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Do I really want to dig into running ffmpeg in an Android app?

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<shameless self-recognition pandering/>
Mini episode of #AndroidDialogs  with updates from +Droidcon NYC. Was tempted to call it Android Toast...  

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Thanks everyone that came to hear me speak way too quickly on Camera 2. Slides are posted.


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I have uploaded my slides from "Simple HTTP with Retrofit 2" from Droidcon NYC. The video will follow in a few weeks.

To coincide with the talk, I have also released Retrofit 2.0.0-beta1! While it's not done, it's very usable.


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This week on #AndroidDialogs , +Daniel Lew hangs out with +Chiu-Ki Chan and talks themes, styles, and attributes, oh my!

Please check it out and if you like, subscribe!

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This week on #AndroidDialogs, I caught up with Google Developer Expert +Mike Wolfson while at Google I/O and asked him about Material Design for developers and the AppCompat library.

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This week's episode of Android Dialogs is me talking Design of a Material-type nature with +Taylor Ling, GDE in UX/Design. It was so much fun to talk to a designer who loves and knows so much about Android.

Please check it out and if you like Android Dialogs please subscribe!

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Aww yeah, +Tor Norbye​​ and +Chet Haase​​. I was allowed to be cameraman on this one, i.e. sat there and looked pretty while the memory card filled up.
Special episode of Android Dialogs this week where +Chiu-Ki Chan and I had a more-than-bite-sized conversation with +Chet Haase  and +Tor Norbye at Google I/O about public speaking.

Check it out and please subscribe to the channel if you liked what you saw!

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This is getting seriously out of control. Seems stories like this pop up on /r/android dev from yet another frustrated android developer at least once a week lately.
I'm usually against petitions and entirely. But this is a petition I will sign. And I think so should you.

Clearer communication and some basic decency is all developers are asking. Don't be a tyrant, Google. 

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EDIT: Ignore all  this, game works great now

PSA: Do not buy Final Fantasy VI on Android if you have an "up to date" device.

Its a fantastic game, unfortunately it won't even start on Android devices running Lollipop.

I was happily enjoying playing FF6 on my Nexus 7 nightly up until the day I installed Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. Now the game crashes on
startup when it tries to load the main menu.

I'm begging you SquareEnix. Please fix the game. I paid money to play one of my favorite games of all time on my mobile platform, but that is no longer possible. Also adding Nexus Player support while you're at it would be great too.

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