUMENT MY LIFE -- which to me, at least equals SUCCESS. Even after just one week of using Azendoo, I'm much more efficient in managing my work, follow-ups, friends... and pretty much my entire life.

** As a huge advocate in inspiring others to become the best version of themselves possible, I wanted to share with YOU my productivity results with Azendoo and "pass on" a truly amazing (FREE) program! **

Q: "Why, Jourdan, should I choose THIS as my task manager as opposed to the million others (you've even talked to me about before)?"
A: Haha, well I've been doing QUITE the productivity research lately and have been from Todoist to Asana -- though always coming back to the amazing Evernote (web clips/scanning important documents, etc: However, Evernote itself is not a task manager. AZENDOO fixes that problem! The MAIN REASON I also switched to Azendoo to manage all my projects/tasks is because it synchs perfectly with what I ALREADY USE! Google Drive (docs), Dropbox, Box, Skype (call and chat), and of course my favorite...I often add Evernote documents or previously recorded notes right into a task or project -- and often insert my Evernote AUDIO notes (where I mainly songwrite) to my newest co-writing projects!

During this "LIFE RESET" and personal growth process, Azendoo has helped me to emerge as a SUPER productive, action-oriented, and most importantly ACCOUNTABLE young woman and entrepreneur :-)

I know how busy we all are, but once you have 2 minutes to spare (perhaps this weekend?) do yourself a favor and check out the power of Azendoo ( I'm not getting paid or anything like that to share this with you -- I just LOVE to help! There's nothing new to learn - just let this FREE app flow for you, helping to simplify and organize your life. Just like Azendoo (and Evernote) have done for me, I believe they could also help YOU increase your productivity, goal planning, and the bottom line -- living life to the fullest! <3


P.S. PLEASE share with me what you think after trying it out!
P.P.S. Haven't yet started organizing & capturing your life with Evernote? Get started here: Always has been and will be completely FREE :)
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