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New Google+ UI is really wonderful. So much attention to little details, design and UX that make a site feel special and enjoyable. Yet I still feel like it is missing the content and social interactions that make me want to spend time here. The product is very solid -- maybe just needs a "Lazy Sunday" moment?

Wondering if I should invest more personal time in Google+... It has great features (and getting better), but it is not part of my daily use pattern. What is the tipping point for a Social Network to actually become a must-use destination? If it was just a matter of product features, then G+ would already be there... What do you think?

Why do my Twitter posts show up in Google Buzz, but not in the "Posts" tab on my Google+ profile?

The new toolbar in Google Plus (and Gmail) is sleek and nifty. It allows me to "circle" friends very quickly as they add me

What happens if someone adds me to a Circle, but I have not added them? Do they see my updates? Do I need to reciprocate or confirm the relationship?

Creating Circles in Google+ is a lot of work. It is also a lot to think about every time I want to share or post something. This should be easier...
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