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Specializes in Google Plus SEO, Social Media & Search Optimization For Businesses
Social media marketing & search engine analyst; Real estate investor & marketing mentor; Tech business writer & speaker; International trade consultant.
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Social & SEO Consultant, Technology Writer

☆ Specializes SEO, Social Media, Internet marketing.
☆ 20+ yrs computer industry, IT & computer science.
☆ Geek interested in all things science & technology.
☆ 10+ yrs realty investor, rehabber, Realtor & mentor.
☆ International business, travel & trade consulting.

Written comprehensively about brands and businesses maximizing online visibility through social media (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO), and now with a special focus on Google Plus.

Doing business on the Internet for over 20 years & worked extensively with every generation of computers since the first personal computers, the Apple II & IBM PC's.

Specializing in business consulting on Internet marketing, Online Identity Management, Social Media and Search Optimization.

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Joshua Berg

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Social Media Now for a Non-sports Person

I'm not usually into watching sports (I'd rather do them than watch 'em), but I have shared a few of the hilarious #WorldCup memes. So to provide balance to the force, this share is for my friends on the other side. ;)
100% accurate right now haha

+Matthew Inman
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Leaked iWatch Plans, or Concept Designs

There seems to be a lot of both going around, but most of what you'll see claiming to be the new iWatch are the following popularly shared concept designs, by Todd Hamilton  &  Thomas Bogner .

So do you think either of these are gonna catch on, or that the rumored iWatch is going to be very much like any of these?

Whatever happens Apple's certainly not sparing for talent, it seems they've just poached some more engineers to work on the iWatch from Nike's Fuelband team.

#iWatch #AppleiWatch  
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Oooooo .... more toys !!! claps hands
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Authorship Photos Gone from Search: What Now?

[Recommended reading] I'm sure this is the most in-depth article to date on the recent Google Authorship display changes in Search, namely the removal of profile images from search. +Mark Traphagen has spared no detail in analyzing & explaining these changes.

There's also a detailed look at some of the myths and/or research that have been done on the big CTR question & whether recent statements can be reconciled with them.

And, as an added bonus has given us some of his personal theories as to why he feels some of these changes may have come about, which also make some interesting reading.

Last & importantly, Why Google Authorship Still Matters. Big thanks to Mark for this comprehensive article.

#GoogleAuthorship #GoogleAuthorshipUpdate #GoogleSEO  
Does Google Authorship still matter once photos no longer show up in SERPs? Mark Traphagen considers why they were removed and what's next for Authorship.
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You're welcome +Mark Traphagen, I thought it was a great in-depth analysis.
And I left a little wiggle room on the conjecture. ;-)
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Android Sharing Gets Easier from Drive to Gmail

Well this is neat! Handier sharing feature just announced.

#GmailUpdate #AndroidGmail #DriveUpdate  
Insert from Drive in the Gmail Android app
It’s now easier for you to share files with friends and family—simply insert Google Drive files directly into your Gmail messages on your Android phone or tablet. If the file isn’t shared with the person you’re sending it to, you’ll get the option to change your sharing settings before you send it. And you’ll notice improved autocomplete suggestions for your contacts when composing messages—just start typing in the To, Cc or Bcc field to see better suggestions, faster.

These features will be rolling out over the next few days. If you aren’t already using the Gmail Android app, download the latest version from the Play store ( 
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What's Changed With Authorship Rich Snippets?

An informative look at what happened to the authorship profile image & why the change was made, as well as how these changes affect authorship. Thanks to +Ray Hiltz for his insights.

The chief point I want to leave readers with is Authorship is very much Alive!
In fact, if you have Authorship successfully set up, your byline will show up in search results.

#Authorship #GoogleAuthorship #GoogleSEO  
What has changed with Authorship rich snippets and why? my new article for +SteamFeed The fact that we no longer see Authorship… - Ray Hiltz - Google+
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You're welcome +Ray Hiltz, it's been quite interesting to follow.
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Using G+ Pages for Business HOA by Google's official +Google+ Your Business

Looks like this one coming up will be an interesting one to watch. After seeing a lot of G+ influencers talk about this, I'm curious about what particular angles they'll highlight on this.

Join us on Thursday, July 10 at 12 PM PDT for a Hangout on Air with Google Small Business Community ( Advisor +Andrew Rulnick. He'll be answering your questions about how to effectively use G+ to reach and engage with your customers. RSVP and leave your questions in the comments below. 
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Enhanced Voice Search on Google Search App

A Voice search demo & it keeps getting better. Can't help but realize though how years from now we'll look back & remember how primitive voice search was. Looking forward to AI.

#GoogleVoice #VoiceSearch  
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+Joshua Berg you're not kidding mate ;)
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More On Connecting Your Blogger to Google+

Google+ and Blogger go together like peas & carrots, most of the integration has already been done for you. The other day I suggested using Blogger with your Google+, but importantly I feel you should also set it up with your own domain name.

I was asked a number of questions on working with these together, so let me refer you to the informative & official Google page that explains a lot more on this topic...

#GooglePlusBloggers #GooglePlusAndBlogger #Blogger  
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Totally Agree
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What Every Business Needs to Know About Google+! +martin shervington's Fantastic Presentation

Martin was recently invited to give a presentation for a group of Toyota dealerships on using Google+ for business. This presentation looks like it was well prepared for & I think it's also a good example of how one can give presentations to your local businesses about Google+.

#GooglePlusForBusiness #GooglePlusPresentations  
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I remember when he just started all this.. ahhhh
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Google Giving Gifted Givers Google Glass

Yeah so, I thought I'd have some fun with the title, can you think of a better title mashup? Looks like a good project too by the way & if you have a worthy charity, you can actually apply for the Google Glass project.

#GoogleGlass #GoogleGiving #GoogleProjects
Whether it’s brain cancer research or physical therapy or student mentoring, technology can help us tackle big challenges like never before. It’s why we launched Giving through Glass and today we’re so excited to announce that 5 nonprofits doing incredible work are getting +Google Glass and $25,000 to take their projects to the next level. Learn more about the five winners:
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How Unbreakable Sapphire Crystal Glass is Made

A fascinating look at how the next generation of mobile phone display technology. You saw my earlier post about the leaked iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal display & here's a tour of the factories where they actually make this stuff.

At $30 a screen this stuff is not cheap, but prices are coming down to $15 shortly & soon enough they'll be on every modern mobile you can buy.

#Technology #TechNews #SapphireCrystalGlass
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iPhone 6 Unbreakable Sapphire Crystal Display

+Marques Brownlee seriously scored when he got his hands on this piece of "breaking" technology. You gotta see him try to break this glass, then next up I'll be sharing how they make this stuff.

#Technology #SapphireCrystalGlass #iPhone6  
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+Boston's Hidden Restaurants what is the problem? Gorilla glass 3 got same specs. It cannot be scratched by keys or knife. Only when you really try(like this display too). Still display will break when it falls from high.
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Great place to take the kids, the staff is friendly and helpful. And the kids naturally have a blast looking at all the cool exhibits and animals. Have taken my kids there many times over the years and they never got bored. Thankfully the lions stay in their pens and the snakes don't get out of their boxes. But if you like to touch animals & don't mind smelly goats, the children's petting zoo is the way to go.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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