Look at what just arrived !! #motog #verizon
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Weird to see the device in a blister pack! You don't get that in the UK.
$100. Yet again the UK gets royally shafted. Lol
That $100 requires that you actually attach it to verizon though. Not exactly the same as totally off-contract, right?
I hope the bit that says "easy open back" refers to the packaging and not the Moto G. Coz the battery cover is anything but "easy open". At least on mine anyway. lol
Nice. But looks a lot less funky than the box mine was in! £160 sim free, no ties. 
H Wolfe
Tesco £129 +£2.04 to unlock, bargain of the year (16gb)
Thanks for posting this!  Where is your guess of a $100 price coming from?
Congratulations Josue (and Moto G community) - this image is now posted on essentially every major tech news publication with this post as its source. High five!
60$ base price for 2GB of data? with unlimited everything else... It's almost better to get the 179.00 unlocked from Moto and then get T-Mobile with 70$  unlimited everything... Or 50$ for 250mb of data and unlimited at 3g. hehe.. verizon..
Can I use this phone in Europe with O2 service provider? 
Do you have to sign up for the prepaid plan? Can you just use the phone as a wifi device (like an iPod Touch (does anyone remember those things))?
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