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J'Ouellette® Learn to Speak Parisian French
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The Parisian French Online Coach
I help busy traveling professionals become bilingual in 5 months or less.

A free Parisian French tutorial every Tuesday at

 Takes too long?
 Spent too much?
 Embarrassed, frustrated and sick of feeling ignorant?

If you are looking for the peace of mind that someone will take care of you until you become bilingual, then J’Ouellette® Method is right for you.

I deliver bilingualism. Period.

You will no longer fear that not trying something new and possibly wonderful will become how you make decisions on similar opportunities in the future, missing out on so much you could enjoy.

Get inspired, and take action weekly with Llyane. CLICK HERE to get your FREE gift!

Why Parisian (standard) French?
Because you will be well understood all over the world, and you’ll read and write faster than you thought possible.

How much is worth to you to:

  • boost your confidence
  • improve the health and development of your brain
  • double your income as a bilingual expert, like I did?
    If you answered “pretty much everything”, then contact me here.


    À tantôt,