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Looking forward to testing this out! 

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Holy smokes! That 301/2 redirect thing has finally shifted. But beware the false security of thinking it doesn't matter what or how or why you do your redirects...

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There are only 10 types of people in the world...

#fun #techhumor #geeky #coding

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+Anthony Corbelli Accurate?

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Think you know everything about hashtags on social media? Test your knowledge:

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A thoroughly interesting read about current lingo, trends, and concepts. Read the post in its entirety before judgments are made.

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Definitely added this to my resource toolkit for content promotion. Thanks to +Ryan Stewart for the content and +SEMrush for the share.
How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss
by +Ryan Stewart 

Dozens of strategies to help you promoting your content!

#content   #contentmarketing   #cmtips  

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Nice detail on the updates for by +Aaron Bradley.
Ganymede goes live as v 2.1

The latest and greatest version of has been launched:

While there's many new vocabulary pieces and fixes in this release, the big news is that the first two "reviewed/hosted* extensions are now live too.
The bibliographic extension
The automotive extension

Those unfamiliar with the new extension protocols can find out more about them here:

There's too many vocabulary additions to note here, but for marketers these new types may be of particular interest:
(child of SocialMediaPosting)
(child of BlogPosting)

Thanks +Dan Brickley + cast of thousands, and congratulations +Richard Wallis and +Martin Hepp on seeing your extension work come to fruition!

#schemaorg   #extensions   #structureddata  
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