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New Ghostbusters was good. Not as good as the original, but far, far superior to GBII. McCarthy was restrained and there were no awkward Apatow moments (which I was afraid of with Wiig and McCarthy together). Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) was the breakaway character of this film. She was way more like a cross between Aykroyd's Ray and the cartoon's Spengler.
In all, an enjoyable film...
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Good to hear. I had relegated this movie to the watch on Netflix list. I may have to give it a shot in the theater now. Thanks!

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My #firstRPG was Ghostbusters... and that has pretty much influenced every game I've played since then. I received the game for my 13th birthday in 1991 and instantly fell in love with the whole concept of RPGs. I went on from Ghostbusters to GBI to Battletech to Robotech and eventually to MERP and Warhammer. But the wacky weirdness (and die pool mechanics) of Ghostbusters has always been my first true love.
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My copy (and that of Ghostbusters International, the still fun, but "too machined" second edition) both disintegrated from overuse. I managed to score copies on eBay back in the infancy of the online wars for very reasonable fees. They are now carefully stored on the highest of shelves.

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Now this is pretty awesome... I mean, we pretty much know all of this, but it's a really concise example of how far tech has come in ~25 years.

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Wow... just... wow. Time to wire the house with CAT6, it seems. :D
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You son of a bitch.  :)

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Actual Play  - 
Brutal, brutal session last night. I showed the group the DEFINITION of Hard Moves. On our private forum they've been collecting the stuff lost after the big throwdown with the dwarf creating a gate to Hades under the command of an ancient Demon. The accounting so far has them losing:
Dwarven Wizard lost:
Awesome magic staff
Eye of Ptah
1 point Str, Dex, and Con
Unknown magic oil
19 uses of Bag of Books
1 book of ciphers
Multiple scrolls of magic lore (not spells)
Multiple scrolls of Vulpe history
Multiple dwarven spellbooks
Multiple books of dwarven magic lore
Dozens of gold canopic jars (we might have sold these for the some of the funds)
Canopic jar containing lungs of Daughter of Beset
200 Coin
5000 Coin (I imagine this is a group fund...we didn't each have 5K coin in treasures, did we?)
Potion of Longevity
Flask of Breath
+1 Kopesh

Halfing Ranger lost:
Right Arm
Sling and all ammo

Elvish Namer lost:
Life (but made Last Breath Move)
A Man's Not Dead While His Name is Spoken Move
Doctor's Kit

Human Barbarian lost:
Life (but regained it after making a Bargain with Death)
200 Coin
All his spears
And a little of his free will (due to Death's Bargain)

Human Noble lost:
Consciousness (in induced coma due to "friendly fire" poisoning)
An estate
9/10s of his Retinue
About 10k in Coin and valuables in the Estate
Most of his super nice plate mail's Armor Rating (via Armor Mastery)

In all, a good session. :D
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They did manage to off the Demon and close the gate. Of course, the world is far from safe. :D
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Discussion  - 
Going out to my gaming community: anyone know of any resources for a Wild Talents/REIGN/One Roll Engine conversion for +Mass Effect ? I found some stuff on, but I know some people have run con games of it and would love to see what they've put together.
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Facts are more boring than quips, though...
God damn right NASA kicks ass.

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Diskussion  - 
So, I've been pondering the SIZE/STRENGTH Conundrum. I know many people don't have a problem with it, but I'm just tired of the giant beefy Knights with low DEX/APP. So I've put together the following house rule:
Derived stats are now as follows:
Knockdown = [(SIZ+DEX)/3]+7
Damage = (STR+SIZ)/6
Healing Rate = (APP+CON)/10
Move Rate = (STR+DEX)/10
Major Wound = CON
Hit Points = SIZ+CON

This centralizes Knockdown in the 16-17 range for the most part and encourages more varied PCs. Healing Rate gains a replaces STR with APP to both reduce the "dump stat" and to model the games approach to APP having to do with how well you live.

Anyone have any feelings on these changes?
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I share the concern about making DEX and APP more useful to knights.

APP is pretty easy to fix by just making it come up all the time as GM. Let it modify social skills similar to how Glory can but with below average giving a penalty and above average a bonus when appropriate. 

Orate rarely cares but Courtesy and Singing certainly are easier for a handsome knight. It doesn't make them actually better but people forgive their errors more easily. 

DEX needs more help so having it figure into other things makes sense. If you have fights on foot then it comes up often especailyl if you enforce needing a DEX roll to move further than your MOV in a round if you want to still attack.
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Not sure what to make of this... I hate ruining tumblr's fun, but it looks like that Iron Man "solid dick" panel was photoshopped. Furthermore, I can't find any non-tumblr source that "solid dick" was ever a slang phrase.
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I know it was you +Joshua Chewning.  You broke my HEART! (kisses you on the cheek while holding your head,, then violently releasing you)

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Custom Moves  - 
So, I've been running an alternate history game set in the Roman Empire in 69 AD. Dwarves have replaced the Egyptians, Elves represent those of Greek descent (consequently there are a lot of half-elves), and the Halflings are used as the Picts/Celts.
In doing so, we've been modifying spell lists and such and I've been building some custom spell lists for the Celt following Sucellus, the half-Greek follower of Yaweh, and the Egyptian ward of Anubis. I thought I'd share the spells here for anyone who'd care to look at them/use them. Some are based off of trawling through freely available Classes online, so if you see your work or someone else's please assume it to be me liking your idea enough to borrow. I'll definitely try to mark the inspirations as I find time (and if I can remember where they came from).
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Fits fine. I was more hoping for comments on the actual spells rather than a discussion about the setting. I can try to put together a lengthier post about the setting we're running if that's what people want.
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Aaaand here's how my 4 year old daughter rolls when she plays with her new Star Wars toys...

You don't eff with Princess Leia.
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This crude flesh we are not. Beings of light are we. Matters not the size or shape, or curviness, only the level of midichlorians and dual-wielding

nothing have you learned?

In this dress, killed a Hutt Gangster Boss with a chain, she did 

Joshua Chewning

Base Classes  - 
Okay, so the Wizard in my group is really chomping at the bit to be able to prepare more spells every day. And in the tradition of "Being a Fan of the Players" I am trying to put together a new Wizard Move that would allow just that. I have the following two options in mind, but am willing to entertain other suggestions (so long as they aren't just "do it RAW" or something along those lines)

Mind over Matter mark 1
[Level 6-10 Move]
You have learned to channel your physical energies to expand your mental capabilities. When you prepare spells for the day, you may prepare an additional number of spell levels equal to 1/2 your Constitution (rounding up). Doing so, however, is taxing both mentally and physically and gives you a -1 ongoing to any CON or INT related rolls for as long as you have more than your Level+1 in spell levels prepared.

Mind over Matter mark 2
[Level 6-10 Move]
You have learned to channel your physical energies to expand your mental capabilities. When you take this move, permanently reduce your Hit Points by any number up to 6. For every Hit Point sacrificed, you gain 2 additional spell levels that you can prepare each day (e.g. if you reduce your Constitution by 2 you will from then on prepare Level+5 in spells). You can only reduce your Hit Points when this Move is taken.
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Love the Freebie option.
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