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Google, what is the deal with all this white space?
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definitely could have spaced things out better, that is for sure.
This is where my chat is ? try to zoom out
its there so you can fill it with your hopes, dreams and imagination!!!
There's even more whitespace in the previous layout. It at least looks like there'll be less wasted space on a larger screen now.
If you look at your Circles, it displays full width.
The new design could be better...I mean the new share bar looks like it's from the last decade (aka Android 2.x).
I was unaware they were going to change it... will wait and see how I feel about it.
maybe they should add the layout options like gmail. compact, cozy, comfortable, etc
So many websites are set this way now its making me nuts. I haven't seen a good excuse as to why. When I ran PHP sites like PHPNuke and such they automatically resized for the screen. Why can't web 2.0 do this?
Where is it!?!? Does anyone in the Netherlands has it already?
Out of curiosity, it looks like the mobile web site got updated as well? Or have I just not tried it in a while? Working well on my Windows Phone, older versions didn't as much.
And the elimination of Desktop location tagging!
It's off center and edgy... Lol
I'm sure there were like fifty engineer design meetings to determine that...
They already changed it . Now the chat column is not hide-able anymore
I wish the chat box was collapsible when in fullscreen.
Not every pixel of a webpage has to be filled to be useful.
At least 50... And 10 focus groups. Lol
Maybe you got a partial roll out, +Joshua Topolsky. I hear not only are they slowly rolling it out to the masses but slowly rolling it out to individuals. Just keep hitting refresh for the rest of the day. I'm sure it will be worth it ;)
mmmh, still not seeing it, I will try again later.

Mind you, this has been the longest I've been on + in a long time.... Well played Google ;-)
+Austin Adams Yes it does, or else it's just a waste of space, especially on mobile devices like tablets.
Why are u always complaining?? Why don't you give props instead of flops?
Looks cool but too much unused space to the right...
I think it's a bug, on official screens the white space isn't there.
+Paul O'Brien only if they knew responsive design! disappointing how a big company like google sucks at design. why all the good designers do freelance? Hire them google!
I always happen to one of the last ones to get :(
Fixed width sites (e.g. theverge) usually at least centre... I run some sites full screen, it depends what they are!
They should make the white background the size of the content and put it in the middle. The left icons and the right chat will follow the white rectangle and will be in the middle too.
Yeah cause of the big white background, resize it for the width of the content.
Yes, all this white space makes it look too neat. I want clutter.
Hangout button and chat should be on the right..
When they are loaded it looks fine. However, if you scroll down the page there is a Huuuuge column of empty space under the "Trending" links...
+Joshua Topolsky I see Hangouts and Chat. Try zooming in or out a little. The page doesn't seem to scale well to all resolutions and zoom levels
Definite improvement, but need re-sizable columns to help fill the white space. Let's use all the screen we can please. Hopefully that is something they are working on fixing. There is more white space than content while I'm typing this.
I wish we could just drag the edges of those columns to whatever width we like. The new layout is very touch friendly
People, this has been out for about an hour... Give them time to adjust. People are to quick to jump on the hate boat. Holy christ!
I like it. If you bring up a chat window, it goes into that space instead of covering up your stream. Plus I'm not sure why it's essential to have every bit of space covered with some BS or another, or to be completely symmetrical.
I wonder if he would have asked this question had this been designed by Apple :-)
Agree.. Awful design... Posts on the left, too many white space on the right. A la Android 2.0 Share Dialog. So unusable
I really hope they have something useful in mind for the whole they put on the left side of my screen here... And by useful I don't mean advertising...
My bet is that's where the ads will go
Also noticed that it means the notification dropdown doesn't block anything.
It's probably FULL of ads already, none of which we see thanks to Adblock.
Looks like G+ is reaching out to Twitter fans - The only difference between this and Twitters layout at a glance is the content is left aligned.
Think your stream should scroll, while circle filters, settings, and the share whats new textbox should remain in place.
The messenger part in the sidebar its too much
It actually looks a lot better with the chat window expanded...but still, something is a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. Also there's a weird bug when you scroll back to the top of the page. It stutters for a second.

Seems to be related to my macbook's inertial scrolling. It only happens if I scroll HARD & FAST. (but seriously, that's when it happens)
it's nice to have an app not jam-packed with content making your eyes bleed - even if it won't last forever.
I like all the spacing while scrolling through the main feed, but I agree that it does feel a bit weird spacing wise at some other points. I haven't quite been able to pin it down to anything specific yet though.
unless they are gonna put ads there...
I like the new Google+ a lot... minus the lack of color.
Ho God, on the comments the names are Black and the "text or content" is light grey on top of a grey background. Genius!
I'd rather use it for the stream from a second Circle.
You'll need all that space to take notes with your stylus.
I like it. i likes it a lot.
#whitespace Josh it's sexy, it will be ok.
It's awesome. Why the concern?
Why not do a 2-column stream if there is space for it (like "Facebook Timeline")?
I'm late to this conversation, but just got a 27" iMac. why aren't websites optimizing for larger monitors?
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