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Semantic Search for Business Sites & Google Hummingbird Explained - Real Estate Plus Hangouts. Yesterday I had a fabulous Hangout with none other than +David Amerland, the author of Amazon's best seller, Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence.

We've all heard, or seen the big changes going on in the Google Search algorithms lately & even the newest additions such as Google Hummingbird, but I've seen many business site owners that are still a little lost at bringing it all together in the practical sense & applying it. So I decided to pick David's mind for a full hour in this show.

If you want to understand more about the direction that Search is going, why keywords are no longer king & semantic understanding is the new name of the game and how you can build your site for guaranteed success on into the future, then I guarantee you will want to watch David lay it out for us in this show.

So let's go for a little ride into the new SEO. It's not about being the same anymore, it's about being different.

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+Bill Gassett thank you so much :) I must admit +Joshua Berg is a master at structuring HOAs, it made the transition from topic to topic so much easier that we were able to pack a lot in. 
+Andrew Smith you're totally welcome regardless. The whole point of these HOAs is to help as much as possible so I am glad it worked. :) 
Thanks again for your time and it really help I lot to understand better and be able to come up with new strategies and improve!!! +David Amerland 
My two information fav's +Joshua Berg and +David Amerland together! Just watched the video. Very clear explanation of entities and the knowledge graph, the house example was especially appropriate. I've been putting off checking my web sites for key words because I know I'll want to rewrite everything, sort of overwhelming. Looking forward to more hangouts. How hard would it be to turn the audio into a podcast? I'm in my car so much. I listen to +martin shervington podcasts from hangouts including +Joshua Berg while driving around to appointments.
Sorry I didn't make it. Going to watch this now. Thanks for re-posting.
+Marianne Howell Wright it's a good idea & something I've been going to do, just been getting these new hangouts rolling first & there's plenty more good stuff coming as well. You can take that to the bank. ;)
+David Amerland - I had similar sentiments as +Marianne Howell Wright but thankfully I have limited content on my website so not much to rewrite. Whew!

However, curious as to the affects of existing content out there. In other words, what existing content is Google drawing from since not many are currently following this new way of thinking? Wouldn't the knowledge graphs be skewed at this point and thus continue to rank folks accordingly?

It's going to take time for folks to rewrite website content and apply the key principles you talk about so will we see the positive benefits of the principle of "veracity", take affect immediately?

Also how does semantic search impact paid Google advertising, ad Words, etc. Or does it?

Look 4ward to your thoughts!
+Maryrose Solis search results are a mixed affair at the moment with Google replacing traditional results with semantic ones when it has high confidence in the answers. That creates an imperfect transition. When there are no high-confident ones we are no better than what we had before, albeit, that will start to drop as time goes on. This also provides an opportunity. Those who take the necessary steps to audit their websites as +Joshua Berg suggests and create a more prominent presence in the social web are already on a better path than those who haven't. 

There is nothing immediate where semantic search is concerned but results achieved, because they are deserved, are usually not lost easily. 

Semantic search builds up signals from many different areas including the end user to fine-tune its approach. A post I wrote yesterday ( explains a little of the mechanics. Machine Learning, essentially powers and evolves Google Ads that also rely on end-user behaviour to help them gather the data necessary. 
Thanks, great session +David Amerland +Joshua Berg. Agree with previous comments about a podcast, be good to be able to listen in the gym or the car. Keep up the good work.
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