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Official Word on Google Local Changes with G+ Update

I'm just looking over the list here and quite a number of things are different in Google Local, and it stands to reason that the guiding concept of this update was to speed up and simplify the code. Actually for a long time I'd be wondering why Google harped on everyone else simplifying and speeding up code, yet Google+ itself has still been extremely bulky and slow, especially noticeable on some mobiles. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how much smoother all this runs.

h/t +Mark Traphagen
#GooglePlusUpdate #GoogleLocal #ns
Official Google Statement on ALL the Google Local Changes after Google+ Update - Mamta B from Google announced that the following features are no longer supported for Local pages on the new Google+ - Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, opentable/apps integration. She explains the reasoning behind the changes and a whole lot more below.

I so wish they could have announced all this up front. It would have saved so much user confusion and frustration. But I appreciate them being transparent and letting us know now, so we have something official to point confused GMB owners and managers to.

Lot's more inside and a lively discussion to follow I'm sure...

#googlemybusiness #gmb #googlelocal #localseo #seo  
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Joshua Berg

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Google releases new Search Quality Rating Guidelines.
We've put an updated version of our Search Quality Rating Guidelines online. If you're a search-geek, this is going to be interesting reading material tonight :)

As mentioned in the blog post, these are for evaluators who assess the quality of Google’s search results—give us feedback on our experiments. Ratings from evaluators do not determine individual site rankings, but are used help us understand our experiments. The evaluators base their ratings on guidelines we give them; the guidelines reflect what Google thinks search users want. 
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Thanks +Joshua Berg goodnight. Have a great w/e:)
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Joshua Berg

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Google Webmasters new #Spotlight  *Series*
New #spotlight series: Join us Wednesdays as we interview our Google Webmasters team members around the world

Googlebot's a busy one—but there are many others on our team working hard to keep webmasters like you supported, educated and updated. Starting next Wednesday, get to know the members of our Google Webmasters team as we share with you why we love what we do, what we think the webmaster community must know, and how we spend our time offline (yes, we unplug too!).
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Joshua Berg

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A New Google+ Experience is Coming

There's some nice new features, but it looks like we're losing some useful ones as well. We'll see what makes it out of Beta.

#googleplusupdate   #plusonly  
A beta version of Google+ that promises to be "simpler, faster, better" is launching today, which features the biggest changes to Google's social network in years. The optional beta for the web version of Google+ shows off an...
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Looks good, but the animated comments are annoying.
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Joshua Berg

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Search Console Now Shows Severity of Blocked Resources
Search Console now shows the estimated severity of blocked resources with the Fetch & Render tool. Embedded content (like images, scripts, CSS files, etc) sometimes plays a big role in how Google's able to render & index a page for search.

The Blocked Resources report ( ) gives you a bigger picture of the embedded content that's blocked (on your site, or on other people's sites -- which can be just as critical!), and it's a great way to start drilling down into this issue.

To check an individual page, you can use the Fetch and Render tool ( ) to see how Googlebot is able to view a page, and compare it to how a user might see the page. We've extended this tool to give you a rough idea of the severity, approximately how much of a page is affected. 

Why is this an issue at all, why can't Google be happy with just HTML anymore? For one, if your site is mobile-friendly, we'd like to recognize that. Also, some sites use embedded content to pull in additional information that we'd love to show that site for. For example, if you're using an API to pull in and display your business' branches + opening hours, we'd love to use that to send people your way... but we can only do that if we can see that content.
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Joshua Berg

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Google Updates Mobile-friendly Algorithm
An update to the mobile-friendly algorithm

Starting today, pages with an app install interstitial that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page won’t be considered mobile-friendly .

Instead of full page interstitials, we recommend that webmasters use more user-friendly formats such as app install banners. We hope that this change will make it easier for searchers to see the content of the pages they are looking for.

Happy searching!
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Me gusta
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Joshua Berg

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Bezos scores first successful vertical rocket landing

Pretty amazing to see this VTOL flight (vertical takeoff and landing), that went just past the edge of space and returned to a successful landing. Word is, some people weren't too pleased they got beat to it.

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Here a " Besos" program is going to develop.
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Joshua Berg

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You crazy
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Joshua Berg

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Good rundown on the Google+ update

Thanks +Roger Verhoeven.

#Googleplusupdate   #plusonly  
Google+ Beta for Web Launching Today

Open Sharing

Hit the re-share button on a post and you'll be asked whether you want to share it on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or via a link


Your new Google+ profile puts the focus on the collections you've created, showing them up front and centre, with posts below

Search and Explore

Search on the new Google+ has been dramatically improved, with suggested content appearing as soon as you click on the search bar at the top. Typing will bring up results instantly, pushing down the featured content to avoid any unnecessary distractions. You can search for people, pages, communities and collections blazingly fast

What's Missing

Google+ Events no longer exists

There isn't a way to post polls

Can't share to extended circles

Love to search communities? Sorry but that has been killed off too

Hangouts integration is no longer a thing, which is something we've all seen coming for a while

Hover cards are gone - Seriously, I hope they bring this back

Google Maps review tab on profiles

Probably lots of other little things

How to Get Your Mitts on the Beta

Invitations to try the fresh goods are rolling over the course of the day and you'll be greeted with a pop-up when it's your turn in line. You won't miss it, but if you do, there's a handy link knocking about at the bottom-left corner of the home stream

If the redesign hasn't rolled out to you just yet, you can force it by managing your Google+ activity and checking out your Activity Log page: After that, the update will be automatically pushed. However, be warned, it seems to be going back on it's own sometimes.

Google Plus Activities

Tip By +Mark Traphagen Google + Post

Tip +Joshua Berg Google + Post

Dive into the new Google+
Google + Post +Luke Wroblewski

Google+ Community Google+ Help

Blog Google Plus Daily

Google + Community Google+ Updates
Your community for sharing, speculating and
discussing Google+ updates

H/t +Google Plus Daily +Lee Jarratt 

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A beta version of Google+ that promises to be "simpler, faster, better" is launching today, which features the biggest changes to Google's social network in years. The optional beta for the web version of Google+ shows off an...
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this is a major failure of +Google+ the tech is going backwards...just clicking dobble up from what I used to for giving plusses in commentboxes and other things are like something from a kindergarden...Very sorry to see this coming, and it's the ending of my many years in love with google. To give them feedback dosen't mean a thing. They are far to bigheaded to listening to the heavy-users. But you can not expect any better if you look at the team who is made this update...I will not mention names, but it's a desgrace! sorry

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Joshua Berg

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"May I see your license and regis...?!"  Self-Driving Car Pulled Over

I suppose a breathalyzer is out of the question, though I imagine any cars consuming ethanol would seriously tip numbers over the scales. Anyway, this policeman was apparently inquiring why the Google car was driving so slow.
A photo of a Mountain View officer pulling over a Google car for "driving too slowly" went viral this week.
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How did the self propelled car knew that a police is stopping it? 
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Joshua Berg

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Tip of the day: don't put a noindex on your homepage. 

In particular, if you have a language/country selector page, make sure to follow the tips on instead of noindexing your homepage. Handling international homepages isn't trivial, even big sites get it wrong; double-check your setup!
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Llhjnv .
. . .l vcvfuyb v sxx xzejhbymcdgu 
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