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Stay Focused And Boost Your Productivity With Ambient Noise Player:

ANoise, or Ambient Noise, is a simple yet very convenient application developed by Costales (who's also behind Folder Color), for playing ambient noise with a click, useful for helping you stay focused, boost your productivity or, why not, fall asleep listening to the sound of waves or rain.

The application is very simple, lightweight and doesn't get in your way. In fact, it doesn't even come with a GUI by default and instead, it only shows an entry in the Ubuntu Sound Menu which allows you to play various relaxing sounds like forest, storm, rain, wind, night, fire, coffee shop or sea.

#Ubuntu #ANoise  

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That's one way to ensure your voting base gets older and older, I suppose.

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Now that's just fun.

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The new Raspberry Pi bot is really coming along!

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My girlfriend makes some truly awesome stuff.
My crochet monster and giraffe finally have their safety eyes, can't wait to send them out to the recipients. :)
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Anyone need a web developer job? $12/hour. Must be a front- and back-end developer with 3+ years of experience and knowledge of half a dozen programming languages :)

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Last year at this time, the old St. Pat's game was coming along!

FreeCAD - A program with many cool looking buttons, all of which crash it.

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Turns out the secret to getting nylon 618 to print warp-free on a metal bed is a layer of Elmer's Extreme, a sheet of paper, and a layer of Elmer's Washable.

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Some additional pictures of the 3D printed servo steering upgrade to my New Bright RazerBuggy!
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