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Cannot depoly a wearable app.  Even sample projects refuse to deploy (N5 running Kit Kat - LG G Watch).  Install fails with INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK.  This happens with the included sample projects as well.

Is this a known issue or is there a configuration issue (out of the box AS 0.8.1)?  Project builds fine but will not run the watch app.

Notifications are not showing on a wear device when Notification.FLAG_ONGOING_EVENT is set.  We have a persistent (while active), actionable notification that won't push to a wear device unless I explicitly remove FLAG_ONGING_EVENT.

Is this intentional (or an API limitation) or is this a bug?

Using Android Studio 5.1 on Windows 8 x64 I have multiple projects that now will not run.  They yield the following error:

3:20:07 PM NoSuchMethodError:;:;

Projects worked without issue on 0.4.X and continue to work post migration to 0.9 on an OS X machine.  

Anyone else seeing this type of issue or able to offer an idea of where else to look for the issue?

We're seeing the same issue as many.  Received the email that we are in violation of a policy and linked to three policies.  I believe this is due to the icon in use (we hadn't updated to the red g+ icon) but would like to verify this.  Project ID: 463471314739.

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Lance Briggs continues to be an idiot.

Offline Gmail and Calendar enabled.....let's go docs >.>

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This never gets old.
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