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If only I could get my  #truth  without the  #truthiness  
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But if he says this on April Fool's day... lol
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Nope, you're right. I'm saying violence, not you. You seem to call it protection of private property, "force", crime prevention/response, club security... Anything except what it is. Unpresidential doesn't even scratch the surface. I'm sure I'm wrong and even though he can't control people of both sides at his own rallies, he can control the entire free world. People are screaming "zeig heil" (spelling?) and "set him on fire", WHILE the violence is occurring, and he's deciding whether he should accept the endorsement of the klan. Certainly there will be no backlash from that in international affairs.

Look, gif was funny to me. For all we know, they set it up on their own yard, to troll the world for exactly this purpose, and are laughing their asses off while reading this conversation at this very moment. Let's just stop giving the fuckers the satisfaction.

I'll debate you on Trump's capability to be president, or value as a human any day; both topics are target heavy. But honestly, the fact that he just may be able to buy an election makes me wonder what it is, besides THAT, that half the population thinks is so bad about our country that it needs to be made great, "again".

Not "sensationalized" when at a rally for a candidate for the Office of the President of the United States. The title used to mean something before the right decided a black guy didn't deserve the respect that came with it.
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Addressing family life, Francis called for priests to welcome single parents, unmarried couples and gay people, lamenting the “severe stress” of modern families.
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Yes! So +Kris M​, I know we usually fall asleep to The Office, but...
Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner flee the studio where they've been cooped up for decades and wreak havoc on the world around them.
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#Truth  unfortunately.
High school senior Emily Harrison’s rejected college application will save the young student a total of nearly $370,000.
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Saying the turn of events will greatly benefit the 17-year-old’s economic security, sources confirmed Friday that local high school senior Emily Harrison’s failure to get into the University of Southern California, a private academic institution, will be the single most financially responsible act of her entire life.
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Sexy Pin Ups by Dominic Marco
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It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt 
- Abraham Lincoln

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