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JM Taxi's site is going up! If you live in the New Paltz\Highland area called these guys for your taxi services! 
We're putting ourselves on the web! Call us for your local taxi \ cab services today!

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Happy Birthday Buddy... Missing  you. =\

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LEGO Engine
I covered the story earlier today. Really a fun project. You can find out more here:
Animated Photo

Maybe it's time to start using this thing again. 

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My gaming overseas... lol

Brand new shiny white phone ahhhhhhh

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Karma's a bitch?

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Why you mad? Cause Google makes a better device? Of course...

SUCCESS! SGS3 Deodexed, Zipaligned, with SU, Busybox, and Bash support. MWUAHAHAHAHA!  and it's only 691MB before i slim it down! >.>
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