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GM, DM, Dev Guy, Family Guy, generally awesome guy to know
GM, DM, Dev Guy, Family Guy, generally awesome guy to know

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BTW I'm Running DCC two or three events at +Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo on Free RPG Day with the Mams Gaming group. 

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Before free rpg day and likely funnel I had an experience that made me think over how I run things.

I played in a Funnel where the Judge only gave one character from your stack an action (the front person in your stack) before the bad guys got to go. To me this highly increased the lethal degree of the Funnel and attrition was very very high at best each of us had a single character the player that had none was offered the player that had two. It also seemed that more Meta decisions were made by the players.

Now I've ran 4 funnels or so and played in only 2, The ones that I ran I allowed the players to decide who participated based on their own choices, so any amount of the characters would participate in the combat, and be at risk (I probably don't use luck as much as I should, big damage dealers or surrounded unlucky by choices are generally targeted). But my end game would generally be half to a third losses and never close to TPK. . . admittedly there are canny players in my groups.

How do you do it, is there a right way (nm the Judge is always right), does each character get to act or just one at a time, does it depend on the experience level as well.

Also I'm not talking about tournament funnels.

I'm presenting DCC at an RPG summer camp as the kids first RPG experience ever before they play other more fluffy RPG's the rest of the week. Need to decide what to run, haven't settled on a favorite and it's really only 4 hours.
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Any character can act
Only one character can act

anybody want to join my Tales of the Yawning Portal game at +Da Sorce Give the store a call and see if there's room.

I got my dice, maps, minis all ready

From my friend Jean Rabe

Jim Ward has a lack of mail. Y'all need to step up and FIX THAT PROBLEM. Not email. Not Facebook messages. REAL CARDS that cost you a few minutes to write a note inside and that require a stamp. They've moved him to another wing. If you sent to the previous address, the hospital will still deliver. Here's the new one. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.

James M. Ward
St. Luke's Hospital, North Building, Room E3238
2900 W Oklahoma Ave;
Milwaukee, WI 53215

The Party left Spaceport Totuga in the cracked moon above Ore in Teo's guiding hands seeking a Transuniversal String Separator to aid in their journeys.

Word was that it was hidden as an amulet in the hands of peaceful group of Venusians on the second planet from the sun, taking the dimensional skiff to Venus they set down among the tall verdant trees only to discover that the princess who held the amulet has been abducted by a moderately more advanced tribe.

Ganzorig Priest of Pestilence, Borger the Robot Biker (Robot PDF), Flork the Sorcerer's Apprentice turned Thief, Esmerelda the Ranger (Crawl 6), Stauros the Wizard and a new crew member Grimm Hexenfell Priest of Death set off to perform a rescue.


Hijinks ensued, swift resolve led to the take down of a tribal lieutenant before the alarm was sounded; the discovery of strange technology and an attack by silvergators from amongst the pillows of the lovers abode.

Stay tuned for the further trans-dimensional adventures of our hapless heroes, and perhaps a visit from the pale man himself.

Crawljammer #1
Crawl #6
Patrons of Lankmar
Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between 

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Plenty of openings to play a Crawljammer adventure

I'm not great at posting session notes but here's my latest session of DCC 81

Ran the sad party of four pairs of eyes and 5 stragglers through session 3 of DCC 81 - The One Who Watches from Below

After going to Gary Con and appreciating the +Jon Marr grimoire for all my casters I provided these to the players.

The party ostensibly led by Parker Louis the Warrior, Turd Burglar and Kenny the Clerics, Patsy the Bard and John Emdee the Wizard with the eyes of the halflings Furgus,, Unnamed, Dr. Lucky, and the thief Louis Vitton continue the quest into the cave of secrets after a fateful encounter with the guardian columns.

Mr Burglar luckily hops on only the black squares to the door and proceeds down the stairs while assuming it's safe Patsy follows and experiences a shock from the floor. [here's where the two clerics start figuring out lay on hands]. Continuing down the hall they raid the alchemist workshop (with a pair of eyes jaunting off to explore a tunnel that leads to the pink glowy rooms filled with jars of science) they continue on to the Inner Sanctum. Here rats pour from the ceiling as Parker Louis (who can't loose) sweeps a vast majority of them away and the rest are dispatched by Patsy.

The learn the name of the old one and recite it, the rumbling clearly disturbs the dungeon and hearing the noise from the adjacent room they investigate.

Charging in the room Turd Burglar luckily barely escapes the gaze of the stone grey eyes of the guardian terrors and with the help of Parker Louis dispatches the beasts.

The eyes frantically directing the two clerics (both granted the Paralyze spell) overcome the beasts in the cages and walk out as an Ape Man with four arms, Owlbear, gargoyle and dire wolf.

The fortune of the company having suddenly taken a turn Dr. Lucky who has possessed the Ape charges through the dungeon ripping down doors and reveling in their new found power. Charging through unexplored rooms with abandon moving through a room with a broad tapestry and a wheel barrow, charging into the cavern below only caring to go "Down and dispatching rats pouring from ceilings, harpies with eyes in the chests and a small group of deformed cultist charging into a room of mushrooms covered in eyes.

I couldn't remember the unnamed halfling

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Not sure if this landed in the discussion group

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I just got my fanboy case for my phone, pretty happy with how it turned out
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