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Joshua Nelson

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The truth that no one talks about or seems to want to plan for - there is no non-radical future at this point: either we're all going to burn or we will have a huge re-ordering of society in order to prevent it. Recycling, LED bulbs and growth economics won't cut it anymore.
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Absolutely. Have you read Robert Jensen's and Naomi Klein's recent articles on this (Klein is more journalistic, Jensen's more poetic)
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Joshua Nelson

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Spot on article by +makewealthhistory 

"It’s strange. We look down on previous generations that were oppressed by religious hierarchies, or who gave up their freedoms for nationalist pipe dreams or a dead-end ideology. But we live in a society where people have to be kept miserable in order to drive economic growth, and we hardly notice. Future generations will pity us.

"And that’s why #postgrowth economics isn’t just about sustainability. It’s bigger than that. It’s about what it means to be human, what a good life is, what we’re here on earth for in the first place. ‘More economic activity’ is a hollow and meaningless concept on its own. It’s not a fit ambition for a country, or for us a species. We can do better than that.

"Boris Johnson still gets the headlines, but the future does not belong to him and his futile politics of greed. It belongs to those working on how to make economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and human welfare into convergent goals. If you’re working on ways to move us beyond our blind allegiance to growth, you’re engaged in one of the most important projects of our age."
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Joshua Nelson

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Happy Tuesday!

Anyone else think 2-3 day work weeks should be standard? We'd eliminate unemployment by spreading the work around and having more time for life.

Right now my life is moving towards a cold beer and packing for travel. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Joshua Nelson

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"It's not a privacy violation if we only collect metadata about your calls, it won't let anyone figure out what you talked about."
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Joshua Nelson

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Great talk by Donnie on the Not-for-profit world.
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Thanks Josh!
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I am a web developer, writer, activist, engineer, part-time cyclist and avid mead-maker. I promote sustainability, free-thought, social justice and science related news, posts, ideas, et cetera. See the services I offer here.

I am a co-founder of the Post Growth Institute, a global network working to inspire and create a global prosperity without economic growth. 

I started blogging with Steady State Revolution, a project devoted to exploring and promoting a sustainable world through a steady state economy.

In any other free time I read, cycle, make mead, indulge in craft beer snobbery and garden. I live in Seattle in the great state of Washington, USA with my wife and two sons.
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Great breakfast, nice atmosphere and friendly service. Totally a hip Portland spot.
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