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My Google Chrome is broke :-(
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Yuck. Guess you're resigned to Internet Explorer. <hears evil laughter from far away>
except for I can't seem to type the number "4"....
Firefox is an alternative to internet explorer. I'm glad Chrome doesn't have that title. :P

"It's better than Internet Explorer" ... the bar has never been set so low.

This post was written using Google Chrome.
Yeah it is weird.... not sure if it is a problem with Firefox, Windows 8, or my keyboard, but I don't remember having this problem with Chrome.
You scrub a lot when you talk to me... and I consider myself a pretty clean person... I hate to see how many times you scrub when you talk to a dirty person....
Chrome is the king of browsers. Firefox is its idiot brother. Internet explorer is a neanderthal. :p
Windows is dirty. It is only a last resort. I have Win 7, I confess ... for games.
I have it because I work in a Windows Enviroment at work... believe me, if I could I would use something else.
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