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Let's hope it takes ;-)
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I have an open door policy 🍷🍷🍷🍷
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Please read this story before you decide which news you will consume regarding the shooting and which media outlets you will support. I long for a day when the only memory of the villains that harm people, are the heros forged in their wake.
This guy right here. Talk about him.
No amount of murder seems likely to result in gun control any time soon. So let’s do what we can to stop the lunacy—by reserving the limelight for the vet who rushed Thursday’s shooter.
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forget the zero, remember the hero
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Who's has Google Fi here in Phoenix or in Arizona?

I've been sitting on my Google Fi invite since I didn't have a compatible phone and wasn't ready for an upgrade yet.  Now considering a new Nexus and pulling the trigger on Google Fi, but curious how the experience is from those in my area.  I also go to Northern Arizona fairly regularly.  Thoughts?

Pertinent Info: I have a Google Voice account; Love the options, but find that managing can be quite cumbersome.  Not sure what I'll miss and what I won't.  Currently have grandfathered unlimited data from Verizon, pleased with their service.

CC: +Thomas Tenkely +Marc Wenning +Ben Thornsberry +Peter Raymond 

Any of you guys have an idea?
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I haven't pulled the trigger yet either. I have an N6, but my service is paid for by my work. If I switch to Fi I'd be paying out of pocket.
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No, I'm offering one action as proof of concept that things can be done to reduce all firearm involved crime without taking away rights of the law abiding. When you make the bar for success eliminating all school shootings in one swoop, you make failure the only possibility for any action and I'm talking about playing the numbers game. You are too, in fact because having armed personal is in the end more about damage mitigation than it is prevention so why not compromise and address it from both ends instead of sitting here and having this same argument every two months at the cost of American lives. We have a gun violence problem that is ending with dead kids and when I'm trying to talk about reducing the number of dumb shits, that give my hobby - hell the way I grew up - a bad name, and you defend their rights, not yours or mine, to do it.

I think that nothing should be off the table and that, at local level first, this is a completely valid test scenario if able to be passed through legislation. I am just tired of hearing this idea after a school shooting, and then nobody willing to pay any extra in taxes or political capital it would take to implement. The wounds somehow never seem to be deep enough.
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GoFundMe for UCC Shooting Hero

I posted earlier about the Vet who charged the UCC shooter and was shot 7 times attempting to save others... on his son's 6th birthday, no less.  

He's out of surgery and doing well, but the bills are certainly stacking up.  With the physical therapy that's going to be required, this is just the beginning.  If you can, please show your appreciation.
This is Chris Mintz. He charged the shooter in Oregon and took 7 bullets while attempting to stop him. His name is one of the names that should be remembered from this stupidly horrific event.

He's apparently out of surgery now and doing as well as can be expected.

I just found out there's a GoFundMe in his name.

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I know some people in my circles will appreciate this who don't have to shave for work. *sniffle, pout
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No ZZ Toply?
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