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Google Adds Harmful Software Data For Developers

This week Google has made harmful programs data available to developers through their safe browsing API.

Deceptive software disguised as a useful download harms your web experience by making undesired changes to your computer. Safe Browsing offers protection from such unwanted software by showing a warning in Chrome before you download these programs. Today, we’re adding information about unwanted software to our Safe Browsing API...

#InternetSecurity   #SafeBrowsing  
"In addition to our constantly-updated malware and phishing data, our unwanted software data is now publicly available for developers to integrate into their own security measures. For example, any app that wants to save its users from winding up on sites that lead to deceptive software could use our API to do precisely that."
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Everything You'd Want to Know on Panda Era's

+Glenn Gabe​ does an excellent job breaking down Google's Panda by era, while also clearing up some of the misunderstandings surrounding the various announced vs. suspected updates. A must read if you've been confused about any of these updates.

#GooglePanda #GoogleUpdates #SEO
This is good. Company emails me & explains they saw turbulence during the "Tremorzoic Era" -- that's from my last post about the evolution of Panda.  :)

Maybe it's better to explain the "era" when you were hit versus using the number. Just kidding, or am I?
Is Google Panda real-time, or has it been missing in action since October 2014? Glenn Gabe looks to clear up Panda confusion by explaining the evolution of Panda updates, what we can expect in 2015, and how it can impact business owners, webmasters, and SEOs.
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Thanks for the mention and share Josh! I appreciate it. And a new Panda era is about to begin. It's been 5 months since the last update (10/24/14). That's really unusual for Panda...
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Joshua Berg

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Wow! Ranking Change for Doorway Pages Coming

Of course you wouldn't have any of those! Would you? Well if you're not sure (or want to see if yours will eek by), check the new updated guidelines. As Google has been filtering doorway pages for a long time, many of the doorway pages we see nowadays are much more sophisticated than they used to be, but you can be sure Google's finding better ways of filtering them out.

[Of the 5 questions Google suggests to ask of these pages, I'm gonna go with the 5th one as being a real deal breaker, because it may be the easiest to algorithmicly assess. Personally I think it's about time more of these pages bit the dust.]

#5 Do these pages exist as an “island?” Are they difficult or impossible to navigate to from other parts of your site? Are links to such pages from other pages within the site or network of sites created just for search engines?

#SEO #GoogleUpdate
We'll soon launch a ranking change to better address doorway pages. Not quite sure what a doorway page is? Find some questions to ask yourself on our blog: We've also freshened our definition of doorways in the Help Center for clarity:
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Google Webmaster's Office-hours Hangout 3/10/15

We had lots of fun in this morning's Office-hours Hangout with John Mueller. So here's my time stamped notes.

0:30 Will refreshing sitemaps boost the crawl stats?

2:12 Will moving to an SaaS hosted server help boost crawling?

4:35 Should sitemap last modified date be changed if the JS & CSS changes?

6:06 Is it okay if the last modified date in the sitemap is different from the last modified date in the HTTP header?

7:00 Can you talk more about the AJAX recommendation changes?

8:32 Is it not good user experience to design sites fully built in AJAX?

9:02 Question regarding using # ! operator filters in custom search tools. (Google on using operators )

11:06 Is it bad to do a 301 redirect from entire old domain, to a new domain?

12:46 I want to rerun an old site on a new script & delete old pages, what should I do with old pages 401 them, or...?

14:02 Is there a difference between PayDay Loans & Penguin algorithms? Are you still updating PayDay Loans?

16:45  "Last year we made over a thousand changes in web search."

17:53 Are we going to see less algorithm fluctuations this year?

18:43 Can Google announce more algorithm changes?

20:48 Is Penguin running on a monthly schedule now?

21:12 What can we do to diagnose our ranking issues?

23:43 Is Panda currently running in real time? "Panda is tied more directly to results, so there's kind of a real time reflection there. But we haven't updated the data for awhile."

25:03 Was Panda last refreshed on Oct 24th? "As far as I know... sometime in Oct."

25:42 How do a lot of comments on a site affect Panda?

30:15 Are we going to see a page layout type algorithm for mobile, where adds would be a problem?

30:53 If an article is published on multiple pages, where does the canonical need to point, regarding hreflang & countries?

31:43 Can you give us a clue on next Panda update?

32:10 I have a lot of thin & duplicate content, should I noindex & nofollow those pages?

33:22 Is disavowing links from a spam blot enough?

34:21 Will we get a feature to mark Mobile Usability changes as fixed in WMT?

35:24 Mobile ranking instituted in a binary way...

37:27 Asking for clarification on whether code has been updated, or whether Panda has not been run monthly since Oct. Josh and Barry start a hilarious sideshow.

39:04 Rephrased, should I wait for a Panda data update for site to fully recover?

40:30 So Panda has not run since Oct?

42:40 For videos are you currently only showing snippets for search results from YouTube?

46:55 Why is there no option to move subdomains on change of address tool?

47:22 In WMT can you stop listing 404's that come from obvious spam & scraper sources?

48:10 Can Google really render a JS website without the escape fragment?

49:20 Regarding a recently discussed research paper on facts being a ranking factor, how will Google handle inaccurate info?

"This was just a research paper... & not something that we're using in our ranking signals."

51:32 "You could ask Google, 'who killed JFK?'"

52:58 Have there been any significant Google Hummingbird improvements?... And regarding international languages?

#SEO   #GoogleWebmasters  
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Thank you for summarizing this, it saved me a lot of time and allowed me to jump to specific questions of interest!
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How to get a custom URL for your YouTube channel

Very informative post here from +Peggy K on getting a custom URL for your YouTube channel and Google+ page. Thanks to +Ronnie Bincer the Hangouts master for sharing it.

#YouTubeChannel   #CustomURL  
Get a custom URL for your YouTube channel (and Google+)

Confused by the new YouTube and Google+ custom URLs? I've put together answers to the most common questions..

Here's an overview - see the article for all the details:

> What are the eligibility requirements for a custom URL?

YouTube eligibility:  
Google+ Profile eligibility:

Google+ Page eligibility:

> How do I find the custom URL offer?

There is no way to request a custom URL. To see whether you've been offered a custom URL, check your email notifications, the Links box on Google+ Page or Profile's "About" tab or your YouTube notifications page (  

> How do I claim the custom URL?

Click "Get URL" or "Get yours now" on the notification..

> What can I do if I don’t like the offered custom URL or need to add a suffix?

Once the URL is set it can't be changed, so don't accept a custom URL you don't want!   If you don't want the offered URL you can wait for a possible new offer,  make sure your Google+, YouTube and website domain accurately reflect your identity, and send feedback to Google+ and YouTube.

> How can I change the custom URL once it's set?

 You can change capitalization, diacritics and accents on the letters of your custom URL by clicking "Edit" at the bottom of the Links box on your Google+ About tab, then editing your URL. Those are the only changes that can be made.

> If I add a new custom URL will the old custom URL for my YouTube channel still work?

Yes, your old /user/ custom URL will continue to work

> Why doesn’t my new YouTube channel custom URL display in the address bar?

I don't know why, exactly, but that's the case for everyone: when you navigate around YouTube your new custom URL may not display in your browser's address bar. It's not a bug  and it doesn't mean your custom URL is not set.

> Why hasn't my YouTube channel or Google+ Page been offered a custom URL?!

Make sure your YouTube channel or the Google+ Page or Profile it's connected to is eligible for a custom URL and doesn't already have a custom URL set. 

If your channel just became eligible, it's likely just a matter of waiting for an offer.

Read the whole article for all the details, step-by-step instructions, and screenshots

#YouTubeTips   #GooglePlusTips   #CustomURL  
If you have recently created a new YouTube channel, you are sure to have noticed the default channel URL includes a long string of characters that are hard to remember and tricky to type. A custom URL makes it easy to share a...
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Peggy K
Thanks for sharing +Joshua Berg !
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The Impact of TLS/SSL Secure Connections on Ranking

Another interesting study from +Marcus Tober of +Searchmetrics. Find out some differences in rankings changes analyzed.

In August 2014, Google announced the secure connection to be an official ranking signal. Our recent analysis now shows positive effects for the first time: Websites without a secure connection could gain a few percentage points in SEO Visibility when migrating to HTTPS-protocol.

#HTTPS   #SEO   #RankingFactors  
We have made a new analysis of HTTP vs. HTTPS and it seems as using a secure connection could be an advantage for webmasters in different perspectives – both
Jim Watson's profile photoHigh Impact Media Group Panama's profile photo
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"How to grow Google Plus followers" 

+Steady Demand  #SocialMediaOptimization  
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Useful Summary on Mobile-friendly Ranking Factor

Thanks to +Ana Hoffman for putting this together. There's lots of details here that are useful to know in here, including a lot answers from the just held Google Webmasters Q&A.

#MobileFriendly   #SEO  
Google's mobile friendly algorithm as a search ranking factor: what you need to know

♨  April 21 is the deadline Google set for the webmasters to get mobile ready.

"Take out your phone, look up your web site. See if there is a gray mobile friendly label in your description snippet. If it is in the search results, if you see it, that means that Google understands that your site is mobile friendly and if you don’t see it then we don’t see that your site is mobile friendly or your is not mobile friendly."

♨  Google's mobile friendly ranking algorithm will "take a few days to roll out, like maybe a week or so."

♨  The mobile friendly ranking algorithm will affect mobile searches in ALL languages worldwide and 'will have a significant impact in our search results.' according to Google

♨  It'll have a bigger impact on the search results than Penguin and Panda did.  

♨  It is a yes or no algorithm (either you are mobile friendly or not) - no 'degrees' of mobile friendliness.

♨  The mobile friendly ranking algorithm will not have any impact on the desktop search whatsoever.

♨  Responsive design works well, but it's not the only way to be mobile friendly.

♨  Your site must unblock CSS & javascript to pass mobile friendly test.

♨   All pages must be mobile friendly for your site to be considered mobile friendly.

Clarification of the last point from +Mark Traphagen: The 'mobile friendly' designation is site wide. The ranking boost or demotion will be page by page. 

Does your site pass the Mobile-Friendly Test?

Take it here:

Mobile Friendly algorithm RESOURCES:

Google's 4-part live series: Basics of a mobile website for SMBs
→ 1.
→ 2.
→ 3.
→ 4.

Google's Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change

Special thanks to +Barry Schwartz +Jennifer Slegg for keeping up with the changes!


I am planning on keeping this post continuously updated as mobile friendly algorithm news/notes/clarifications come out. 

If you have anything to add, let me know in comments.

I am also planning on offering Traffic Generation Café Wordpress theme, which is completely mobile responsive (among other great features), for sale in the near future.

So if your site runs on Wordpress and you need an easy solution to your site mobile unfriendliness, this might be it.

Stay tuned!

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Much appreciated, +Joshua Berg.
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Webmaster Tools Report Now Shows if Your Site is Blocking Critical Data [JS & CSS].

Thanks to the Google Webmasters team this is going to be a really useful reminder. Of course you can also find this out more indirectly by using the Fetch and Render function which really should be used as well, but I think this new tool should help to clarify this problem for many webmasters.

#GoogleWebmasters #SEO #WebmasterTools
One of the biggest problems we've run across with rendering JavaScript & mobile sites is that lots of the embedded content is blocked by robots.txt directives somewhere (either on the site, or outside of the site). Webmaster Tools now has a cool report that shows the blocked content used across your whole site, to help clean out the issues you might have missed so far. Check it out!
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Take Google's Mobile-friendly Test & Other Great Details on Preparing Your Site For Mobile.

#MobileFriendly   #MobileMadness  
Mobile devices aren't only used on-the-go. 77% of mobile searches occur at home and at work—places where desktops are likely to be present. If you don't have a #mobilefriendly site yet, get started on yours now using our quick start guide→


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Joshua Berg

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Common Mobile-friendly Website Mistakes

Welcome to join Google's #MobileMadness campaign by sharing this, or other mobile-friendly tips with the hashtag.
We already mentioned several common mistakes to avoid when building your #mobilefriendly site. Learn more about each one here→

Deliver a seamless user experience to your mobile visitors by avoiding these mistakes!

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Mobile-friendly Ranking Q&A Coming Up

This Google Webmasters Hangout will be specifically for asking more questions on the upcoming mobile-friendly ranking changes going into effect following April 21. To get caught up, we also received some informative answers in a meeting the other day . So welcome to join and ask, or submit new questions in advance.

#MobileFriendly   #MobileMadness  
In this live Q&A session, we'll answer your questions about the upcoming mobile-friendly ranking change ( Post your questions to the Q&A panel or in the comments below. Several questions have already been answered at so be sure to watch this helpful presentation.

Use our help forum for specific mobile issues related to your site→

#MobileMadness   #mobilefriendly  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Google Webmasters. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Q&A session for mobile-friendly ranking change
Tue, March 24, 2:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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My baby has zero errors, but it is a very important consideration for folks wanting better traction being found in search! +Joshua Berg  ...will try to attend or will watch the replay! Thanks   ツ
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Great place to take the kids, the staff is friendly and helpful. And the kids naturally have a blast looking at all the cool exhibits and animals. Have taken my kids there many times over the years and they never got bored. Thankfully the lions stay in their pens and the snakes don't get out of their boxes. But if you like to touch animals & don't mind smelly goats, the children's petting zoo is the way to go.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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