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Joshua Fields Millburn

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You don't need permission to contribute to your community. In this video, our good friend +Greg Tehven gave an outstanding TEDx talk about how to live a more fulfilled life by connecting with your community. And guess what: it's much, much simpler than you think.
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We're speaking, reading, and answering questions tonight at 7 PM in Denver at The Oriental Theater. The event is hosted by BookBar, and admission is free. #MinsTour  
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The oh so talented +Matthew D'Avella took some photos of our #MinsTour  stop in Las Vegas.
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Whoa! Color photos! :)
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Joshua Fields Millburn

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Thanks for coming to Sacramento! I've read your books and am very inspired by your message. It definitely gets me thinking about my "stuff" and how my career impacts my life.
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How to Write Better: Online Writing Class
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Wonderful idea!
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Have him in circles
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We're speaking tonight at 7 in Des Moines, Iowa, at Plain Talk Books (602 East Grand Ave). Come say hi. #MinsTour
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Goodbye, mountain states. We're headed to the Midwest next: Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus. And then many more cities. See you soon. #MinsTour 
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+Joshua Fields Millburn - I just saw a tv interview with you and Ryan. My wife loves your take on things. I might contact +Ryan Nicodemus . Even tracking wonder can grow cluttered. Keep up the good work.
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In addition to paperback, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and audiobook, EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS, our bestselling book, is now available on Google Play: 
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Joshua Fields Millburn

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There's a shopping mall in San Diego that used to be a prison. It's hard to imagine that this place once imprisoned hundreds of inmates...
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Have him in circles
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  • The Minimalists
    Author, 2010 - present
  • Cincinnati Bell Inc
    Dayton Region Area Manager, 1999 - 2011
Basic Information
Minimalist. Bestselling novelist, essayist, memoirist.

Hi. I’m Joshua Fields Millburn. I'm an essayist, novelist, and memoirist. Some people think I look like Christopher Walken. (Thanks?)

A few randomish things about me:

I was born in Dayton, Ohio. I lived there for 31 years, most recently in my minimalist apartment. I love Dayton—I love the Midwest in general—though I recently moved to a cabin in beautiful Montana.

I wasn’t a minimalist, until I was. In late 2009, after my mother died and my marriage ended in the same month, I started questioning everything in my life. That’s when I discovered minimalism. It was a beacon in the darkest of nights.

I’m passionate about writing, especially writing literary fiction. I’ve published three fiction and four nonfiction books, most of which have been bestsellers on Amazon. I like to think of my writing as one part David Foster Wallace, one part Christopher Wallace, and one part William Wallace.

I’m best known for my essays at The Minimalists where Ryan Nicodemus and I write about living meaningful lives with less stuff. I think I own less than 288 things (but I don’t actually count my stuff).

If Writing is my full-time lover, then Music is my secret crush. And although I’m not involved with her personally, I frequently enjoy her sweet voice from an earshot away. She reminds me of what it feels like to be alive—the euphony of the peaks, the valleys, and everything in between. You can check out some of my favorite albums here.

I believe the meaning of life is growth and contribution.

I don’t have a college degree of any sort. But I did work in the corporate world for 12 years. (Boring!) I used to manage more than 100 people in 16 retail stores as a regional manager. I was also the director of operations for 150 retail stores. In 2011, I quit my boring six-figure job at age 30 to become a full-time writer.

I teach an online writing class to a small group of students. The class, How to Write Better, helps students write more clearly, concisely, beautifully.

Ryan and I have spoken at Harvard Business School, SXSW, TEDx, WDS and dozens of other conferences, organizations, and universities. We host a limited number of speaking engagements each quarter. You can visit our speaking page if you’d like to book The Minimalist to speak to your group.

In 2012, I cofounded a publishing company and community called Asymmetrical Press with my friends RyanColin, and Thom. Using asymmetrical techniques, we aim to improve the quality of published work: journalism, literature, poetry, nonfiction, educational texts, coffee table books, and everything in between.

I’m an introvert. I used to be an incredibly private person. Then I discovered Twitter. Now I’m a little too giddy about my especially short Twitter handle: @JFM. Follow me! You can also connect with me on FacebookGoogle+PinterestInstagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn; laugh at silly photos of me; and check out some of my TV, radio, and print interviews.

Discover more about me on my personal fiction site.

You can also read 31 somewhat banal things you don’t know about me.

Bragging rights
Top 10 Bestselling Novel on Amazon: As a Decade Fades. #1 Bestselling Short Story Collection on Amazon: Falling While Sitting Down. #1 Bestselling Novella on Amazon: Days After the Crash. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Forbes, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Seattle Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Vancouver Sun, LA Weekly, Village Voice, CBS This Morning, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBC Radio, and NPR.
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Dayton, Ohio - Cincinnati, Ohio - Lebanon, Ohio
Amazing, friendly service. Much less expensive than I've experienced elsewhere, too.
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