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Lots of people were asking what my office setup looks like after that Uses This piece — so here you go!
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Jerry B
Nice and clean set up.. love it!!
awesome photos. love the clean setup and the HUGE monitor just for twitter.
Very Neat Office, Thanks for sharing. The classic Mac is such an inspiration...
There is no way its's always that clean...where are the day to day shots:)
that desk is gorgeous! good find
The speakers are the tiny, tinny ones in the Macbook(s).
I like your setup, but why not use the monitor and a separate keyboard instead of the the macbook? More screen real-estate, better for your back!
Nice space, I can dig the portrait monitor.
not bad., wonder what it looks like at night
what´s the thing on the left on picture 8
if there all running the same OS updating is a breeze
you know what ! that's no way to use a laptop
hey now people can stalk u
+Joshua Topolsky Awesome setup...i might think of rotating my screen too like that. Love the wood floors
+Jimmy Ramirez - this is Google+, if you want to know the details for a photo, you just use the option menu to display that. (DMC-GF1 was the camera FWIW)
Sitting with your back to the door? Interesting...
love the simplistic vintage look! my office aspires to look like yours, josh!
Sweet set up, how well do the Apple products work with the Galaxy Nexus? And compared to the iPhone?
Build a pc! Not cool until you drop some ssd into a Raid 0
Joshua, what mouse is that? I've thought about buying a Magic Mouse, but am still hesitant. What's a good normal size bluetooth mouse I can get?
Josh is using the M555b: "So I smashed my Logitech M555b while at Microsoft research, and then picked up an Arc Touch mouse because I thought it would travel better and be more comfortable. Wrong. Not only is it uncomfortable to use, but it has a wireless dongle! I grabbed this M525 in the short term because I couldn't find the model I had, but I have since secured a new M555b. Phew."
Perhaps if you've spent more time writing articles, instead of tidying up your desk?
Oh man. I demand more George Bush (err, I mean Tim Cook) impersonations in the Vergecast! Comedy gold.
wow so cool - love to have such clean and neat office
What kind of monitor is that? Looking for a monitor myself and its likely going to be portrait..
One of the best minimalistic workspace I've ever seen.
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