Semantic Search for Business Sites & Google Hummingbird Explained - Real Estate Plus Hangouts. Yesterday I had a fabulous Hangout with none other than +David Amerland, the author of Amazon's best seller, Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence.

We've all heard, or seen the big changes going on in the Google Search algorithms lately & even the newest additions such as Google Hummingbird, but I've seen many business site owners that are still a little lost at bringing it all together in the practical sense & applying it. So I decided to pick David's mind for a full hour in this show.

If you want to understand more about the direction that Search is going, why keywords are no longer king & semantic understanding is the new name of the game and how you can build your site for guaranteed success on into the future, then I guarantee you will want to watch David lay it out for us in this show.

So let's go for a little ride into the new SEO. It's not about being the same anymore, it's about being different.

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