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New York City, New York
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I live in the capital of the world, New York City, and have accepted the baggage it entails.
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I feed stray cats, bake cupcakes and code stuff.
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Before you support the " #jesuisahmed "  hashtag, recall that its progenitor is the professional gnat, Dyab Abou Jahjah, who experienced a “sweet revenge feeling” after September 11th. In his own words:

“Most of us –except a small percentage of exceptions that confirm the standard as such- felt that day something that can not be described as joy, or as happiness, but rather as that sweet revenge feeling. We all had – except that small minority- a “what goes around comes around’” attitude. Seeing people jump out of the windows of the WTC, was a very disturbing sight for all of us, we all felt bad about that, and sorry for these people. That sorrow feeling was also very present whenever we tried to think of how it would have been for the poor passengers on these planes.

But then, we remembered, Iraq, Beirut, Palestine, and the millions of Arabs who perished under American-Israeli aggression over the last 50 years, and that bitter sweet feeling would come back “hell, let them feel one day what we were feeling for half a century because of them”, you would hear that everywhere, and above all places in your own mind.”

The racism and hate mongering in his post is amazing. How does the violence the Arab sphere commits against itself factor into his calculation? According to him, it doesn't exist because they’re all harmonious, amicable people:

“We started wondering, “what is going on with us” and almost everybody would answer “ look how far did they bring us” everybody also said “ they were killing us, humiliating us and oppressing us for so long that we lost a part of our humanity, that part that cherishes human life unconditionally”. We tried to understand our reactions, why didn’t we morn the dead, why didn’t we feel as terrified as the rest of the world did? Well maybe because, no one mourned our dead, no one stood even a second of silence for the half a million (and some say one million) Iraqi children slaughtered (albeit very neatly) by the American-British embargo. They taught us by killing us over and over again that human life is so cheap, that thousands and thousands of us scattered by their “smart” bombs are nothing but regrettable “collateral damage”, regrettable but acceptable. […] Our nation was not build through a process of genocide and ethnic cleansing like the United States or Israel. So the value of mass murder is not own to our heritage. Our heroes are not Indian-killing cowboys, or criminals like Begin, Shamir and Sharon, and we would not give a medal to someone after burning a whole city with all its men, women and children with an atomic bomb.”

Obviously, the West invented violence, that every state, tribe, city-state, kingdom, fiefdom, empire and what have you were peaceful till the “American-British embargo” waged jihad against god's people.

He seems to forget that the Ottoman Empire, in its death throes during World War I began an abortive genocide against the Armenians among other groups; that, the Kurds often suffer at the hands of even moderate Muslims; that, the Wahhabi and Salafis exist; that, Aga Mohammad Khan Qajar killed the previous royal family when he took power and gathered their eyeballs as proof of the deed; September 11th, et cetera.

This is not an attack on the Middle East, for we can find murderous curmudgeons from every creed. Even Buddhists, that borderline atheist set of spiritualisms that seems overtly pacifist, has genocidaires attacking Muslims in Myanmar. Jahjah states that “There is something in our Arab-Islamic culture that can not sink that low, that rejects to become as barbaric as our enemy”; he is either disingenuous, misinformed, or preying on the masses who really believe in his “no true Scotsman” fallacy. It's a theory that non-materialist theists seem to truly believe. Their faith is inherently peaceful, their gods are flawless, their culture profound, and their criminals aren’t true Muslims/Christians/Buddhists.

Next he directly contradicts himself as well as what he said above:
“So whenever criminals among us (because like any nation of humans, us Arabs have also criminals among us) commit a horrible act of genocide or even a small attack against civilians, we are unable to behave like Americans and Israelis and applaud it feeling that it is a heroic act.”

Okay, so you’re not all peaceful forevermore.

“We might applaud it yes, because once again I remind you that we are humans, we bare grudges and we are vulnerable to the seduction of revenge.”

Wait, what? So how are you different from those whom you hate?

“But while applauding we will be feeling bad, and knowing how terrible it is.”

What a copout. In a few short sentences, Jahjah managed to contradict himself several times.

This raises a few questions:
1. What about the Westerners who attack their own countries for their neocolonial, racist, or murderous practices?
2. Can we say that people who cheer drone strikes as revenge are just like the Muslims who are “nice people” but are electrified by vindictive measures?
3. Do criminals just not count as Arabs?
4. Was Turkey not an Arabic state because of its violent measures, such as the Auspicious Incident?
5. Do Americans who are routinely pissed off at kids being blown to bits not count as Americans? Does that mean I'm Arabic? Neat.

#jahjah #jesuischarlie #atheism #antitheism #god   #muslim   #islam   #fallacy  
Media Monitors Network (MMN) is a non-profit, non-partial and non-political platform for those serious Media Contributors and Observres who crave to know and like to help to prevail the whole truth about current affairs, any disputed issue or any controversial issue by their voluntarily contributions with logic, reason and rationality. Please, send your contributions to: or Call Toll-free 1 866 MediaNet
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Je suis Charlie.

Let's all hold hands and agree: religion is cancer.

#islam #theists #muslim #jesus #muhammad #prophetmuhammad #christians  
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Joshua Megnauth

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The comments section is hilarious. Some of it is outright denial. Others claim the author itself is biased. My favorite comments state that everyone is racist, or mention racism in other states as if it is somehow a panacea to America's woes.
Dozens of researchers have documented discrimination that is outside of our awareness.
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This is absolutely amazing. It's an indie title consisting of procedurally generated modernist paintings. My mind is blown.

Now if you'll excuse me, I shall disappear again for a few months.

#indie   #games   #modernism   #painting   #art  
Secret Habitat is an artgame. Its procedurally generated islands are full of procedurally generated paintings, which have been created by (unseen) procedurally
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Science! This uses genetically modified yeast to produce milk protein. Effectively, this is the new holy grail of vegan cheeses.

C.C.: +Trevor Dey 

#vegan #science #genetics #milk #cheese  
Real Vegan Cheese is a not a cheese substitute! It all starts with regular old baker's yeast. Through synthetic biology, we engineer our yeast to become milk-protein factories. Our milk proteins are then combined with water and vegan oil to make Vegan Milk which is ultimately converted into Real ...
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+Cecilia Gomez If all goes according to plan, this project should produce milk protein that is both efficient and yummy. SCIENCE!
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My generation rocks!

Oh I'm doing that narcissism thing again, aren't I?
The millennials are emerging as a dominant demographic force. What does that mean for the rest of us?
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Dischord sale. That is all.

Turn on your satire detectors folks.

#indie #punk #nineties  
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And let's not forget, they kill their own for being insufficiently religious. Even the moderately theistic are capable of opposing progress if it clashes with their worldview.

#theists #atheism #muhammad #islam #muslim #christians #jesus #jesuslovesyou  
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So true, old friend! 
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Joshua Megnauth

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Hi theists. I refuse to defend you any longer.

Today we should share the most obscene anti-theist images as possible and hope it gathers attention.
I hope as many people as possible (who feel safe enough) share this.

I made this for Blasphemy Day a few years back, and I think that after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, it is more important than ever to see and share blasphemy now.

#CharlieHebdo   #CharlieHebdoMassacre   #Muslims   #Islam   #Islamists   #Terrorists   #AlQaeda   #MuslimsAtItAgain   #Muhammad   #Mohammad   #Religion   #Evil   #Freedom   #DyingForFreedom   #FightForFreedom   #ReligionOfPeace   #France   #Allah   #PissBeUponHim  
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I suppose; it's nice to be orderly about blaspheming so that one can prepare ahead of time for the festivities.
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Joshua Megnauth

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My sarcasm detector failed while reading this article.

Lena Dunham noted that names may be changed in her memoir. The controversy ends at that disclaimer. If a writer relays some tale about an atheist named Joshua I don't have grounds to sue simply because I exist. Libel would include some lad writing something unsavory about me directly, cognizantly. The comments are even worse than the article. Most of it is whining about Dunham's appearance (the article itself now sports a disclaimer! oh the irony!), women, liberals, New Yorkers, or proclaiming a vast feminine conspiracy exists to accuse all men of rape.

It's interesting that the authors claim the physical Barry the Conservative will be irreparably harmed by being accused of a rape no one accused him of - drawing attention that a Barry exists and is pursuing a cash grab is what will damage the poor fella.

Prefacing every false name about its madeupness in a memoir that takes liberty in storytelling (like all memoirs) is a pretty hardcore limitation. There is a party here trying to profiteer from the Rolling Stone fiasco. I hope you all can see it.

#wapo #conspiracy #lenadunham #women #rape
Random House "regrets the confusion" -- but not as much, I suspect, as the actual person who has been wrongly identified as a rapist based on the identifying details Dunham gave.
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So uh, the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel just uploaded this thing.

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Wtf is going on here.. lmao
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This is a reenactment of former President Nixon's comments before his resignation speech. It's verbatim, entertaining, and humorous. However, its humor isn't that of slapstick comedy - no one slips on pocket Constitutions here - but of irony. The intensity of the reporters is only magnified by President Nixon's strangely bonhomie demeanor. It's worth a watch and I won't say any more lest I spoil it.

Tags:  #humor   #comedy   #politics   #nixon   #harryshearer   #history  
Joshua Megnauth's profile photoAdmiralLadyPaula Rizzuto's profile photoshikat2371's profile photoRetroGuy76's profile photo
+shikat2371 Actually Nixon did not have a hatred of the Establishment as a whole.  He only had hatred for the old family educated intellectual Eastern Establishment.  This was part of his psychological disorders because although Nixon grew up poor in California he was actually a brilliant man and a graduate of Duke University Law School.  That famous line to his White House staff the morning of his resignation "I'm not educated but I DO read books" clearly shows his inferiority complex becasue he WAS in fact educated.  It's just that while he was a master a foreign policy, he was terrible at domestic affairs.  However, very few presidents have been excellent at both.  FDR and TR are really the only two in modern times who excelled at both foreign and domestic affairs.   
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Great to visit with family and friends; experience the thrill of living out Osama's last comfortable days complete with shooting and press coverage. Unlike terrorists, you're protected by the corrupt Pakistani government - therefore, you shouldn't fear for your safety!
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