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Google Street Dirt Road View in Mongolia

Now this I'd like to see, looks like this project would be great fun... Um, or not.
When driving over 5,000+ km’s of Mongolia’s famously rugged “roads”, sometimes you need a little help from a horse to change a flat. Here’s some of our favorite imagery from Street View’s latest epic journey →
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how is work going on there.?
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Joshua Berg

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Give feedback to Google on Search Console messages

The Google Webmasters team has invited any webmasters, SEO's, etc., who use the Search Console, to fill out this form to provide feedback on how you use Search Console message features.
How do you use Search Console messages? We want to hear from you:
Crawl errors alerts, new owner confirmations, malware warnings... We send a bunch of messages to site and app owners, and we'd like to understand how to improve the type of information we share with you. 
Let us know how you interact with our messages and how you'd like us to improve them:
How do you use Search Console messages?Crawl error messages, new owner confirmations, malware alerts... We send a bunch of messages to site and app owners, and we'd like to understand how to improve the type of information we share with you. Let us know how you interact with our messages and how you'd like us to improve them:
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+Joshua Berg  sent a request to join the real estate investing community a couple months ago and it's still pending.  Everything ok over there?
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Joshua Berg

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Google Will Be Removing Revenge Porn From Search

If you missed this post from Friday, Google is going to be allowing people to request removal of revenge porn. A welcome relief to many that need that cleaned up I'm sure.

Our philosophy has always been that Search should reflect the whole web. But revenge porn images are intensely personal and emotionally damaging, and serve only to degrade the victims—predominantly women. So going forward, we’ll honor requests from people to remove nude or sexually explicit images shared without their consent from Google Search results.
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We'll still have bing for payback
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Joshua Berg

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Love these computer generated images.

If you haven't yet read Google's research blog post, Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks, I highly recommend it. Fascinating read!
All of these images were computer generated!

For the last few weeks, Googlers have been obsessed with an internal visualization tool that Alexander Mordvintsev in our Zurich office created to help us visually understand some of the things happening inside our deep neural networks for computer vision.  The tool essentially starts with an image, runs the model forwards and backwards, and then makes adjustments to the starting image in weird and magnificent ways.  

In the same way that when you are staring at clouds, and you can convince yourself that some part of the cloud looks like a head, maybe with some ears, and then your mind starts to reinforce that opinion, by seeing even more parts that fit that story ("wow, now I even see arms and a leg!"), the optimization process works in a similar manner, reinforcing what it thinks it is seeing.  Since the model is very deep, we can tap into it at various levels and get all kinds of remarkable effects.

Alexander, +Christopher Olah, and Mike Tyka wrote up a very nice blog post describing how this works:

There's also a bigger album of more of these pictures linked from the blog post:

I just picked a few of my favorites here.
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Joshua Berg

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Ever wonder what John's got on the ceiling?

#200signals #cuecards #LOL
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Joshua Berg

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Google+ Collections Get Their First Update

This is great, been wondering why we didn't have taglines for collections.
Google+ Collections is getting a nifty new update today.

#googleplusupdate   #collections  
A much-requested feature for Google+ Collections is rolling out today - The ability to add a brief description to your collections. Sometimes a title and cover photo isn't enough to express what your collection will offer, wh...
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Becoming even more like Pinterest boards.
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Joshua Berg

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The Google Panda Update is Finally Here

But isn't in a hurry. Word is it will be rolling out over several months, so we're not likely to see an overnight storm.

Well that's different, but you can be sure the results will nevertheless still be tracked and analyzed with great interest. Of course spreading it out like that also ensures that other updates will be happening in the interim, so my personal opinion is that our perception of it is not likely to be as black and white as one would like.

#SEO #PandaUpdate 
Google says a Panda refresh began this weekend, but will take months to fully roll out.
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Cat Nip
+Joshua Berg what are you doing if you don't mind me asking?
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Joshua Berg

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Stop the Fear of Linking Insanity!

Agreed on the excellent points made by +Mark Traphagen here and I think there are too many people trying to throw out the baby with the bath water. The whole point of the WWW was hyperlinking, as you can see from this link to the very first www site.

Properly sourced articles also show relevancy and can indicate trust, which are good signals for ranking, but it seems like some people would rather turn the Internet back 20 years. 

Matt Cutts has also repeatedly recommended including source links in your articles, as he says in the following video.

I really appreciate when there is a link somewhere relatively close to the top of the article...

The other thing I hate is, whenever you've got a regular news report... and they don't link to the source. I mean c'mon! Link to your sources, whether you're a journalist, whether you're a blogger.

So as Mark says, relevant linking helps, it doesn't hurt:

Furthermore, there is no evidence that creating relevant links to good sources hurts the SEO of your site. In fact, the largest and most careful studies show a small, but still positive, correlation between the number of outbound links and the search ranking power of a site.
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No problem +Tadeusz Szewczyk - if they had done that, it would have been a quite different rant! ;-)
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Joshua Berg

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Always Good To Checkout Your Privacy Settings
Take control of your Google privacy settings with a quick Privacy Checkup. In just a few minutes you can make sure your privacy settings are right for you →
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+Lynn Pineda отправить мне письмо.
сколько тебе лет.?
какая работа вы делаете.?
Вы должны ребенка раньше.?
Скажи мне, ты хочешь, чтобы я, как жена или просто другу.?
я буду рад тебя знаю.
напиши мне на этот номер
Князь Атта ..
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Joshua Berg

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Reminding you to Avoid Interstitials

This is a reminder about last week's post warning against using interstitials, especially on mobile devices. Users hate them and Google officially recommends against using them, and you know what that's gonna mean. 

Yes, Forbes. That includes your "quotes." If I ever... 
Avoid Interstitials
Interstitials are those windows that ask you to join a mailing list, install an app, etc. that block the content you are trying to see. Everyone hates them, but they are still everywhere. 
Google is officially recommending they not be used for mobile, where they tend to be even more disruptive than on desktop.
I wish they would go away everywhere. 
Interstitials and overlays that disrupt users are harmful to your brand, hated by users and likely to make your site rank lower soon.
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+Diana Studer Well, it does say that smaller banners are ok and only the ones that cover the full site are "evil". But wow, this is such an interesting article! First time I actually read something negative about these pop-ups (which we've already established I personally can't stand, but many "pop-up users" advocate for).

Love you pinging me on this stuff, Diana! :)

Thanks so much for sharing +Joshua Berg! We were just discussing this matter yesterday.
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Joshua Berg

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Be careful of noindex tags appearing, even in the Body of your page.

This is an important one to be cautious about. I'll also mention that while you're at it also check your canonical, as I've frequently seen these incorrectly implemented and messing with the indexing.

#SEO #noindex
Dear all, 

Please be mindful with noindex directives and remember that most search engines will honour it, even if it's in the BODY element.

Check your includes, make sure you're not injecting in the DOM a noindex directive! I found the easiest way to do this is with the Chrome Dev tools: open it up on the page you want to check, hit Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F for those who like fruity flavours), and then type noindex. Nothing found? Great!
If you find something like this:
<meta name="robots" value="noindex" />

Probably not so great. Maybe fix?

Gary out.
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Joshua Berg

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New: Breadcrumbs Explained In-depth on Google

Webmasters should find Google's new explanation of how to use breadcrumbs quite useful.
The new Breadcrumbs documentation is now live on Google Developers! Check it out and make use of it!
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