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Joshua Frank
Husband, Father, Gamer, Lore Nerd
Husband, Father, Gamer, Lore Nerd

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Join me in Heroes of the Storm!

Together we will conquer the Nexus and reap epic rewards.

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Art with a Heart - Celebrate and Support 15 Years at the Lyric

For the past 15 years the charitable organization Art with a Heart has brought 10,000 visual arts classes to vulnerable children, youths and adults in the Baltimore area.  These classes have helped to provide an enriching experience and therapeutic expression to many individuals who may have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Join Art with a Heart and George Benson at the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric in Baltimore as they celebrate 15 years of fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty in the area

Ticket Sale Information:
The proceeds from ALL ticket sales go directly to Art with a Heart!

#ArtWithAHeart   #GeorgeBenson   #Baltimore   #charityfundraising  

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Not today darth vader 
Animated Photo

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Existence of the Force Confirmed

"Though four fundamental forces  – the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity – have been well documented and confirmed in experiments over the years, CERN announced today the first unequivocal evidence for the Force."
CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

Physicists at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics announced today that an invisible Force permeates the universe and binds the galaxy together

Image shows research in the CERN Beams department

(Image credit: Maximilien Brice and Daniel Dominguez © CERN - for terms of use see )

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These days, there are smart versions of just about everything—phones, watches, refrigerators… and now mailboxes. Introducing Smartbox, from +Inbox by Gmail

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The Future of Travel - IO Hawk

The IO Hawk looks like a Segway minus the unsightly handle bars.  I would love to get my hands on one of these and try it out.  However with a price tag of $1800 dollars it may be a while before I get to own one.

According to the FAQS on it takes 3 Hours to fully charge and lasts for 10 - 12 miles of travel.  Also they claim that once you relax it takes 3 - 5 minutes to get comfortable and 20 - 30 minutes to be fully proficiency.
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