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Josiah Lloyd
Hip-Hop Recording artist | Singer | Poet | Christ Follower | Modern Gentleman
Hip-Hop Recording artist | Singer | Poet | Christ Follower | Modern Gentleman

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When a world absent from God sees the gradual degradation that comes with the brokenness of this world, they becomes desperate to find a solution that would alleviate their fears. Our efforts to bridge a gap that only God can, offer such piddling results, but have we become so blind that our definition of love has been lowered to the point of unrecognizable distortion? We shout for the world to unify in it, but we have failed to understand it. Our songs throw it around so freely, but it is evident that we are still searching for it. God hasn't left...unfortunately, we have...

God's existence is not confined to religion because He is not a distant and man-made deity that has been created to satisfy our need to explain what we can't understand. God is real, and when we ask where He is, we fail to realize that He hasn't moved. However, when we live apart from God, we will remain in exactly that state.

Without a basis of truth, truth is relative.
Without a basis of love, love has no meaning.
And without an understanding of our existence as human beings, we cannot begin to answer the problems that we ourselves have created.

Ultimately, we are not the answer...

Christian does not mean man imitating Christ, it means "Christ imitating Himself" within us.
Man will fail. Every single time. I get tired of failing some times, but God never will, and never has.

What a night; what a glistening, glittery night. Oh you snow white jewel of radiance that looks down on the earth with a stare that covers the ground with a soft focused ray of pixie dust that surely transforms the clouds to cotton candy as it passes through them. You reflect the sun as my life should in the dark, in a world that is bleak I don't dare hide my spark. Conjure up stories for my mind to play out, tickle my senses like daisies around, fields, rolling feathers, the cottonwood trees, the scent of these petals, I'm brought to my knees. A lone light in the sky for the world to all see. You're just a pinch of the magic and heavenly majesty...

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I don't care what you may tell yourself, you have a purpose and the proof of it is in the fact that you got up this morning and took another breath. God says that fear has no place, so aim for those blue skies!

Some stars are just fun to admire from a distance...You get joy out of watching them shine to the world.
What's even better is when they don't even know how bright they light up the room. 

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I feel something new coming...

I’ve heard the words of this people. They have well said all that they have spoken. Oh that there was such a heart in them that they would fear me and keep my commandments always that it might be well with them and with their children forever... Deuteronomy 5:29

Worship songs sung with raised hands, saying a prayer at a youth conference, and posting Bible verse memes on our social networking accounts doesn't make us Christians. It is choosing to commit ourselves to a life of repentance. Jesus didn't say the road would be easy, but that the reward would be great.

The church's passivity in the face of sin today is growing and the question we need to ask is: Is the church influencing the world, or is the world influencing the church? We need to remember what Jesus saved us from; ourselves. Our wretchedness before Him is what makes His gift so beautiful, and if we don't get on our knees to admit it to Him and actually make an effort to change our ways, what are our words to Him?

Man, let's look to the one who loves us enough to be patient with us for this long, and murder the lukewarm attitude that exists within us.

Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom.
Be keen in knowing the difference.

If you struggle to find those words you can't see, search deep in your mind for the peace that you need, through the night it looks dark, you look hard for a light, but are met with the fog that clouds up your sight, feel the rush of your brokenness dwelling in pain, are soaked in your tears and filled with the strain, of repetitive efforts that you feel are in vain, like a climb that is endless and a stretch for your brain, just know you are heard amidst the voices in need, no emotion ignored though it feels like it bleeds, because if God hears the insects that live on the leaves, takes care of the songbirds, provides for their needs, your worth is much greater than you would believe, He's aware of your struggle and hears when you plead. In our attempts to gain insight we muddle it up, because we don't see the picture that God paints above. We don't understand, but in time we soon will, that God brings out glory in weak and the frail...

He ain't finished with you yet! ;)
God doesn't use the strong and the "perfect." He uses the broken and the sinful because it is those individuals who understand the power of grace and the depth of genuine love.

He's refining me every day and boy do I screw up often. We don't have to do it alone. So let God be God and don't try to take on that job because lets admit it, we're awful at it. ;) 

The problem that we face in the world today, is not boredom that comes out of pain, but boredom that comes out of being weary of pleasure, not being weary of pain...The irony of the question of the problem of pain is that most of the Eastern world doesn't even ask it; it is we in the West who steeped in pleasure, who have created boredom out of our own affluence, and impotence out of our erotomania who seem to wonder where God fits into the problem of pain.

-Ravi Zacharias

I pray this speaks to you. You know who you are. You aren't alone. I guarantee things will get easier. You were made for so much more than your mistakes say you are. Don't listen to what your doubts say the outcome will be. Listen to God because He made you, and the mind that's within you that is only speaking from what it sees rather than from what He sees.
The fact that you are taking another breath means that God  is continually pushing you towards the purpose He placed forth for your life. He's right there for you right now, and though you may not feel like you want to pray, that's the perfect time to. Remember the peace you would receive when you talked with and sang to Him in the past.
When we have suffered much it means that we have a large calling on our life that God needs to prepare us for first.

James 1:2-4
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