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Google Slaps Another Guest Blog Network: PostJoint

+Barry Schwartz writes on +Search Engine Land:

Someone tweeted to Matt that PostJoint was penalized. In fact, if you check out Google for a search on their name, their web site no longer ranks on the first page.

Matt Cutts this morning confirmed it on Twitter saying “any link or guest blog network that claims to have “zero footprints” is waving a giant red flag.

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Well done I think guest blogging is dead now
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Joshua Berg

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Hooray, it's Caturday!

Don't usually post these, mixing it up today.
How I Feel Every Morning When I Wake Up

Cat owners, you know exactly what I am talking about.

#gif   #gifs   #caturday  
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glad you did! +Joshua Berg!
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How to Create a +Plus Post Ad in AdWords

Thanks to +martin shervington for this guide.

How to create a 'plus post ad' within Google Adwords (NEW BLOG)
Here is a VISUAL step-by-step guide on how to create ads that will gain more exposure for your Google+ posts.
#googleplusforbusiness   #pluspostads  
If you are looking at increasing exposure for your Google+ posts, then plus posts ads will do just that. Check out this step-by-step guide!
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Hi how are you tonight I'm doing wonderful
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German researchers hack Galaxy S5 fingerprint login

Just Unbelievable! Watch these guys hack the new Galaxy S5 into accepting a fingerprint mold & make it look way too easy. 4 days for the hack? Hmm. Someone's gonna have some explaining to do.

And get this, the phone's fingerprint security is also integrated with users PayPal. Ouch!

According to PCWorld:

It took just four days for German researchers to trick the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner into accepting a mold of a fingerprint instead of a real finger.

Despite fingerprint authentication being one of the headline features on Samsung’s new flagship model, the company’s implementation of it “leaves much to be desired,” SRLabs said in a video demonstration of the hack posted on Youtube.

The weakness of Samsung’s implementation is made even more serious because of the integration with Paypal, which allows users to authenticate transactions and money transfers using the fingerprint scanner, according to SRLabs.

#GalaxyS5 #MobileTechnology #TechnologyNews  
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Scary stuff... Shame on Samsung!
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Joshua Berg

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Goodnight. When you reach the end of this road, you will go to slee...
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Clouds r not moving. Not quite working for me. 
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Honda's Asimo Robot Shows Off His New Moves

Honda has been at the fore of robotics technology since introducing ASIMO in October of 2000, but this guy's progressed a lot since then and his latest moves are seriously coming along.

At 130 cm (4 ft 3 in) tall and 48 kg (106 lb), ASIMO was designed to operate in real-world environments, with the ability to walk or run on two feet at speeds of up to 6 kilometres per hour (3.7 mph).

Today Mashable writes:

I, for One, Welcome Our New Robot Underlings

You know the drill: the drones are coming. The robot uprising is mere decades away. Google and Facebook's AI research programs are going to produce some giant God-brain that will somehow rule us all...

If you want a more likely view of the future of robotics, check out the machine that took its name from Asimov, Honda's ASIMO. Mashable's Lance Ulanoff got up close and personal with the new version of ASIMO at the robot's unveiling on Monday, and the concept machine had improved by leaps and bounds since it was unveiled ten years ago. It used to be operated by remote control; now it's autonomous. It can climb stairs, dance, shake hands and even run, albeit with an old-man stoop.

CNET on his latest show, Honda's Asimo robot shows off new moves

Asimo (which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) has improved hand dexterity, so it can communicate with American and Japanese sign language. Asimo also is quite skilled in staying balanced while running, climbing stairs, kicking balls or hopping on one foot. And it might even find a future gig as a bartender.

But what if Asimo courted Siri or Cortana? Asimo will evolve to a new species when it better understands natural speech, similar our voice-controlled smartphones. Honda executives didn't reveal many details about the future of Asimo's language skills. Shigemi said his team wants to train Asimo to be able to walk alongside a human and carry their luggage.

Watch ASIMO on YouTube with Kelly and Michael here:

ASIMO on LIVE with Kelly and Michael

#ASIMO #RoboticTechnology #TechnologyNews  
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What I really liked is the latest features added to this humanoid robot: five dextrous fingers aided with force feedback sensors, on each hand., enabling to perform some task with ease. Very Impressive!
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6 SEO Changes That Never Materialized

Some great observations by +Rand Fishkin on the state of the following 6 changes that we kind of expected for a long time, but never really seemed to come about.

1. Has to do with topical PageRank which I do believe Google is using as Matt Cutts mentioned in a video a few weeks ago. But as Rand points out, there are bigger factors for Google to consider overall as to what makes a page popular with users. Topical links may just not be as important as we thought & the algorithm is just not a simplistic as many believed it would be (ie. tech = tech).

2. Anchor text has always been a core concept & apparently it's not that easy to get rid of.

3. Temporary redirects are seldom temporary.

4. Canonical is more powerful than Google would have you believe, be careful how you use it.

5. Twitter, Facebook, splish-splash-sputter.

6. There is still a surprisingly enormous volume of totally obvious web spam & especially in the traditional bastion of the web spam industry porn-pills-casinos. Matt keeps talking about bigger, stronger clean-ups, you can be sure this is not over yet.

#SEOchanges #GoogleSEO  
Changes to SEO That Never Materialized Many folks in our space have talked about Google "evolving" in certain ways that simply have never happened (or are so subtle as to be, so far, impossible to prove). This Whiteboard Friday dives into six specific cases.
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5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Gadgets Forever

1. It is 200 times stronger than steel.

2. Flexible like rubber, stretches 20 percent.

3. Thinnest devices, can stretch 28 football fields.

4. Batteries could last a week on a 15 minute charge.

5. Could interact with your biological systems.

5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Your Gadgets Forever, at NBCNews

A comprehensive explanation of Graphene

Graphene is the world’s thinnest, strongest, stiffest material and is semi-conducting, with over 3,000 research papers published has given a new light to what new technology can accomplish.

#Graphene #Technology  
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Love it
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Google Algorithms Operate On A Sliding Scale
Key topics from Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangout with John Mueller, by Joshua Berg.

1. For all our algorithms we try to have a sliding scale between how they react to a site.

2. But wait, can't TRUST be turned Off through a Manual Action?

John Mueller's regular Webmaster Central Office-hours Hangouts have been helpful & informative as usual.

I'd like to share some points from his Hangout that have recently been the subject of discussion on whether certain of Google's algorithmic penalties operate on a sliding scale, or are just all "On, or Off".

"We do pretty much for all of our algorithms try to have a sliding scale between how they react to a site. And it's never the case that something is either "on," or "off," because there's always this lot of room in-between." - John Mueller

#GooglePenguin #GooglePanda #GooglePenalties #OfficeHoursNotes  
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Quick How To - +Post Ads

A clever animation by +Ben Fisher.

#PlusPostAds #GooglePlusForBusiness
Plus Post Ads - Quick How To
How to add a G+ page to Adwords. This animated gif shows you how.
 After selecting engagement only as the network.

It is really easy to do, you can pop in any page that has at least 1K followers. 

Have you launched a +PostAD yet?

#pluspost   #advertising   #googleplus  

Here is an article we previously wrote about Plus Post Ads:
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+Mark Traphagen Good points! You can also preview the ads in 3 sizes on the fly too, 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600.
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