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So, I recently started reading the Pragmatic Programmer and feel like I've been vaguely side-stepping this approach to work and personal integrity throughout my whole life. There is something great and ambient about reading what I have somehow always felt like I should be doing; this book gives a general philosophy that describes how I would like to approach things.

At least that's ideally how I'd like to describe my feelings, but of course they took everything they've learned throughout their years of experience and molded it into a very practical and informative book for programmers. Programmers that yearn for an approach and systematic way of doing work. I've read probably over 30 books on how to program in various languages, but each one of them misses the overall philosophy that is required of great programmers.
Anyone can learn to write awesome code, but only the pragmatic style of programmer will have everything he does be continually  awesome, not just his code.

Anyone read any good philosophical approach-to-work type books?
I feel the need to expand my convictions.

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Prediction: Future space travel will end up using magnetic fields. No friction! We already use them in the process of killing atoms nearly at the speed of light, why not something a little bigger? 
Lenz’s law & why do magnets fall more slowly through a copper tube?
When you move a magnet past a metal plate or through a copper tube you generate a current.
The current it’s self generates magnetic fields which oppose the magnetic field generated by the magnet impeding it’s movement
The key is in explaining that the law runs both ways; current generates magnetic fields, and magnetic fields generate current.

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The Orange Devil wouldn't leave it alone...
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heavenly music plays 
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Finally making the decision to not wait up for other people to invent flying cars. 

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^_^;;; like I have time to play games! Just give me the darn console!

Post has attachment's so simple, it's genius!

The paper on it is in the link below. 

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Mmmm Homemade bread for grilled cheese! Thank you Dazz!

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Throughout the years I have grilled, pan-grilled, baked, and bought steaks that were simply delicious. However, this little damn piece of 16 oz, fresh, heavily seasoned with pepper, sea salt, lawry's seasoning salt, parsley, lotsa garlic, and cast ironed piece of meat of a ribeye...was simply amazing. The steak was complemented by balsamic vinegar and butter seasoned mushrooms and onions and garlic, cheddar mashed potatoes. The garlic was first oven roasted and added after the potatoes were boiled and mashed.

Simply put, besides of course the occasional $90 rib roast, this was probably one of the best meals I've ever had. The beverage of choice was of course beer! I've been dabbling in various ones and the one tonight was A Japanese beer called Kirin Ichiban - %100 malt.

Any questions!!? Oh and I'd be happy to have my crew of myself and gf make this for you if you buy all the ingredients...^_^

And thanks everyone for all the happy birthdays! 
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Oh, technology, even you have growing pains.

I suppose this could be considered the step of coming out of infancy and into childhood....O_O oh boy, I wonder if robots taking over will be the terrible twos? 
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