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Social Network Wars - easier infographic

Mashable put out an article researched by Sarah Kessler with an infographic by Emily Caufield comparing the five networks fighting for your social eyes and fingers. Wanted to print but it's too large. So I made this one. Also added "shares data I didn't expect them to", "gives the impression of privacy for your data" and "topical search".
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Why did you drop the relationship symmetry (or asymmetry)? It was unnecessarily multiple lines in the original, but did add value, IMHO.
GP Brian, I was trying to figure out how to mark G+ as both in a single line, then just forgot. Facebook and LinkedIn are "friends only", Twitter and Tumblr are "public / follows only", and G+ has both.
You could add a third symbol, but that would seem to defeat the ease of reading a bit. Alternately, just classify Google+ as asymmetrical. All of the "public / follows only" systems are potentially symmetrical if both parties take actions. The difference is that Facebook & Linked in "force" symmetry.
Wonderful ! Perhaps you could add date (creation), number of members ?
Ok Maxime and Brian, thanks for ideas. Updated graphic at :
Anyone know how to replace one photo with another? Only thing I knew to do was upload in a new post.
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