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Do any of the Android faithful/fanatics know much about these pure Android head units?

I've been looking at pure Android HU for my car (a 2014 Mazda 6, Touring, with the Bose speakers) as an alternative to an Android Auto unit. 

The Mazda forum I was checking out suggested one, which then became two more as the thread evolved. Two are by SmartRover, one by (sold by?)

The two SR ones are Android 4.4, the is 5.1.

I don't have any experience with pure Android HUs, so a couple of generic questions:

1. These will probably never be upgraded past the version they're on, correct? 

2. Is it possible to compile your own code to keep them updated? And if so, what accommodations would need to be made to not break the car functionality? 

3. When making calls/using maps/etc., it's still pulling SOMETHING from the phone, albeit wirelessly. For phone, probably BT connection, for maps, either offline mode or Hotspot from the phone? 

4. Will my steering wheel call button still active Google Now/some voice assistant on the phone, so I can activate calls wirelessly? (Hands free city. $500 fine.) 

Here are links to the three units:

1. 2. 3.

As always, any and all help is appreciated.
Mind Bridge Android Infotainment System
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+Joshua Muñoz yeah ease of use. It's extremely user friendly. Something you want in a car IMO. 
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Joshua Muñoz

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Is there an equivalent timer app on Android?

I've seen this timer be very useful to other folks in the teaching field, but I'd love to use my phone instead of my iPad, if I can.

Does anyone know if there's an equivalent app on Android?

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Joshua Muñoz

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Joshua Muñoz

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Grilling, techie style.

Best Bluetooth meat thermometer?

cc: +Jerry Hildenbrand​
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Joshua Muñoz

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Android N Beta

Does anyone know if Instagram works with this? It didn't when I last was on N, but with the new update, I'm curious.

Thanks, G+! 
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Also works great.
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Joshua Muñoz

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I did a thing.
I'll admit, I'm a Telegram newbie. I installed the app once, but kept finding myself drawn back to the standard Messenger (SMS) app. However, with the upda... by Joshua Muñoz in Applications, News
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Joshua Muñoz

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+ASUS 780 Ti in SLI, although I'm not sure the SLI portion worked for this test.

Still, exciting to know I'm barely hanging in the 'ready' portion of the test!
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+Keyan Mobli Makes sense. A second 980 might be a good idea then after I pay off the cpu upgrade.
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Joshua Muñoz

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Think my rear camera broke.

Anyone know of any fixes I could try? Looks like Huawei took down their repair page, so I might be waiting for those new HTC phones to come out.

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Joshua Muñoz

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Moving and I need a new router.

Roughly 1600 feet needs to be covered, plus fast speeds for games and such.

Is this the route to go? What router do you have, +Keyan Mobli​?
We choose the best router for lag-free gaming.
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I use the Asus RT68U running AdvancedTomato. It's what I got for free from T-Mobile. 
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Joshua Muñoz

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Voice search for ALL those apps?

I took the plunge and got an +NVIDIA​ Shield TV, and let me say, I really dig it. It's fast, has a great layout, and doesn't look too shabby in the entertainment center.

However, when I use the voice search, I can't get it to search Hulu, despite having the app installed and being logged in.

Is there something I'm missing, maybe a feature I need to enable? And what's up with no Netflix voice support?

Any Shield users out there who know how to get this rocking? Thanks!
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Like :)
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Joshua Muñoz

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Lazy gPlus time: Does anyone know how to use these weird command blahblah Linux stuff so I can run multiple websites off of one droplet?

So, I want to run a Ghost blog, but it says I need node.js and providers providing that service are pretty small, but +DigitalOcean is one and they seem pretty nice and affordable.

However, they said I need to do some business with nginx and blahblah, they sent me a link, but I don't understand any of it, cause I'm noob.

Anyway, any Linux people out there make sense of it? I'm very curious (and excited), but I know I'll be spending all weekend trying to make this work.

Links are here:

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks, Google+!
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+Steven Holms Appreciate it! I've only used cPanel my entire web-doing career, so this stuff is all Greek to me.
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Joshua Muñoz

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Best wearable to sync into Google Fit?

Hello, everyone! Been a while since I've posted, but I figure y'all are the most knowledgeable about Google Fit.

Alittle about my wearable/tracking apps: I used to be a Fitbit person, way back in the days of the little clip that you put in your pocket, but haven't used Fitbit in quite some time.

Currently, I'm using a combination of Endomondo, Lose It, Withings, and Google Fit to track calories burned/consumed, weight, and exercise.

I was wondering what the best wearable would be to perhaps track steps during the day (to loop into my other metrics) that can sync into Google Fit.

I know Withings themselves have a little wearable deal, I just didn't know if that was the best.

I've looked at the various Android Wear watches, but even the 'sportiest' one, the Moto 360 Sport, is a whopping $300! That's pretty steep, especially considering it's reviews are pretty lukewarm.

At any rate, just looking to add another (and final?) piece to my cobbled together fitness tracking system and was hoping y'all could suggest what would best fit.

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+Joshua Muñoz if one service is tracking stuff, Fit will take the data that reports over data it reports itself. I'm not sure if steps are included in that umbrella. But for example: Fit will use Endomondo reported distance and time over distance it tracks itself.
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If you never ask, the answer is always no.
First and foremost, I'm a technology enthusiast, with a focus on Android and fitness tech. I'm a former writer for Android Central, Tecca, and Android Authority, and currently, I'm a middle school band director in Austin, TX.

I'm also the founder of Android Etch, an Android-focused, etched glass site. There, I sell all sorts of Android-branded products, from pint glasses to shot glasses, wooden coasters to chess sets. It's a labor of love, and something I've wanted to start for years.

I'm very interested in fitness (and getting back in shape!), and always looking for new ways that technology can help me achieve that goal. I own a Fitbit Aria and use Endomondo to record all of my exercise, so I can keep track of my progress.

I also love writing, and maintain a personal blog, Margin of Error, although, if you check it out, you'll notice it's sparse. It's not that I don't like putting up content, but I'm always a little nervous how it'll be received (if it's even read at all). I'm going to try to get more up, though.

Android Phone(s):
Moto X - 4.4.2 - rooted

Android Tablet(s):
LG GPad 8.3 - 4.4.2

Other Google Goodies:
Google Glass XE (#teamsky, but using a GPOP to go #teamcotton)


I'd be perfect for these Circles:

  • Android Enthusiast
  • Mobile technology
  • Wearable technology
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Google Glass Explorer
  • Writer / Blogger
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Bronze medalist, DCI World Championships 2010 with the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps. Second round of Google Glass Explorers.
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HashBrownJM, @joshmunoz
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Writing, editing, video production and editing, being an overall nice guy, tech stuff.
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    Assistant Band Director, 2015 - present
  • Android Etch
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    Associate Band Director, 2012 - 2015
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