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My new novel, As a Decade Fades, will be published on Christmas Day 2012. This post will serve as the official comment and discussion thread for the book.
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We will also use the hashtag #AADF  on Twitter for some of my favorite lines. Feel free to join in there, as well.
Of course my friend. I will post up as soon as I can, and let you know once done. I hope it is a great success. 
Looking forward to checking it out. What is about? Any familiar characters or is this the start of something new?
I started reading the ARC (advance reader copy) you sent me for the review...I admit so far I already am loving it...
Glad to hear that. I was hoping Jody would be back. I will be all over it.
I can't wait to find out a little more tonight in Chicago! :) And I guess this means that I actually get to buy myself a legitimate Christmas present ;)
Hey I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I got a bit of a better review posted over on my blog, hope you like. Thanks again.
I love this one the most as it really resonates with me sine I watched my 9 year old Boston Terrier be put to sleep on July 14. My life literally took a 180 since that day and it continues to get better. I live my life for him!

"People don’t know how to love the ones they love until they disappear from their lives."

This novel is one of the 52 books I will be reading in 2013 and you can bet that it will all be read in January. I can't wait!
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