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6 SEO Changes That Never Materialized

Some great observations by +Rand Fishkin on the state of the following 6 changes that we kind of expected for a long time, but never really seemed to come about.

1. Has to do with topical PageRank which I do believe Google is using as Matt Cutts mentioned in a video a few weeks ago. But as Rand points out, there are bigger factors for Google to consider overall as to what makes a page popular with users. Topical links may just not be as important as we thought & the algorithm is just not a simplistic as many believed it would be (ie. tech = tech).

2. Anchor text has always been a core concept & apparently it's not that easy to get rid of.

3. Temporary redirects are seldom temporary.

4. Canonical is more powerful than Google would have you believe, be careful how you use it.

5. Twitter, Facebook, splish-splash-sputter.

6. There is still a surprisingly enormous volume of totally obvious web spam & especially in the traditional bastion of the web spam industry porn-pills-casinos. Matt keeps talking about bigger, stronger clean-ups, you can be sure this is not over yet.

#SEOchanges #GoogleSEO  
Changes to SEO That Never Materialized Many folks in our space have talked about Google "evolving" in certain ways that simply have never happened (or are so subtle as to be, so far, impossible to prove). This Whiteboard Friday dives into six specific cases.
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5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Gadgets Forever

1. It is 200 times stronger than steel.

2. Flexible like rubber, stretches 20 percent.

3. Thinnest devices, can stretch 28 football fields.

4. Batteries could last a week on a 15 minute charge.

5. Could interact with your biological systems.

5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Your Gadgets Forever, at NBCNews

A comprehensive explanation of Graphene

Graphene is the world’s thinnest, strongest, stiffest material and is semi-conducting, with over 3,000 research papers published has given a new light to what new technology can accomplish.

#Graphene #Technology  
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this is really cool
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Google Algorithms Operate On A Sliding Scale
Key topics from Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangout with John Mueller, by Joshua Berg.

1. For all our algorithms we try to have a sliding scale between how they react to a site.

2. But wait, can't TRUST be turned Off through a Manual Action?

John Mueller's regular Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangouts have been helpful & informative as usual.

I'd like to share some points from his Hangout that have recently been the subject of discussion on whether certain of Google's algorithmic penalties operate on a sliding scale, or are just all "On, or Off".

"We do pretty much for all of our algorithms try to have a sliding scale between how they react to a site. And it's never the case that something is either "on," or "off," because there's always this lot of room in-between." - John Mueller

#GooglePenguin #GooglePanda #GooglePenalties #OfficeHoursNotes  
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Quick How To - +Post Ads

A clever animation by +Ben Fisher.

#PlusPostAds #GooglePlusForBusiness
Plus Post Ads - Quick How To
How to add a G+ page to Adwords. This animated gif shows you how.
 After selecting engagement only as the network.

It is really easy to do, you can pop in any page that has at least 1K followers. 

Have you launched a +PostAD yet?

#pluspost   #advertising   #googleplus  

Here is an article we previously wrote about Plus Post Ads:
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+Mark Traphagen Good points! You can also preview the ads in 3 sizes on the fly too, 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600.
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What are some of the main SEO myths? A video released a few minutes ago by Matt Cutts & I've highlighted the points below with some notes in my Today's +REALSMO post.

Keep the mental model of, "What is Google trying to do?" If you're not aligned with those goals... then you're always going to be working in opposition to the algorithms & to regular users.

#UserExperience #GoogleSEO  
Matt Cutts just released, "What are some myths about SEO? Always very helpful to clear things up, SEO myth questions have been answered a number of times. So here's the latest out just minutes ago.

Some of these have been around for a while & have been answered before, but not everyone gets it. So here's the main SEO myth points & my (+Joshua Berg) notes on this. 

If you buy ads you'll rank higher on Google.

If you don't buy ads you'll rank better on Google.

Google makes changes to drive people to buy ads.

Here's the mental model you need to understand why Google does what it does in the search results. We want to return really good search results to users, so that they're happy, so that they'll keep coming back.

That's basically it, "Happy users are loyal users." So if we give them a good experience on one search, they'll think about using us the next time they have an information need.

We are NOT going to make an algorithmic change to try to drive people to buy ads.

Buying ads is not going to help, or hurt your rankings in any way.

When people get into a kind of "group think."
"Aha, now we know submitting our articles to these article directories is gonna be the best way to rank number 1."

"Guest blogging, this is totally it. If you're guest blogging you're going to go up to number 1."

"Oh link wheels! You gotta have link wheels if you're gonna rank number 1."   [LOL, that's been a while back.]

If somebody had a foolproof way to make money online, they would probably use that way to make money, rather than packaging it up in an e-book and selling it to people, or packaging it into a tool & selling it to people.

An automated software package to white hat SEO
I read an article recently where someone was talking about using some automated software package & trying to do white hat SEO with it.

Which to me sounds like buying a gun & trying to use it as a hammer.  [Sounds like he doesn't like this idea very much, or automated SEO software packages for that matter. No surprise there.]

Someone says they made a lot of money online"

A lot of these tools have the potential to dig yourself into a hole.

Just because someone says they made a lot of money online, doesn't really mean they made a lot of money online.

Approach some of the tools, services & products you see on the various boards with a little bit of caution. Try to avoid "group think."

Keep the mental model of, "What is Google trying to do? We're trying to return great search results for users.

If you're not aligned with those goals... then you're always going to be working in opposition to the algorithms & to regular users.

[This right here is really the main key to remember.]

#GoogleSEO   #UserExperience  
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Out of sheer coincidence +Eric Enge published an SEO myths article on Forbes this week! Although he covered different myths, the overall principles were the same. 
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How to Create a +Plus Post Ad in AdWords

Thanks to +martin shervington for this guide.

How to create a 'plus post ad' within Google Adwords (NEW BLOG)
Here is a VISUAL step-by-step guide on how to create ads that will gain more exposure for your Google+ posts.
#googleplusforbusiness   #pluspostads  
If you are looking at increasing exposure for your Google+ posts, then plus posts ads will do just that. Check out this step-by-step guide!
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Hi how are you tonight I'm doing wonderful
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German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login

Just Unbelievable! Watch these guys hack the new Galaxy S5 into accepting a fingerprint mold & make it look way too easy. 4 days for the hack? Hmm. Someone's gonna have some explaining to do.

And get this, the phone's fingerprint security is also integrated with users PayPal. Ouch!

According to PCWorld:

It took just four days for German researchers to trick the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner into accepting a mold of a fingerprint instead of a real finger.

Despite fingerprint authentication being one of the headline features on Samsung’s new flagship model, the company’s implementation of it “leaves much to be desired,” SRLabs said in a video demonstration of the hack posted on Youtube.

The weakness of Samsung’s implementation is made even more serious because of the integration with Paypal, which allows users to authenticate transactions and money transfers using the fingerprint scanner, according to SRLabs.

#GalaxyS5 #MobileTechnology #TechnologyNews  
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Scary stuff... Shame on Samsung!
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Joshua Berg

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Clouds r not moving. Not quite working for me. 
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Today's Breaking News: Google Plus Post Ads

Be sure to share & pass on today's important anouncement on the new Google +Post Ads, an important event & what is sure to become a tremendously useful tool for brands & businesses. So you don't want to miss out on all the details.

While I'm still putting together something more comprehensive on this, here's the latest news in this share, first posted today by +Eran Arkin with Google.

There have also been a number of excellent articles & posts put together on this. The first one here by +martin shervington with +Plus Your Business! 

The tide is rising for the Google+!
Is a timely new article just released which explains why Martin is, seeing, hearing and feeling that the tide is starting to come in for Google+ at a quickening rate...

With the announcement on +Plus Post ads this is going to make it easier for advertiser as they can now 'pay' for exposure, which will make life a lot easier for company pages; and it will bring in the new wave of what may well be called 'social ad optimization'.

Getting your Google Plus Brand Page ready for +Post Ads
Previously +martin shervington provided some excellent insights on getting ready for +Post Ads...

BREAKING! Google+ +Post Ads Now for All Brands
In +Mark Traphagen's share of this announcement, he explains quite well what Post Ads are & the significance of this for business...

What are +Post Ads? It's an ingenious advertising platform that allows Google+ brands pages to pay to push their G+ content posts into Google's Display Advertising spaces on millions of websites.

Display Your Google+ Posts as Ads Throughout Google
Here +Mike Allton provides quite a comprehensive overview of this new feature & how businesses should prepare to make the best of it.

Google +Post Ads From Google.

#PlusPostAds #GooglePlusPostAds #AdWordsTips  
Last December, we introduced +Post ads to a limited number of AdWords advertisers as a way to amplify their content to new audiences. Starting today, we’re making +Post ads available to all advertisers with at least 1000 Google+ followers:

See how brands such as +Audi USA  and +Topman  are using +Post ads to drive more participation with their brand’s content across the web. 

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After seeing today's news on Google's missed targets from disappointing ad revenue earnings, it suddenly didn't seem like such a coincidence that +Post Ads were announced today. Obviously people watching the stock tickers are not getting the whole picture yet.
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Samsung Applies For Patent on a Google Glass Type Device Samsung recently applied for a patent through the Korean Intellectual Property Office, for a headphone with integrated viewing display. The device appears to be more of an earphone with camera/display, than the other way around. It would also appear to be considerably more compact (not that anyone knows what's in it).

New Samsung patent reveals Google Glass-like display with cool looking earphone attached, by Vamien McKalin, with TechTimes.

When it comes down to wearable displays, we usually think about Google Glass. However, that might soon change as Samsung has filed a new patent for a device that looks quite similar to Glass.

For person's who have seen a lot of Glass, seeing what Samsung is working could give the impression that this device is a carbon copy of what Google is working on. Fortunately enough, that is not the case, though the differences are only minimal at best.

What makes the Samsung augmented reality heads up display unique is the in-ear earphone that is attached to the device. It's the ones that wrap around the ear sturdiness and comfort, and it looks like something that could truly work if implemented properly.

Samsung applies to patent a Google Glass lookalike: Hello “Earphone”, by Kevin C. Tofel with Gigaom.

Unlike Glass, Samsung’s “Earphone” product doesn’t have two arms to fit over your ears like traditional glasses. Instead an in-ear headphone with clip holds the device to a users head.

The differences stop there, however. Just like Glass, the Earphone design has a heads-up display viewed through a prism. And that prism rotates forward and back for viewing adjustments. There’s also a microphone on the device as well as a front facing camera and what looks to be a camera button on the top of the device near the headphone.

What do you think, would you wear an ear piece like this over glasses?

#SamsungGlass #GoogleGlass #Technology  
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Oh my....not what I was expecting from Samsung......Was just talking about Wearables at the AR Marketing conference in Dublin +Joshua Berg and this wasn't even mentioned. Thanks for highlighting
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