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Tech is my side passion, but working with kids is my main one
Tech is my side passion, but working with kids is my main one
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I have been waiting a while for this day! I am so excited. I have the Moto G (Original) retail version.

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Before & after first lightroom edit ever. Suggestions and hints would be lovely!

Took photo on my Moto G & processed in Lightroom 5

Hey, I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a auction site. We were donated a trip to disney florida to auction off. This is a great opportunity for us because it is such a high value item.

We are looking to have the auction run from sept 1-31. Most of our community is remote so we are looking for a site to host it for us.

 We are willing to pay a reasonable service fee($50-$75) to ensure it is easy for the people who want to bid and at the end we do not need to chase someone down for money. Does anyone know of a site that can help us?

 I have looked online for websites but so far I have run into road blocks such as a certain day limit and bidding limits etc. (the retail value of a trip is $4500 with the starting price of 1000). 

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The Rubik’s Cube is 40! #CubeDoodle First cube solved on the internet.

Okay, I love photoshop and have been using it for a while. However I do not currently own Lightroom. I have slowly noticed a few quirks in iPhoto and how it takes captive your photos. I am looking to potentially switch to Lightroom for the photo management abilities, and to set my photos free. Note I am still an amateur photographer and graphic artist (also a university student so I can get the reduced cost version). I know very little about Lightroom a.k.a. never seen it in person only a few demo videos online which have only touched the surface. 

Should I do it?

How do the photo sorting features compare to iPhoto? 

Is there a difference between the student version and the full license?

As my library expands will Lightroom slow down significantly (I have found this to happen with iPhoto)?

If I wanted to sync my photos to the web (in a service like box, google drive, or dropbox) would the library be one giant file like in iPhoto or would it be like files in folders like iTunes?

Thanks so much for your help...

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Crazy, can I buy one of these!
Wood battery could be the future of large energy storage

As we look toward a future of more renewable energy being fed into the grid, having reliable energy storage to back up intermittent wind and solar will be necessary for everything to run smoothly. That's why researchers have been working hard to find the best type of battery for this type of large-scale storage. Lithium-ion batteries are great for gadgets and even cars, but on a larger scale they're too expensive and aren't very environmentally friendly.

Many researchers believe sodium-ion batteries are the answer. Sodium is cheap and environmentally benign and sodium-ion batteries would be well-suited for storing large amounts of renewable energy at once. The major obstacle to advancing these batteries has been a very short life due to the swelling of the anode with each charge and discharge of sodium ions, which when using a brittle base, causes the battery to fall apart after only about 20 charge cycles.

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a solution to this problem by using a paper-thin layer of wood fibers coated with conductive carbon nanotubes as the base in a sodium-ion nanobattery. The wood is able to withstand the swelling and contracting of the anode and allows the battery to survive more than 400 charge cycles, which makes it one of the longest lasting nanobatteries.

"The inspiration behind the idea comes from the trees," said Liangbing Hu, an assistant professor of materials science. "Wood fibers that make up a tree once held mineral-rich water, and so are ideal for storing liquid electrolytes, making them not only the base but an active part of the battery."

At the end of the charging cycles, the wood was wrinkled, but still intact. Computer models showed that those wrinkles relaxed the stress in the battery during charging and recharging, creating a flexible and long-lasting battery.

You can watch a video about the wood nanobattery below.

Video Link :

Reference :
Wood battery could be the future of large energy storage
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Good TED talk. This gives me motivation to learn more things!

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Joli drive sounds really interesting and I want to take a further look at it. Let's hope it is as cool as it sounds
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