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Some questions about recording the live stream of the +Nest Outdoor Camera.

So, I've been doing a bit of research on Wi-Fi connected security cameras and from what I read, either the Nest Outdoor or the +NETGEAR Arlos are the way to go, the big difference being the Nest is always connected while the Netgear is battery-powered.

One of the benefits of Netgear is 7 days free cloud storage, wheras with the Nest, you have to pay $100/year for 10 days cloud storage or $300/year for 30 days of storage. The cost (generously) goes down to $50/year for each additional camera.

I was wondering, would it be possible to execute something automatically (a script, perhaps?) to run some screen recording software (the Xbox Game DVR, perhaps?) each day, screen capturing the feed of the Nest livestream, so you have a self-contained file for each day?

I figure if you save it all onto a large HDD, maybe a WD Purple (meant for media/security cam stuff?), you could easily get at least a week's worth of footage on there in its entirety, should you need it.

As you add more cameras to your house, it certainly becomes more cost effective, as you'd be paying $150/year for only two cameras, and $50 more for each additional camera.

The only hiccup I'm thinking of (besides doing it manually before I leave for work) is how to get the screen recording software going and maybe coming up with a file naming scheme (month/day/year), for easy searching.

Any people smarter than me out there with any ideas/suggestions on how to do this?


EDIT: Maybe this?
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Joshua Muñoz

Discussion  - 
Thanks, Google.

Letting me know when an unfamiliar number is totally another spam call.
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Joshua Muñoz

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LastPass was unable to fill this app.

Only ever seen this error on my Pixel and it happens about 50% of the time.

Anyone know how I can fix this? 
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I assume you have the accessibility settings for LastPass turned on? 
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Joshua Muñoz

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I'll be curious to see when my Pixel actually arrives.

Hasn't moved since Friday? I haz a sad. 
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Joshua Muñoz

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How does this compare to the Vizio M Series?

One, this is about $100 cheaper. Is that indicative of the quality?

Do any of the HDMI ports do 4k @ 60 Hz?

Anyone have any experience with this brand? I think someone I follow has a 43-inch.

Sound off. Thanks! 
LeEco Super4 X65 features a 65”-inch 4K Ultra-High Definition display, Android TV OS, quad-core GPU, Dolby audio, Harmon Kardon speakers, and exclusive apps.
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+Russell Holly​ I see my mistake. Was thinking about the price of the P Series. 
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Joshua Muñoz

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Anyone looking to purchase a Daydream VR headset?

I received one for pre-ordering the Pixel, but I don't feel like it's my thing.

Unopened, will sell for less than Google is.

Comment here or shoot me a message on Hangouts!
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I might be. Let's chat tomorrow.
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Joshua Muñoz

Discussion  - 
So, I noticed that we now have animated presets. Hooray!

Unfortunately, it looks as though you can't use those with the alarm option, so I was wondering if anyone had any good examples of staggering color changes over time to simulate a sunrise.

Also, is it possible to pick which lights turn on with the alarm? As of now, it looks like it turns everything on, but I only want to turn on three lights, not six.

As always, any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks! 
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Joshua Muñoz

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Would anyone be interested in buying my Withings scale?

There's nothing wrong with it, it's actually like new, we just upgraded to the Withings Cardio, so we don't need two scales.

I'll sell it for $75, including shipping. Comment here or shoot me a message on Hangouts if interested.

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Joshua Muñoz

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Wondering about the +Sony XAV-AX100, and it's full feature list.

So, I'm looking at this new Sony Android Auto unit on Crutchfield and, much to my dismay, when I go to add the required installation accessories, the website says I won't retain steering wheel controls, the backup camera, or my AUX input.

Now, normally I wouldn't be too concerned with the AUX input, but steering wheel controls and my backup camera are a big deal. What's also confusing is that the demo pictures show a backup camera working on the display!

Does anyone know the particulars of keeping said functionality? This looks like the most attractive Android Auto head unit, especially for the price, but I want to make sure I'm getting everything I need out of it.

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The biggest difference is the 8200NEX has a built-in GPS without Carplay/Android Auto along with a capacitive touch screen. I guess the 8200NEX has a more manual EQ but not worth the double price
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Joshua Muñoz

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Selling the Nexus 6P.

Any and all shares appreciated! 
For sale on Swappa: a gently-used ABS421 Nexus 6P (Unlocked) for $284. Buy safely on Swappa and save time and money.
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Why say "Unlocked" and "Nexus" together?
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Joshua Muñoz

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What is this Cast symbol that won't go away?

It shows up whenever I get home, but still says no cast device, even if I'm connected!
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Same problem! 😠😠
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Joshua Muñoz

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
What are the two secret ones for Series 6? Some creepy devil looking guy - Sangoma?

What's the super secret one? 
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Right on. Thanks! Looks like I did get Sangoma... 
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If you never ask, the answer is always no.
First and foremost, I'm a technology enthusiast, with a focus on Android and fitness tech. I'm a former writer for Android Central, Tecca, and Android Authority, and currently, I'm a middle school band director in Austin, TX.

I'm also the founder of Android Etch, an Android-focused, etched glass site. There, I sell all sorts of Android-branded products, from pint glasses to shot glasses, wooden coasters to chess sets. It's a labor of love, and something I've wanted to start for years.

I'm very interested in fitness (and getting back in shape!), and always looking for new ways that technology can help me achieve that goal. I own a Fitbit Aria and use Endomondo to record all of my exercise, so I can keep track of my progress.

I also love writing, and maintain a personal blog, Margin of Error, although, if you check it out, you'll notice it's sparse. It's not that I don't like putting up content, but I'm always a little nervous how it'll be received (if it's even read at all). I'm going to try to get more up, though.

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Moto X - 4.4.2 - rooted

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LG GPad 8.3 - 4.4.2

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Google Glass XE (#teamsky, but using a GPOP to go #teamcotton)


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Bronze medalist, DCI World Championships 2010 with the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps. Second round of Google Glass Explorers.
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