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Joshuha Owen

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Has my interest so far.
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Joshuha Owen

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This looks AMAZING. The game play footage gave me goosebumps.
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Joshuha Owen

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Looking to downsize some space. Selling the following items:

The Strange
Numenera Player's Guide

SOLD The World of Darkness core book 
SOLD Hunter: The Vigil
Vampire: The Dark Ages
Werewolf: The Apocalypse w/ GM Screen
Mage: The Ascension

SOLD Wheel of Time (D20)
Shadowrun: Street Magic
Savage Worlds: Explorer Edition

Check the pictures but some Turtledove, Eddings, King, Warhammer stuff.

Make me offers in USD and I will ship for free in the continental US.
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+Frank Turfler​ I still do. Hit me up on a private post.
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Joshuha Owen

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I didn't request a 2:30 AM wake up call. 
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Neither did I. Wife's phone reset somehow. "Aren't you getting up?" "whuh? Why would I? It's bleary-eyed look at clock 2:25."
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Joshuha Owen

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When I was at Google I/O a couple of years ago a guy from an engineering magazine asked some of the Glass team what could engineers do to help wearable technology. Google responded that by far that battery technology is lagging so far behind that whoever can make large improvements in that area stands to make billions.

This is a great example here, great technology concept but 20 minutes lifetime is so short. I understand for planned action sequences it wouldn't be so bad but man I hope some breakthroughs come in that area soon.
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Joshuha Owen

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Downloading Unreal Engine 4 to start my foray into programming for the Oculus Rift. Wish me luck!
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I should probably look into setting them up for my own endeavors.
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Joshuha Owen

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My D&D 5E campaign on Roll20 has been going well since last fall and thinking I want to start another group on another night with another system.

Currently the best nights would be Monday or Tuesday night 8 PM to 11 PM CST. Systems I am considering are The Strange, Blades in the Dark, Fourth World (Earthdawn DW hack),  Sixth World (Shadowrun DW hack).

Anyone interested just let me know and we can discuss times/systems/start date.
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I could very well be interested, however I'm very new to tabletop gaming and don't know any of those systems as of yet. I'm also in the process of moving and starting a new job (9-5 type) so not 100% sure on my availability to start. 
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Joshuha Owen

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While I own an Oculus Rift DK2 and can't wait for what VR can do for full on video games I also can't wait to see what HoloLens can bring to augmented reality.

Specifically I think AR has much better social applications. Imagine sitting around a game table and seeing renders of PCs floating above their character sheets and maps that rise out of the table. Or similar with Magic or other CCGs where you get to see animations when tapping your creatures. I know AR things have been done with phones before but having it in your vision seamlessly is approaching Shadowrun levels once the tech can shrink down a bit.
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The more I see hololense, the more I want it!  As does my son (8)! but he wants it more for Minecraft.  Looking back, I wonder if Hololense was one of the contributing factors in MS buying MC?  A 'basic' building blocks game which is easy to use and visually impressive in a 3D space..
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Joshuha Owen

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Friends don't let friends grind.
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Joshuha Owen

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Is this a windmill blade?
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I taught a group and learned that blade length is limited due to regulations on the length of a trailer that can be transported on US highways.
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Joshuha Owen

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I had a couple of friends volunteer and verified that this does reboot the iPhone (you have to have the formatting including the line breaks exactly right though). Doesn't have to be a text but anything that would show up in the Notification area so Twitter DMs work too. 

To prevent this from happening you have to turn off Notification Previews until Apple fixes it. I run a Moto X so not really affected but if you got a weird message today and your iPhone rebooted now you know why.
If you send a specific string of symbols and Arabic characters to another iPhone user, you can really ruin their day. And, it turns out, this isn't the first time that Apple has been plagued wit...
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Noah G
Good thing I use Android
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Joshuha Owen

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Saw this on the subway this morning. Can't help but think how far the lich has come. I mean a lich owning a corporation involved in the medical space is just perfect.
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Not bad a headed only lich.
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