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New York City, New York
Wannabe polymath
I live in the capital of the world, New York City, and have accepted the baggage it entails.
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I feed stray cats, bake cupcakes and code stuff.
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Joshua Megnauth

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Correlation is not causation (except, perhaps, in this case).
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I'll allow it
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Joshua Megnauth

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The extraordinarily good album Spiderland from the defunct indie band Slint is being remastered. So here, have an interview!

Tags: #music #indie #rock #noiserock #slint #spiderland  
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When I am older with my face bearded and my long hair a tangled mess from my crushed dreams I will start an anarchist party entitled The Anarchist Non-Party for the Appropriation of the Un-United Non-States of No-America.

I hope you will join me in this endeavor.

#party #anarchism #america  
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"Stephen Malkmus has now made more albums with the Jicks than with Pavement—over a span of almost twice as many years—which is both hard to believe and easy to verify."

#thanksobama #indie
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I'm running out of coffee to brew in my French press. #thanksobama #bushsfault #blamecanada #hadtobehillary

Did I miss anything?
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Joshua Megnauth

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Egads! Atheists? Not in my backyard!

(The world outside N.Y.C. must be a very mad place indeed.)
These be desperate times for god-believers. All they have is their lies.

Thanks to +Artemis Entreri for the link!

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The following link is a short history on the Tea Party caucus' attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Contrary to the Tea Party's reality distortion field, this is what it means to not compromise. Instead, the Tea Party acted like bratty children (cue the Ramones) whom when denied acquiescence would throw a temper tantrum till their way is won.

Tags: #obama #teaparty #politics #senate #congress #obamacare  
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This is an interesting little blog post about the problem Indians face as they tune into the internet. As a medium, the internet has a way to level language into certain grammars and spelling. Television and films also exhibit a similar phenomena. In other words, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan etc. lack the distinctive and stereotypical tongues of years past, and us New Yorkers speak similar to Californians, Washingtonians etc. Globally, this phenomena exists as well. However once we factor in a place like India with many different languages and regional dialects, these people have to adapt and level their languages in order to effectively use the internet. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out as India continues to modernize. I suspect that the vast array of languages will shrink, as the article seems to suggest.

Tags: #india #linguistics #language #newyorker  
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Africa was created by leftists and college professors. Trust me, I have a cat as my profile picture.

#america #killmenow  
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Great to visit with family and friends; experience the thrill of living out Osama's last comfortable days complete with shooting and press coverage. Unlike terrorists, you're protected by the corrupt Pakistani government - therefore, you shouldn't fear for your safety!
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