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This Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Retailers prepare months in advance for this dark day—preparation that’s meant to stimulate your insatiable desire to consume: Doorbuster sales. New products. Gigantic newspaper ads. TV, radio, print, billboards. Sale, sale, sale! Early bird specials. One day only! Get the best deal. Act now! While supplies last.

The Minimalists would, however, like to shed some light on this darkest of Fridays. It’s important to understand that consumption is an unquenchable thirst. Retailers and advertisers and manufacturers know this too well. And thus, they’ve invented an entire day designed to take advantage of your insatiable desire to consume.
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Easy for me as I don't live in the US. Still, sounds like an awful way to spend a day going out to wrestle with other shoppers. My suggestion (to myself as well) would be to make/create something as a gift. At least you've done more than merely fork over some cash...
I never even go near a store that day or that weekend. From a German's perspective the observable behavior on Black Friday is incomprehensible and can basically be summarized as: "People frantically buying stuff they don't need with money they don't have..." However, driving friends from other countries to the stores Thanksgiving night makes for great sightseeing!
Black Friday makes me SO Angry. I live on a complex that's off a street with a Target, Best Buy,'s a crazy zoo, and this was before the places opened at Midnight. What can you possibly need that it requires you to give up Thanksgiving to stand outside in the cold (I live in Ohio, it's usually chilly for Thanksgiving here. Not this year) and go through all that madness? I love to shop, but there's no way I'll do it on Black Friday. Think, people.
I'll be spending this Friday playing games with friends. Admittedly, one is a game I just bought, did not need, but really enjoy. Still... I'll be with friends around a table.
Hey, games are AWESOME. Enjoy that!
Board games especially. Video games, though I enjoy them, really are just timekillers unless played socially with other people in the same room.
One year ago I only heard about Black Friday from blogs like yours. This year I started to notice that Black Fridayish sales and offers are appearing in my country (Poland) too.

Hopefully, there are more & more sites & blogs which embrace minimalism, too.
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