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Some good information on the way bootloaders and boot.imgs work.  A bit light on information, but a great topical overview. 

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Hey! If you landed here, you probably want instead!

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An Android Vulnerability Reward Program! At last!

Seems like it's finally happening!

"Although WebView has been based on Chromium since Android 4.4, the Chromium layer is now updatable from Google Play.

As new versions of Chromium become available, users can update from Google Play to ensure they get the latest enhancements and bug fixes for WebView, providing the latest web APIs and bug fixes for apps using WebView on Android 5.0 and higher."

This change closes a huge gap in Android security. Kudos to everyone that pitched in to make it a reality!

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In case any of you missed it, myself and several of my esteemed colleagues finished and published Android Hacker's Handbook this spring. This book is around a year and a half in the making and is well worth the cover price! We hope you find it interesting. Further, we hope the knowledge within will help advance the state of security in the Android ecosystem!

You can pick the book up at any of your favorite [e-]book outlets. Here's a link to the US amazon product:

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This isn't entirely security related, but it certainly has security relevant applications.
Introducing Process Explorer for Android, a web-based process & logcat viewer for Android. All Apache-licensed.

There are lots of process visualizers in the app store, but the trouble is you actually have to use your Android user interface to see the stats. Usually I'm interested in viewing the effects of what's going on in Android in the same time as it's doing its thing, not instead of.



It's official! I'm having another baby!

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