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"To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like giving medicine to the dead."  -Thomas Paine

One of the best #quotes  from one of the USA's best Founding Fathers!

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MINFORD, OH—Boasting that they have cured hundreds of teens and young adults over the years, gay conversion therapists from the Redeeming Path Treatment Center told reporters Thursday that most of their patients are completely straight by the time t...
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The 10 best movies you can stream on Netlix right now
Ahh, Netflix. If there's a better way to spend $8 a month on entertainment, we haven't found it. But what good is that gloriously massive streaming content library if you can't find anything to wat...
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I've always said that if I ever met Ben or Jerry from +Ben & Jerry's , I'd kiss them on the lips.

I think this means they want my body too.
We see you, Ben & Jerry's.
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Bruce is the real deal!
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DO THIS NOW: How to remove your info from almost every background check site on the planet
Most background check sites are just awful. They scrape public records from across the country and compile data about everyone they possibly can. That data is often incomplete, outdated and even in...
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"Hey, why did you just send me a picture of your dick?  Because I love America, that's why."

Hilarious; Worth watching to the end. :-D
Take ~30 minutes and watch this: 
The controversial Patriot Act's Section 215 expires this June, and John Oliver would like you to know it. The HBO comedian took a deep dive into government surveillance programs on his show this...
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11 Airline Carry-On Policies In One Chart

#handy #travel
Carry-on policies go way beyond a simple “two-bag rule”. This chart shows you the detailed policies of 11 major US airlines.
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The 10 best TV shows you can stream on Netlix right now
Earlier today, we ran a post that detailed the 10 best movies you can stream on Netflix right now. The list was obviously packed full of great titles — they are "the best," after all — but somethin...
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I'm a huge geek. It's bad.
The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.
- Thomas Szasz

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt 
- Abraham Lincoln

Go Packers!

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Absolutely the worst service of any Wells Fargo I've banked at in 15 years. More worried about getting out of work at the minute they're closed than providing customer service. Make large deposits here in small change if at all possible.
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Solid choice for casual, hole-in-the-wall Chinese food. BBQ pork fried rice = 4/5 stars, Chicken chow Mein = 4, Mongolian beef = 3, spicy chicken = 3, appetizers = 3, soups =4, shrimp/seafood dishes not worth the cost to me, chicken dishes good value, beef dishes hit or miss. Friendly staff (though I've only eaten there once), prompt delivery. Excellent for what it is. I order from there often, just a harsh critic.
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I can't believe I drive by this place on my way to work every day and am just finding it now. Incredible breakfast. Santa Fe Eggs Benedict were cooked perfectly and on a type of cornbread... Awesome. Biscuits and gravy were also excellent, and I don't often find gravy up to par. Also, dog friendly patio! I'll be back for sure.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Excellent rolls, fresh ingredients, good prices. Was very pleasantly surprised with this unassuming sushi joint. Small and cozy, may not be ideal for a really large group, but we had an assortment of rolls and every one of them was outstanding. Service may have been a tad on the slow side, but I will gladly wait for sushi of this quality. Will absolutely be coming back.
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