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I'm on fire most of the time...
I'm on fire most of the time...

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Here are my thoughts on that Final Fantasy game. 

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Why Mirror's Edge is the Sonic game you should play. 

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Version 0.4 of +Gaming with Lemons brings data export, browse by platform and more!
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Hastings Half Marathon
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This is a warning letter to everyone thinking of moving their contract to Vodafone, and hoping to keep their existing number.
In short, Vodafone are liars, grossly incompetent, and rude. I won’t share names of the people I have dealt with, as that is unprofessional, but I will be raising a formal complaint and will certainly be mentioning these individuals.
I’ll give a précised version of the horror story here, since the full blow-by-blow would take too long, and at this point I have lost the will to live.
My troubles started on the 1st of January.
I had been given my sister’s iPhone, but it was tied to Vodafone. I was with 3 at the time, and was very happy. However, I decided to switch rather than unlock it.
After numerous calls, and visits to the Vodafone store, I was finally able to get my number changed over. However, data wasn’t working, and to this day Vodafone have been unable to resolve this or even recognise my number in their system.
I have been on the phone to Vodafone nearly a dozen times, spending over 10 hours in queues, being transferred, and talking to various people who each assured me that the problem would be solved in 24-48hrs. Several times I was told I’d be contacted, and although once someone did phone back, they were unable to help and told me to phone back the next week; when I did there was no record of this person having said anything.
Eventually, I decided enough was enough and phoned up to cancel. The individual I spoke to said they would try one last time to help. This failed but they said they had been assured by a senior member it would be resolved in a few days. I said I was prepared to give them one last chance, but expected compensation for all the hours and money spent (and all this time being charged for a service I wasn’t receiving). I was further assured I would be phoned back within a few days to process this compensation.
Two weeks passed and nothing had been fixed, I had received no phone call, and no compensation.
This makes Vodafone liars.
This makes Vodafone grossly incompetent.
This puts Vodafone in breach of basic customer rights for charging for a service they weren’t delivering.
So I phoned back one last time to cancel for sure – their last chance expended.
Again, nearly an hour on the phone, before being transferred to the right department who – I was told - would process my claim. They answered and the conversation went as follows:
Vodafone - “Hello?”
Me - “Hello. Before we get started I need your name.”
They hung up.
So now I am raising a formal complaint. But frankly this level of customer interaction is disgusting. And sadly, companies like this don’t seem to care how they are treating their customers, and certainly won’t even notice one more cancellation.
That is why I’m writing this blog. Because people need to be made aware of this company's atrocious customer service.
If you’re looking to switch contracts and keep your number, then I implore you to avoid this organization.

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Sonic Marathon: The story so far 

Tech support time: A site I help run ( is returning "410 Gone" in desktop Chrome and a DNS error on Android Chrome ( However it loads absolutely fine in IE, Safari and Firefox... Any ideas what would be the cause? Does Google use their own DNS in Chrome? #Chrome  #DNS

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This is a great concept from Google. Shame it didnt come out that well as I had location turned off most of the time. Still, a really great idea.
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