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Joshua Tenner

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Canvas development with a JSX pragma!

Declarative canvas functions with a twist.

If you know the CanvasContext2D.prototype, you can quickly pick up e2d and jump-start your canvas development!

and the js2dx compiler with webpack loader is here:

As a side note, my documentation is terrible, but I'm definitely capable of answering questions here!

Thanks for checking this project out.


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e2d - A declarative web worker canvas renderer.

- Web Worker Rendering (at the cost of input delay)
- Declarative syntax
- Virtual canvas stack (so that save/restore operations can be skipped)
- Easy to add mouse regions
- Relatively fast performance!
- Clipping regions

Finally released version 2.0.0 with a few backwards incompatible (but smart) changes.

Change log: 

- Canvas clipping now works as intended
  * e2d.clip([region], instructions)
- Added setTransform, resetTransform
- Changed functionality of transform
- Updated the readme a bit
- Deprecated text in favor of fillText and strokeText

- Need to implement some canvas testing though.
  * Side by side comparison to canvas 2d api should be feasable
- Syntax is still awkward, I wish I could have jsx like syntax

<translate x, y>
  <fillArc x, y, radius />

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Come check out one of the only HTML5 Canvas libraries that let you move your business logic to a web worker!

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*e2d.js* Version: 1.7.3


1. Intuitive Syntax
2. Polygonal Mouse Regions
3. Low Memory Consumption
4. Storable Render Commands
5. Web Worker Rendering

In a few days I'll model an application structure that makes e2d useful and much like react.js.

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Version 1.4.4 released!

Thanks for your support everyone.

Does anyone here have experience with writing browserify plugins, ast transformers (esprima, acorn, babel), or webpack loaders?

I have a serious hankering for a jsx like syntax for my javascript library and could use the mentoring of someone MUCH smarter than myself.

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Released version 1.2.0

Please don't miss an opportunity to check out how to render your game inside a web worker!

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A Javascript library heavily inspired by react.js that does rendering in both the browser and inside a Web worker.

#javascript #js #html5 #canvas
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