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New Google+ app is awfully slick.
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hey know what you should do with that new Google+
Agreed! Enjoy your time @ I/O and keep up the great reporting. Love +The Verge!
I think you're awfully slick! Keep up the great work and coverage!
They improved the last version 1000 times over! It's awesome.
Have you tried it on the tablet? I'm loving it.  It is just so much easier to scan visually.  I found myself getting through much more of the what's hot then I ever have.  I used to read about 2-6...
The last update was a move in the right direction, but the most recent one has proven to be the shiz!
I wish you could access the sidebar by sliding like in the new YouTube app though.

Using my GNex one handed (right handed) makes it difficult to reach the upper left corner=/
Ed Clem
This looks great. Even better on my tablet!
I'm in love with g+ all over again
Looks even better on my 7-inch Galaxy Tab.
My only gripe is that nearby is quite far away now
I'm not a fan of today's update, it doesn't feel as intuitive.
I'm not a fan of the circular profile thumbnails.
For mobile, I wish they would've kept the horizontal swipe to change streams. It was the first thing I hated when the update came out on first on iOS in May. The android update in early June did not implement this functionality. Please bring this back

Other than that the update is pretty nice. Events is pretty awesome!
Such a massive upgrade over the previous version, and that version was a pretty big update over its previous as well.
Google+ is one of the best looking mobile apps I've seen, hands down. The UX is great too, gesture integration is top notch. 
I need more white space like the desktop app.
I really want to use Google+ but without my friends here the motivation to do so is lacking to say the least
They will come, +Rhyan Lewis , soon as they realize facebook just went public and starting to screw them
Plus the facebook app so shitty I had to uninstall!
+Rhyan Lewis having friends here is good but you are thinking too much like Facebook. I had very few friends on G+ when I started here the week it launched - but a year later I have picked up nearly 7000 followers and met many new friends - you will learn its more about engagement and making new friends too than having to get people you know here first.

Google Plus is an 'Interest Network" and when you start seeing it like that you will see that its nothing like Facebook.

+Rhyan Lewis you will soon see its more about meeting new people than staying with just the circle you know.

Facebook for me is the boring network as its full of people I know who just post the same old stuff. I like my friends but its so mich more enjoyable to connect with new people who love the things you love too.

Google Plus is where its happening as you can meet so many more people who have similar passions to your own. That is totally not how Facebook was set up from the start,
+Warren Moore Hopefully sooner than later, pretty much the only app I still use from Facebook is the messenger app
It got that right! it's beautiful.
Yea, it's a slightly different environment, but I'm sure if you get your people to convert you will enjoy it much more, in the meantime, circle people who share your interests
Yea this is amazing. Loving the new redesign on the application.
This is indeed what competition is all about. My family is about to go abroad so I'll be using this latest to keep in contact with them!
But is it better than seltzer?
I had stopped using Google+ because the last update with the black was so awful. I'm absolutely living this new version though.
indeed one thing I noticed is make sure your profile picture is inside the circle
And by the way try the landscape mode its freaking awesome!!!
Using it right now, this update is much better than the last one.
It's sexier, that's for sure, but just like the new flipboard for Android, it's focus on big images make it very ineficient when it comes to space. More condensed layouts let me glance at items. Here I am forced to look at one item at a time. I'm not interested in everything in my stream.
+Enmanuel Rivera so facebook is better right?
+Enmanuel Rivera The previous update didn't let me see enough content, but this one's just right for me. I'm seriously in love with it.
Yeah, how come you've never +hangout???
True that... with this and the rest of today's announcements, GNex is de-facto choice IMHO...
Yes I agree, and it runs smooth as butter on cyanogenmod 7 desire
Finally a native Google+ app for the tablet that is designed for the tablet. Props to everyone in the +Google+ team.
Indeed you handsome devil, hopefully facebook wakes up and fixes their damned apps...which are awful.
It is just fantastic. It is remarkable how much cooler the UI and design sensibilities are compared to current version of Facebook for tablets. Gives a healthy dose of competition to Facebook.
Yeah, it's pretty nasty if you ask me!  So much more aesthetically pleasing than facebook that I don't even hit that blue icon much anymore.  Much prefer the red one instead!!
That was a typo.... He meant sick
My updates are slipping and sliding around the screen like butter
It feels old, and.. injured now. :( I don't agree at all.

...Why would they remove that sideswiping feature?

I vote for a rollback to previous build.

+Marco Sjöberg I'm with you it was an awesome feature. I could put people into circles and move between them with ease. Now it is just a mess.
+Marco Sjöberg I didn't realize people still used kthxbai.

On topic: I haven't played with the app enough to decide if I still like it.
Freaking Facebook take some notes. This makes me want to use g+ a lot more.
boo Jay
Never was a big fan of the sidebar ribbon/menu, but otherwise this has been a fantastic update!
+Joshua Topolsky i love the new UI, it is much more readable and the 'full bleed' pictures actually move to the background to let the app be much more engaging. However, I  hate the fact that the removed they swipe gesture to access all the menus, it takes a few taps to get that now if you are within a specific post.

Just noticed that Notifications now trigger a red notification light on the Nexus 
Finer than a frog hair split three ways.
It sure is. Too bad I don't use google+ that often.
My only beef is when scrolling through post I don't need to see all that white space if there isn't an image.
Makes me want my friends here ! and leave Facebook forever !
+Nicolas Delettre it is a slippery slope, cause while i DO want my friends here and off facebook, then the people that know them will come here and so on and and so forth and we are right back to some of the reasons why we hate Facebook

people suck
+Hunter Smith Yes, but keep in mind that controlling the content that you see in G+ is a gagillion times easier than it is in Facebook.  If you don't want to see the crap from people you don't really care about or know that well, you don't have to.
+Michael Johnson true, true. I think i've just gotten spoiled on here by the fact that I've haven't felt the need to do that yet. I've enjoyed the content in my feed
It just keeps getting better. Seriously puts Facebook app to shame. I don't touch it now.
I don't like how you can't swipe left and right to view other circles. Having to select them from the dropdown menu is awfully clunky!
It is indeed. My only fault with it is that text only posts look a bit odd and waste a lot of space.

Also +Joshua Topolsky can I suggest you do a hangout with viewers at the end of a Vergecast some time, maybe instead of calls? I think it would be pretty great.
Agreed! So slick in fact, I may actually use Google+ more often...or at all. Nice work, Google!
I hope they improve the iPad google app
I had this exact thought as your post came up.
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