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My epic will be a taxonomy of invisible rules that enable, starting with birth. 

My livelihood focuses on information management disciplines. I work in a university library. I've done in-depth study on archival digitization processes and practices. I've analyzed large quantities of information for enterprise decision support services, synthesized competitive intelligence, and researched the systems to manage and present it all.

I'm especially interested in intellectual liberty, long-term archival problems, information policy, digital media, culture, open access, content and knowledge management, emerging technology currents, environmental symbiosis, and the issues intersecting these things.

I conceived and launched the Adomoc board game (abstract strategy), have written some novels (unpublished) and poems, and collaborated on musical scribble and a son. I enjoy exploring the deep crevices of grammar and sound. Everything else is improvised.
Bragging rights
I'm not dead yet.
  • McGill University
    Library and Information Studies (MLIS), 2015
  • University of California Berkeley
    Philosophy (BA), 1999
  • UC Berkeley Extension
    Editing Courses, 2000
  • AT&T
    Certification in AT&T Definity PBX Administration, 1995
Librarian, writer, board game inventor, information management professional, content strategist
  • John Abbott College
    Teacher, 2015 - 2016
    I taught several courses in the Information and Library Technologies program. These addressed the government information, e-government data, publishing industry, public relations, and indexing and abstracting (including taxonomy development).
  • Adomoc International
    Founder, 2010 - present
    I'm making a global space for people to get information, discuss, purchase, and otherwise aggregate around the strategy board game, Adomoc.
  • Concordia University
    Digital Content Strategy - Consulting, 2013 - 2015
    I assessed the university's requirements for its digital content strategies and guided many units (including libraries and research centres) through web migration projects as we implemented a new, university-wide WCM system. I developed content inventories and maps, and helped with IA and DAM strategies. I developed a gap analysis and strategic recommendations for the next phases of the university's intranet.
  • Technology Evaluation Centers
    Director of Knowledge Services, 2002 - 2013
    I led and directed the research strategies for advisory firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). I was responsible for directing the bulk of the analysis content, which centered around in-depth evaluation of enterprise software systems. I developed many of the company's research models, reports, and services, while overseeing competitive intelligence and decision support projects (for both end users and software vendors). I formed the company's writing, editing, translation, analyst, and data management teams, managing up to 30 people. In other roles, I led the information management and collaboration research (content management domains like ECM or WCM) both internally and serving as TEC's public-facing analyst as well as initiated and developed resarch on free and open source software systems/business/ecosystems.I worked on projects with organizations from sectors such as manufacturing to government; as well as led and participated in projects to evaluate and model business requirements in order to express them as technical software requirements. I also developed strategies for SEO, social media, and specialized data analyses.
  • Intraware
    Content Manager, 1999 - 2001
    I started as a software analyst, moved into copyediting and content management, and took on marketing writing and PR roles.
  • Concordia University
    Digital Services & Engineering Librarian, 2016 - present
    I collaborate with faculty, staff, and librarians to develop, deliver, promote, and evaluate library services for Concordia's academic and research community. I'm also responsible for coordinating digital services applications.
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Joshua Chalifour

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I dunno Google, these new Google+ changes strike me as mostly bad. This trend (not just Google) to make the site so stripped down that you cannot figure out what anything does or how to make it do stuff, is no good.

There are buttons that are not obviously clickable, others with no help on what they do, and features that are hard to find. The profile display is completely confusing, especially with its double right scrollbar and no way to make it go away. Menu options for posts don't appear unless you happen to click on a blank space of the post. Why anyone would ever think to do that, aside from accidentally, is not clear.

One of Google+'s most innovative and useful features, Circles, has been progressively downplayed to the point where it's now practically invisible. I bet most people don't have a clue how to establish circles much less use them. The use case for Collections remains ambiguous.

And just because people are using tablets and phones a lot doesn't mean it's a good idea to hobble the desktop functionality. Make responsive interfaces that are appropriate for the different usage techniques of these devices. Maybe it's time to finally give up on Google+.
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Yeah, it's pretty bad. I guess Flickr is still around or you could set up your
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Joshua Chalifour

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I've often thought of using phones as sucking us into a different space. Geiger's photos show it
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Joshua Chalifour

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A trunk of 2600 dead letters that were saved by a 17th century Netherlands postmaster are being digitized at The history for how this came to be is interesting. That we have these now is essentially a side-effect of the delivery system of the time (and one person's ambition).
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Perhaps, but after such a long time when there is essentially no one living that would be intimately impacted by these, it may be "safe" to read them and put them to research and creative use. How about personal diaries? A lot are published and give us all kinds of important insights.
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Joshua Chalifour

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Forget privacy or national sovereignty... just sell.
Opponents of the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have come out swinging after the full text of the trade agreement, negotiated for years in secrecy, was released. Many are challenging the new Liberal government to decide to what extent, if any, it will throw its support behind the deal.
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Joshua Chalifour

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This analysis of the NDP's results in our recent election seems spot on to me. They worked on capturing the intellectual and reasonable sides of the campaign but also they forgot about the emotional level and would have been better to de-script the "Angry Tom."
After a heady spring and summer that saw New Democrats win power in Alberta and then surge to first place in national polls, Monday night's results are a bitter disappointment to the party. The first task for the NDP must be to figure out what went wrong.
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Joshua Chalifour

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The Canadian Library Association has posted its new statement on intellectual freedom (PDF). I like how they've approached the issue, stating:

".. the Canadian Library Association affirms that all persons in Canada have a fundamental right, subject only to the Constitution and the law, to have access to the full range of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, and to express their thoughts publicly."


That libraries have core responsibilities to

"...safeguard and facilitate access to constitutionally protected expressions of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, including those which some individuals and groups consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable."

"...safeguard and foster free expression and the right to safe and welcoming places and conditions."

" safeguard and defend privacy in the individual’s pursuit of expressive content."

and that

"...libraries resist efforts to limit the exercise of these responsibilities while recognizing the right of criticism by individuals and groups."
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Joshua Chalifour

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Photos from today's strike against QC's austerity measures. The government needs to wake up and treat education properly. Take a lesson or two from Finland.
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Joshua Chalifour

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Libraries, supposedly quiet spaces, also produce a great deal of ambient sound, which makes for some pleasing and interesting recordings.
Library Background Noise for Relaxation has over 150000 views on YouTube. The hour-long audio is, as described by its creator, “just a long audio clip of some background white noise from my recent trip to the library…lots of page flipping, typing, sighing and people doing things near by.
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Joshua Chalifour

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I've watched some Sesame Street now as a parent and I think I like it better than when I was a child. The Pox news incident is excellent. 
The longest-running children’s show in U.S. TV history has raised some eyebrows since its debut on Nov. 10, 1969.
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Joshua Chalifour

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Investor State Dispute Settlement is quite a sick thing with respect to "intellectual property" in the #TPP
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Joshua Chalifour

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"Strategic" voting hides your voice & weakens democracy. It's better to vote FOR what you want.
#elxn42 #cdnpoli
“Strategic” voting is a bad idea. Organized “strategic” voting improves nothing. Worse, “strategic” voting creates an illusion of trust where there are no possible checks and balances. It's a scheme just asking to be gamed. Participants in “strategic” voting schemes will get taken advantage of ...
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Canadian Web Hosting

We provide web hosting services in Canada

Alix Toyota has been fantastic. The sales team went out of their way to find exactly what I wanted, were extremely reasonable, and followed-up quickly.
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Do not hire this company, its administration is awful. They charged us for some "borrowed" wardrobe boxes. Told us they'd pick them up after we unpacked and refund our money but then after more than a month of trying to get them to pick up the boxes (in which we missed work waiting for them to come and they just never showed up at the appointed times), they refused to refund our money or pick up the boxes. They also tried to lie to us about their actions and took up a significant amount of time with their terrible customer service. It's a shame, because the fellows that did the actual move were nice guys and did a good job.
• • •
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reviewed a year ago