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Joshua Moon
One froody, hippy Geek!
One froody, hippy Geek!

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I need some help with my #ddns  through I had no troubles at all in Florida, but ever since I've moved to WA, I've been unable to access my ddns host. I've ensured that all of the ports I'm trying to access are open and accessible in every service available, and even checked that the host is resolving correctly, but it still gives a name resolve error when trying to access it.

I've opened a ticket with noip, but I'd rather just get this resolved.

While I'm still technically working on the Witcher 3 and FO:NV, my current gaming addictions have been #RocketLeague and #CavesofQud. Both of them are masterpieces in their own ways.

Yesterday in Rocket League, we won 11-0 and caused some people to rage quit.

Today in Caves of Qud, I finally beat my first quest and was on my way to find a shit ton of copper wire for a radio of sorts. While exploring, I tried to save a horse, but hit it on accident and it chased me until it and 3 boar cornered me with a Salthopper(whatever the hell that is). Permadeath is a bitch.

So since I'm staying away from usenet for now, does anyone I know use #sonarr  with #Jackett  for scraping certain providers? I'm having some difficulty with a few listings and would like some help troubleshooting.

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These guys are making #baymax  

Do I know anyone that uses #usenet ? If so, hit me up. I got questions. 

Anyone use #sickbeard  or #sickrage  ? I need some help troubleshooting something dumb.
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