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Joshua Reed
Graduate Student, Health & Fitness Blogger, Marathon Training
Graduate Student, Health & Fitness Blogger, Marathon Training

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Week 4 of the Run Less, Run Faster workout. Today's 6x800m track workout went very well!

It's that with the fiancé! Mushrooms, peas, shrimp, mint, block of Pecorino Romano shredded, chili pepper and a glass of Tempranillo. Mmmmmmm......gets better and better each night! 

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So true and a must read! Many understand obesity is a problem, but many do not understand why and how fat can affect our health. 
The benefits of losing fat!

Definitely a must read!

Just finished my 9 miler: 2 mile warm-up, Yasso 800's in 2:59 x 6 w/ a 400m recovery run, 2.5 mile cool-down.  

Great "easy" 8 mile run today! First time outdoors in quite some time due to the weather and have been on the treadmill while trying to alter the incline to mimic outdoor running. I was astonished being outside and how interesting it was that it wasn't the hills that bothered me, but the mechanics of my leg turnover after being on a tread. Was supposed to do 7:28 avg pace and cranked it out to 7:18 on a hilly route. I was happy considering not running outdoors in awhile. :)

22 miler---done! Finished the week off with 55.5 miles. 6 weeks to go until the #flyingpig  full marathon. 
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