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I need to-do list oriented people to weigh in on this, please.

Todoist or Wunderlist, which is the better choice?

Full disclosure: I'm looking for a to-do list app that allows sharing lists with people (which both do, it looks like), so I can keep the app on my phone/computer/laptop/tablet/everything and always have my list of things to do (especially work-related ones) at my disposal.

I've used Wunderlist this past year with one of my coworkers (we're band directors, lots of things to do all the time, we add jobs as they come up so we're always on the same page) and it has worked really well.

I only recently stumbled onto Todoist because of its Material re-design  and like how it looks, but aren't too keen on the non-removable Inbox/Today/This Week lists.
(I'm more used to being able to add and delete lists as I see fit.)
However, it does look really good, nicer than Wunderlist on both Android and Windows.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm starting my Master's degree this summer, along with still being a full-time band director, so there's tons going on and I'd love the best/most functional and flexible app to use.

Thanks, Plussers!
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I used for a while and really liked it. Not keen on the separate calendar app. About 4 months ago I went looking for time management/list app. I settled on trying out Todoist and so far I really like it. I thought the Karma thing was silly, but find myself wanting to see it rise. I needed something that would work on Android, Linux, Windows and OSx. I've been using for about 3 months. I use the projects a lot. Any.Do had a great Gmail widget and this was one of the items on my requirements list. I have to say that I'm not as fond of Todoists implementation but it does have one. So far this has been the only thing I don't like. I have not used shared tasks yet. They worked great in

I have never used Wunderlist so I cannot give you any feedback on it. I did have it on my consideration list but don't remember why I choose Todoist over it. 
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Joshua Muñoz

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Custom LG G4 battery covers

I know, I know, everyone says leather is the way to go. Maybe when I see it in person, I'll agree, but right now, I don't.

I was just wondering if y'all think anyone would make a custom battery cover, maybe out of metal?

I feel like if I was given the opportunity to buy a cooler, third-party battery cover, I would.

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Joshua Muñoz

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I have an +Andrew Bell​ problem.

And I also got the +Ray Walters​ Android figurine! :P
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Seems you and +Daniel Ward both do
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Joshua Muñoz

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Been out too long, feel like a noob.

So, hypothetically, if someone were to buy a new Galaxy S6 and then flash a custom ROM on it, the camera wouldn't work nearly as well, since it would have lost the TouchWiz software that really maxes it out, right?

I feel like once upon a time, this would have been obvious to me, but, like they say, if you don't use it, ya lose it.

(That phrase doesn't work for body fat, though.)
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+Thomas Westrick​ Can we get some of that OPO camera goodness on AOSP?

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Joshua Muñoz

Nvidia Shield Tablet  - 
Hi all,

First off, let me say how excited I was when I saw updates that allowed for multiple controller support in GameStream games. That's one of my killer features!

The new problem is, after updating, when I turn on my controllers, go into Console Mode/GameStream, etc., the audio continues playing though my computer speakers in another room (not the TV, like it used to), and while the controllers register on the Shield Tablet (to select a game), once the game launches, the controllers don't register in the game at all!

I can still long-press the Start arrow to quit a game, but every game I launch, the controllers don't respond now.

I've already tried 'forgetting' the controllers and re-syncing them, but this issue is totally new to me. And yes, I've already checked/unchecked the 'Audio on PC' option, plenty of times.

I'm really not sure what's going on, but I'm kind of at a loss. As of now, all my GameStream is good for is watching games load with no audio, and that's it.

Has anyone else had an issue like this and knows how to fix it?
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I got the same issue before, did you try downloading the beta Nvidia Game Experience? If yes, then you need beta game streaming hud in Shield as well....... not sure if it works but you could try.
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Joshua Muñoz

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+NVIDIA fail. Try to post in the Shield Tablet forums because GameStream is seriously messing up, and the forums error out whenever I click the 'Create Topic' button.

Double whammy fail.
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Joshua Muñoz

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Is this gonna be a thing? Me likey. 
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Me too.
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Joshua Muñoz

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Why, +Chris Lacy​, why? :(
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I thought the manufacters patched the worst bugs Lollipop has when they began the update rollout. What's the purpose of updating a device if the performance only gets worse? I understand that with the Nexus line, but not with the OEMs.
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Joshua Muñoz

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Todoist or Wunderlist?
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Joshua Muñoz

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Can someone please explain the difference in these in-dash units to me, aside from the capacitive/resistive screens?

I know, I know, I feel pretty nooby right now.

I just want to know if it'll work with all of the features of my 2014 Mazda 6 (initiate phone call from the steering wheel, backup camera integration, call audio routed through the Bose speakers, etc.) and what features are gained/lost by picking a certain model.

(Specifically, the 4100/7100/8100.)

Thanks, Google+ community!
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Got it. As soon as I know about back up camera and microphone stuff, I think I might be square.

Thanks, +Michael Lipson​! 
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Joshua Muñoz

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it's happening.gif
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I believe the coupon code AustinNow will save you $20 off $50+ 
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Joshua Muñoz

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It will in my market.
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Now, to see if I can figure out why my controllers aren't responding while I GameStream my PC to my Shield Tablet. :|
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I'm also the founder of Android Etch, an Android-focused, etched glass site. There, I sell all sorts of Android-branded products, from pint glasses to shot glasses, wooden coasters to chess sets. It's a labor of love, and something I've wanted to start for years.

I'm very interested in fitness (and getting back in shape!), and always looking for new ways that technology can help me achieve that goal. I own a Fitbit Aria and use Endomondo to record all of my exercise, so I can keep track of my progress.

I also love writing, and maintain a personal blog, Margin of Error, although, if you check it out, you'll notice it's sparse. It's not that I don't like putting up content, but I'm always a little nervous how it'll be received (if it's even read at all). I'm going to try to get more up, though.

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