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What a great day at the museum.

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A friend of mine has her adult son missing. If you're in Tennessee or the surrounding area, please keep an eye out. AJ is the one in glasses.

"To any and all of you who know my son AJ. He has been missing since yestetday morning. He left his home in Knoxville but never made it to work. If anyone knows where he is please contact myself, Sierra Domingue or the knoxville police dept. A missing persons report has been filed. Was driving his car, a 2012 grey Mazda 3 with a usmc tag on the front."

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Now you get it.

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This is me.

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I would put these around my house.
Make it so. Star Trek TNG Garden Gnomes:

Hey! This is a heartwarming message to receive.

"United Blood Services: Joshua, your donation has been sent to a hospital to help a patient needing a transfusion. Thanks for donating!"

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Posts like this just show how horribly removed modern society is from anything natural.
Every human baby in history was fed on breast milk until perhaps 60 years ago.

Even before animal husbandry humans would have been acutely aware that other animals also fed their babies milk when they were born.
When herbivores were first domesticated it is a given that humans would have also taken advantage of the milk production of nursing females. Milk is a nutrient and calorie dense food source that stores well when converted to cheese.

This only seems weird when your experience with food comes from a grocery store.

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I found it very simple.
My rules were the car would always crash in to the concrete barrier to avoid pedestrians of any stripe, but would always hit animals.

Then my rule when there was no concrete was that the car would never take evasive action when humans would die either way, but would swerve to avoid humans and hit animals.

The status of the light or the occupation of the humans played no role in the decision. My reasoning was thus:

The occupants of the car must accept the consequences for the condition of the car, ie bad brakes or inability to gain manual control. Try are also more likely to survive a static collision in the vehicle vice a pedestrian being struck. Therefore they must hit the wall.

Likewise, human life is more valuable than animal life. Humans over animals every time.

The vehicle should not swerve, unless doing so saves all human life. It is easier for a person to dodge a vehicle in a predictable path rather than one swerving, therefore pedestrians have the highest odds of dodging a vehicle that doesn't swerve.

Occupation and law abiding status are effectively unknowable, so I did not consider them in any scenario.
Age and gender are also more difficult to discern and so were the lowest priority, and below the decision not to swerve unless all human pedestrians could be avoided. I would defer to saving women and children but not above the other criteria.
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